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My first robotic surgery experience

Hi Everyone, I would like to share my first robotic colon surgery experience as I was so panic before

Day before I had to empty my stomach by fasting and using dulclolax powder
On the day of surgery
Admitted 5:30AM
Surgery started 7:30
Surgery done around 11:00 (9 inches colon was removed)
Woke up with no pains and no urine catheter around 2:00PM (In recovery room until then)
Moved to separate room around 3:00PM
Discharged next day noon as I was able to pee and poo without any issues. I didn't feel any pain in the entire process as I was on mostly pain killers. This is my 4th day after surgery without any pain killers and I am still recovering. From the day one I was able to handle things my self. If your loved ones can stay with you in the entire process it will be a big relief in my case it was my wife.

Happy to answer any questions. Hoping for the symptom free life now. Thanks


Staff member
Robotic surgery seems to be like this….I had it two years running…first right side colon removed and the following year most of the left side.
very neat incisions..fast recovery…I did have to stay in hospital for two weeks..
Hope everything continues well for you