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my hell

I got diagnosed with crohns disease 6 years ago, I was put on azathiaprine 5 years ago, I had a phone call from a new dr saying i have no evidence of crohns and his discharging me.... i still have all the symptoms and i just don't know where to go my gps always fobbing me off, does azathiaprine make your teeth fall out? cos mine are all wobbly i also have vitiligo and my hair is thin, I'm so angry that I've been discharged without finding out what i have.

Lady Organic

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Oh my god, I am so sorry you are going throught this.
welcome to the forums.
What happened to your previous doctor and nurse, retirement?
Go to the hospital where you were diagnosed, ask for your entire file including colonoscopy results or any other tests results. You have full rights to get your entire files. And find another gastro doctor asap!
Good luck!
i feel your pain, im going on 8 years with symptoms and no diagnosis, finally getting a colonoscopy this monday, up until now they kept telling me eat more vegetable, or its all in your head. Now they finally started looking, took 5 gastro docs to get one that would even look. i even had a ER doc tell me it was a belly ache and to go home and eat more veggies, this was after i begged for a scan of my upper right side which a couple years later my gallbladder gave out and also gave me pancreatitis, i guess my point is never give up, i got blackballed by 2 groups of gastro docs, my primary doc told me. i was not ok with them telling me to just go home and eat more veggies,