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My Humira Update!!!

Hi to all. I have been away for awhile. My chronic low back injury showed up last month and I was in extreme pain and a little dopey from the pain killers, then my laptop feel off my bed and broke.

So here I am with a update.

I saw my CR doc the day before my 4th Humira injection. The fistula was still open but closing. I took my dose and then saw my GI doc a week after the injection and the fistula closed up within a week. My blood tests are stellar and I feel great! I saw the CR doc this past Fri and he is thrilled. It looked like it took 6 weeks or the 4th injection to do the trick.

OMG I am so happy to be getting my life back!

The GI doc will be weaning me off Pentasa and hopefully off the antibiotics next visit.

I live my life normally but carefully. I wash my hands often and do disinfecting wipes on common shared surfaces. I was so terrified of Humia and now it is to me a wonder drug.

I only pray that this continues into the future.

Please keep the faith and don't despair in your situations, there are drugs that do work.

Thanks to all for your support.

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Wonderful Mike !! I am so happy to hear that the Humira is working for you! I do feel so much better taking it also. I need to do my second dose this Friday coming. I can`t get over how it has helped me already.

Thanks for the update!
Mike, I'm so glad to hear that it's working out for you! I remember your posts at first, about your apprehensions and fears. Fantastic news! Hope your back doesn't give you much more trouble. Take good care.
Update to Update.

The fistula has reopened.

I took my shot last night, hope it kicks in soon.

I'll talk to my docs about 1 a week if this continues.

I am not giving up!!!!!
Saw my CR doc Fri eve. Whew! What a visit!

He pushed a long Q-tip swap from both fistula openings into my anus, 3 times. He has done this in the past since removing the seton loops to keep the channel open for drainage.

Wow, you know it hurts when he tells you that you are his only patient that "tolerates" this without any anesthetic and that he usually puts people out in the OR to do these minor procedures.

I just put it out of my mind and go with the flow.

As of Sunday the fistula seems to be healing again.

The doc says that there may be up and downs for awhile until the H really kicks in.

I'm waiting.


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:ywow::ywow::ywow: Talk about a high pain threshold!

I really hope the Humira kicks in and does the job, you certainly deserve it.

All the best and good luck.



He pushed a long Q-tip swap from both fistula openings into my anus, 3 times. He has done this in the past since removing the seton loops to keep the channel open for drainage.
Whoa. I feel faint just from reading this!!!

Hope the Humira really starts working for you soon and heals up those fistulae so you don't have to go thru THAT again!

How are your other Crohn's symptoms? Just curious - you and I started Humira around the same time and I'm still waiting for it to kick in for me.

- Amy

All my other Crohn's symptoms are under control, I exhibit no other symptoms.

I do feel much better on the H. The main reason for me to go on the H was/is the fistulae.

I'm praying for us all that the H does it's job.

I am amazed at the fact that on Friday I had all kinds of problems with the fistula and by Monday it appears to be healed again.

Very confusing. It's the ups and down emotional rollercoaster that has me angry.

Thanks to all for the good vibes.

Good Luck, Mike

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Hey Mike, this disease is confusing, just when you think you have it down pat...something always comes up to help out with that! Fingers crossed for ya!


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WOOHOO, way to go Mike. Hoping right along with you that the disease behaves itself!

(((Happy Dance))) :emot-dance::emot-dance::emot-dance::emot-dance::emot-dance:

Take care,


Hiya Mike

sorry, only just caught this thread!

brill news that the Humira is working for you at last!
onwards and upwards Mike
take care and we'll see you soon