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My journey to getting well

Today has been another good energy day. I lifted weights on my legs and walked 8 miles also. I'm quite excited about the diet as my muscles feel good and energy levels are up. The stomach is so so. I've not been overly ill while on the diet. I am eating a lot of spices. I'm going to make it a point to continue to eat lots of spices. It would be nice to eliminate that from my list of possible problem foods. I'll likely eating some rice noodle with spagetti sauce this weekend. That should be a big test as that typically has made me sick, at least when eating with wheat noddles.
I feel good this morning. I can tell that I'll likely have good energy today. My muscles at least feel healthy and strong. Stomach is OK. It's not great but it's improved.

Thinking about what could be the problem foods, dairy and beef or wheat it likely does not matter. I've noticed in the past the curious combination of wheat and dairy products. It is rare to eat wheat without consuming dairy with it. There is bread and butter, pizza with its cheese, pancakes and butter milk, cheese hamburgers, cereal with milk, cookies with milk, etc. It has me thinking it might not be possible to consume wheat in large amounts without consuming dairy products. It's just a hunch. Dairy has a constipating effect, an effect that can sooth a stomach. By many accounts I've read, wheat is difficult to digest. Without dairy wheat would be overly ruff to eat, for a majority of people. So if one has an allergy to beef and dairy and stops consuming dairy then wheat will become a problem food to consume for most I'd imagine.

I'm a celiac by one doctors diagnosis. Other doctors have said I'm not a celiac. Reading about the various celiac testing methods I'd leaned none of the tests are all that reliable with a celiac diagnosis. I've felt for a long time that I'm allergic to dairy. Avoiding dairy though did not help my stomach though I believe at times avoiding dairy did improve my energy levels. That might be my error in the past, believing I could consume wheat without consuming dairy. And it might explain, in part, why i feel better now avoiding both dairy/beef, and wheat. I'm also avoiding pork and melons and I know I react negatively to them.
It is turning out to be another wonderful day of good energy. I feel as if I could do anything I wanted to without concern of pooping out.

I'm guessing I have an allergy to red meat (pork,beef) and dairy. I was reading a book today about dairy allergies and it made a mention that those allergic to dairy sometimes have an allergy to beef also. And equally if one has a beef allergy being allergic to pork is common according to studies. Didn't see reference to the studies but certainly had me thinking.
I have lots of energy this morning. If this keeps up I might become reliable. That would be nice. It is nice waking up in the morning thinking of things to do. Planning in the future isn't something I'm typically able to do with poor energy levels and a sour stomach. My stomach could be better. having energy though is a wonderful change for the better. I'll keep avoiding red meat, dairy, wheat, and melons.
Its another wonder high energy day. I feel good all over, well minus the stomach but that's expected. The stomach is OK but could be better. It's wonderful being able to read more than 5 to 10 minutes without passing out. I found I can easily read for 45 minutes without to much difficulty. I better keep noting the good days and the diet I'm on of avoiding red meat, wheat, and melons. Fingers crossed the diet continues to work. I have a ways to recover if I'm on the right diet but I'm pleased as can be with the improved energy.
I ate later into the evening last night and I'm feeling it this morning. I'm not feeling bad though and energy levels appear to be decent so far. I a bit more tired this morning than I've been the last few days. Eyes are not blue. I'm on watch for the blue eyes. Fingers crossed they make an appearance soon.
I have a new food to add to the permanent avoid list, wheat. Pork and melons are other foods that I will not eat. I've been pretty good at completely avoiding wheat. It is only of late that I began to eat wheat sometimes. What I've learned is that I can eat a little bit of wheat without much issue, but eating a few pieces of toast will cause me muscle problems and stomach issues.

That leaves still questioning in my mind beef and dairy. In some respects dairy is helpful. It does help make for a better stomach. With that said, after all these years though I don't recover when I eat dairy though. I become weak. Being able to exercise is more difficult when I ate beef and dairy. Dental issues also come up frequently when dairy and beef is eaten. This can't be normal.

Over the last week I've read a couple new books on celiac disease and one book on avoiding dairy/beef. In the celiac books the authors did bring up a couple cases were individuals were not able to feel better until dairy was also avoided along with wheat. One mention even said all red meat needed to be avoided also. With the dairy free book, the author mentioned her individual situation were dairy made her tired and unable to do tasks due to being sleepy all the time.
Today has been a fantastic day. My energy levels have been high. I went for a longish drive today in traffic. Typically a drive like this would make me nervous. I'd be constantly thinking what would I do if I needed a restroom. As well as I've been I wasn't all that concerned. Eating cheese gave me confidence in that I could travel and do what I wanted with little worry of being sick. I might not require cheese to increase my confidence level.

I'd still be worried if the trip was longer than an hour, but for now I'm doing well with the gut. It seems to be able to handle some stress.
Doing well. Energy levels remain much improved. The stomach yesterday was good, but not as good as has been in the recent weeks. I blame that on eating to many nuts. I've cut back on the nuts. Weight is up still. After breakfast and wearing cloths I weighted myself and I was at 189lbs! Yikes. Just a month ago I would have been around 180 lbs. I figure the gain is good though since I'm feeling more energy. I'll address the weight gain later. For now I enjoy feeling well. Appearance is healthier. I don't look as if I've gained 10lbs. I'll keep avoiding pork, beef, dairy, wheat and melons.
I've had many good days of late, with energy levels being high. Today I'm dragging. I'll likely bounce back tomorrow, have more energy. I don't think it was anything I ate that has done me in though I did eat a new food. I've likely just over exercises excited to have so much energy for a change.
Glad to read a few good news days :) on the dairy side I know there is some suggestion that lactose is the issue so certain foods less likely to upset gut (hard cheese, yoghurt) than other dairy. The SCD diet goes into the details of why.
My energy levels are up this morning. I'm feeling better. Most likely a slight upset stomach and doing to many exercises worn me down yesterday. Most likely I'll be back to having good energy for awhile.

Delta - cheese has been an issue for me. I'm not sure if is an allergy or just a food difficult to digest though. Cheese does tire me out. I'll feel fatigued after eating cheese. On the positive cheese has a constipating effect that I enjoy. That gives me confidence. Another down side to cheese is that when I eat it I begin to experience one problem after another with my teeth. So for now I'm avoiding cheese, along with beef and pork (red meat). Pork for sure gives me an allergic reaction. Beef and dairy just tires me out. In the past I've always thought that eventually I'd recover from the worn down feeling after eating cheese and eating beef but that never happened.
Yesterday I had good energy all day. This morning I'm feeling energetic. I saw I weighted 182lbs this morning. I'm coming back down quickly, which I'm thankful for. Imagine I'm going to be gassy today as in the evening I had to many cashew nuts while at a wine drinking event. The stomach feels bloated this morning.
I was a bit more tired yesterday and I'm tired this morning. It's likely all the nuts eaten and some wine drunk that was hard on the gut. The cold is waring on me also. Overall though my muscles feel good and my energy levels are good. I'll keep avoiding red meat, melons, and wheat. Today I'm planning to fix spaghetti with chicken meat and rice noodles. This is more spices than i traditionally eat. I should be able to handle it. In the future I'll be eating gluten free pizza without the cheese. Kind of hard to call pizza.
Good energy day. I was pleased about that, even though it is cool today. My eyes were blueish this morning. That's a good sign. maybe the machinery is being turned on. I was looking ruff. Some days I have a healthier appearance. When I eat more fiber than typically I'll look ruff and that happened today.
Energy levels still holding up, even when stressed. I can tell yesterdays weight lifting has stressed me as my eye sight isn't as good as it typically can be. For what ever reason my eye sight becomes slightly blurry after hard weight lifting. Muscles feell good though. I suspect i have a good diet to continue following for improved energy. Hopefully the energy levels will contineue to rise and the stomach will improve.

There was a time early with my IBD were I had lots of energy. This is despite being sick to the stomach all the time. I lost 40lbs of abouts. I attributed the good energy to youth. I suspect I was wrong about that. my diet at that time was basically chicken, eggs. I ate that all the time. I avoided dairy products completely. I ate beef maybe once a week. I ate pork even less. I was eating wheat regularly back then. Possibly that explains the weight less, eating wheat. It might have been the beef eating also, as that was rare, it might have been enough to keep the gut from healing. In my youth I was doing a lot of work that involved using my stomach muscles. I know now that using my stomach muscles can make me very sick to the stomach.
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As usual with these things, I have an idea to further improve my condition. It always happens with long test diets. I'm doing well with avoiding beef, dairy, pork, wheat, and melons. Avoiding dairy and beef nearly always has me feeling better. It might or might not be an allergen though. Pork and melons are for sure allergens. I want to see if I can do better if I also avoid spices.

This latest avoidance that has me doing well came about over New Years. That is when I ate a pizza, without cheese, so pizza is a hard way to accurately describe it. I ate that bread with tomato sauce with chicken sausage. I've been guessing it was the wheat that caused my the severe muscle issues and upset stomach. I might have chosen wrong though. It might be something in the chicken sausage that was the trouble maker.

So for a short while I'm going to avoid spices also. I'll see if my muscles feel even better. In the morning my muscle hurt, more than they should I suspect. I've been blaming that on all the exercises done. That might not be the case. (I have been eating chicken sausage from time to time.) My skin and hair have not appeared as healthy as I suspect they should also. Forgot to add, I'll also avoid nightshade. SPices and nightshade go hand in hand.
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There is no doubt, I have much more energy today after avoiding spices. My muscles feel good. As typically happens I tend to down play the negative, with hopes what I'm doing works. For the past few days I've had a sore wrist and sore muscles. I also mentioned about my eyes being blurry and blaming that on over exercising. Well, today the eye sight has quickly improved, and the wrist pain has gone away. Can't say of course if that is due to avoiding spices but it's looking good at the moment.

So I'll keep avoiding dairy, beef, pork, wheat and melons. I'll keep with the diet for at least a week to see how I feel. If I continue to do well I'll add beef to the diet. Eventually I'll try wheat to see what happens. Both might be hard on the gut but might not be an issue overall. I'll stay away from cheese and dairy. It might be an issue due to to much calcium or maybe it effects my ability to digest nutrients.

Exciting as always to feel good and more energetic. My eyes are blueish also today.
avoiding nightshade and spices has done me good. I'm feeling more energetic and well. I'll continue furhter to see how much better I become.

One thing in the back of my mind is that nightshade is one group of food I've tested the most. I avoided nightshade for years at a time in the past. So it makes me wonder what did I do wrong. Is there something else making me ill. It occurred to me that there is most likely something else that makes me sick, something I would take reluctantly in the past and have avoided for years, synthetic vitamins. I'm fairly sure than synthetic vitamins cause me diarrhea. It was probably that, doctor prescribed, that caused the issues while I was avoiding nightshade. Will see of course. I'm off to a good start but have a ways to go.

Also avoiding dairy and wheat. I've read many times that dairy can cause anemia. Possibly that is an issue when I eat dairy, not an allergen just blocks the absorption of iron. Wheat can be tough to digest. It's likely not an issue with a healthier gut.

I like my chances with this diet. I should have good energy most of the time and over time fingers crossed the gut heals and the diarrhea stops.
Doing decent with the updated diet. I am experiencing less cramping. I'm producing little gas over all since avoiding spices and nightshade. My energy levels are improved. My eyes are blueish. Weight was down some this morning. I pigged out at lunch so likely it will be back up in the morning when I weight. My muscles feel good and strong. I don't know if I could be on my feet for very long, but I'd likely make it half day without to much issue. Overall I'm feel good about having an answer on this diet. i'm leaning toward a spice being my main issue today though it would not surprise if nightshade was the cause of my troubles. Avoiding dairy certianly helps with improved energy. WHen my energy levels are poor I become to frustrated.
I've been avoiding dairy and beef, along with pork, red meat, for one month now. I forget how easy it is for me to do exercises now. I did many pushups this morning along with the weight lifting with little effect. If I've been eating beef and dairy I'm pretty sure I'd have struggled with that. So as always happens in my mind I'll be wandering around wondering about this and that. It would be smart of me though to keep avoiding beef and dairy as a top priority simply due to how those foods makes me weak. Something is going on there with red meat.
I'm going to go back and add spices and nightshade to the diet. Avoiding to many items at one causes stress. Unless something drastic happnes to my GI health I just stick with avoiding wheat, dairy, red meat, and melons. I am a bit worn down this morning. That's from weight lifting yesterday. Overall though I'm doing well. My legs can be a bit sore at times but I suspect that is due to walking close to 10 miles a day of late.
Wow, I had an incredible dream. I dreamt that I was well, strong and felt so good all over. I had my freedom. Hope that dream comes true! I'll keep avoiding red meat, wheat, and melons.
Hurt my back yesterday evening. It feels better this morning. I think I over swam yesterday stressing it out. The good bit is that my muscles are not fatigued from the swim. Typically I'd be feeling worn out this morning. Yesterday I found myself trying to learn a task, taking care of a pool. I was able to concentrate decently. That's good. I have noticed that since avoiding dairy and beef I'm not as sleepy. Typically reading that kind of stuff would have me passing out within 5 to 10 minutes. I'll have to see if I can learn new tasks in the future. Stomach OK but not great. Wish it was better. Weight around 185lbs. I should make more of an effort to at least drop that to 180lbs.
I'm real happy about my energy levels. I've been on my feet most of the day and while I'm tired I'm doing decent. Hope the diet continues to help improve energy levels. Stock OK. Could be better. Next week will be busy with family coming to visit for spring break.
I'm doing really well here of late. I've hit a good patch with the diet. Compared to normal bowel people I'm a wreck. By my standards though I'm doing good, energy levels are up. I swam for 45 minutes today then went for an hour walk. I'm feeling decent after all that. I'm not communicating all that well but with time I hope I heal further. I need more energy to see that improvement.
Tired and feeling goofy today. All the swimming made for sore muscles everywhere. The gut did very good today. I took some Imodium for no good reason the other day and to my surprise it worked. Imodium almost never works. Today was different though. It had me thinking further that I'm on the right diet. The whole reason why I ate cheese often was due to the constipating effect. If the gut is healed possibly Imodium can replace cheese. Finger nails looking very healthy. No pitting. The nails are strong.
Bit tired today but doing well enough. I've just been exercising to much I suspect. I am looking healthier I believe which is nice. I believe it means I'm digesting better. It's always strange in a way in that when I appear healthier people begin to come up and talk with me when I'm out in the public, at the store, in parking lots, gas station, out walking, going to the bank. I don't know what is up with that, but I've noticed it the past and it seems to be happening now. I'm not all that chatty still being tired out most of the time. It does have me chuckling though in that of all times to have people coming up and chatting with me more frequently, in the time of the Chinese virus, seems kind of funny.

Self quarantine, me? I have an IBD condition. I've been ready for this virus all my life.
TO my amazement my feet feel much better this morning. I read the other day that synthetic socks will make your muscles sore and weak. Sounded odd but thought I'd give it a try. Sure though after wearing cotton socks yesterday my feet muscles feel much better. I'll keep with it. Overall feel worn down a bit but I'm not doing badly. I'm very happy about how healthy my finger nails appear. No pitting what so ever. I've speculated in the past that what ever causes the pitting is also responsible for the stomach issues. Most likely the finger nail pitting is caused by red meat, and dairy. Wheat would be another item to watch. Hopefully over time the stomach will heal.
I have really good energy for me this morning. For most others I'd guess this level of energy would be low and concerning. FOr me I'm bulging with energy. I supsect the energy is due to taking some Imodium the other day. The gut is working better since taking the Imodium and with a better gut more absorption of nutrients happens. At least that is my guess. Going forward I'll be more liberal with taking Imodium. I'll likely take some every other day. Fingers crossed my energy levels increase as a result.
Today so far has been a mixed morning. My exercise energy levels are decent. My thinking energy is low. Overall I'm fatigued and feel run over by a truck, a typical day. It could be worse though. So the Imodium helped a little bit, but maybe not as much as hoped. Finger nails look great. I look ruff but not horrible. Eyes are blueish most of the time. That's always a good sign that things are turning back on. Dental health has been much improved. I don't remember the last time my gums bled after brushing and flossing.
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Quite exciting, I did some chest weight lifting yesterday. Instead of being tired from the lifting I felt more energetic last night and this morning. Hope that continues. I can use more energy.

IT's been awhile since i last had a flare. The last time I was majorly sick was in the early Jan. after eating some wheat. I'm not sure if wheat is an allergy type problem or if it is difficult to digest. I'll keep avoiding dairy, wheat, red meat, and melons.
The Imodium is helping with increased energy as I suspected. It's not a huge bump in energy levels but since starting I've been having more energetic times. Yesterday I went crazy with my exercise amounts. I'm feeling it this morning but overall I'm doing well enough.
For 3 days in a row now I've recorded 2 times the amount of exercising that I typically do. This later afternoon I feel fine. My energy levels feel good. Hopefully in the morning I'll continue to feel well and energetic. If I'm able to exercise much more I'll continue to do so.

Last year I recall trying to do similar and I quickly crashed and became ill. So the diet does appear to be working.
This morning I feel a bit shaky and am fatigued. Overall though I'm feeling fine. I should be able to do more exercises today. It appears I have solved half the problem - poor energy levels. Now I need the other half, an improved stomach. Hopefully through time I will heal. Think I'll once again stop writting. I believe I have an answer with avoiding red meat, wheat, and melons.
Well, maybe I'm not there yet. I have been doing very well with energy till the last few days. What happened is I've been exercising a tremendous amount, tremendous for me, and I eventually crashed. So there is a good chance I just tired myself out. Also though I began eating potatoes/nightshade the other day, the same time were I became overly tired. So I'll avoiding nightshade/spices and see if my energy comes back. I'll plan on exercising just as hard as I was previously doing so.
Worth noting, I'm off to a wonderful start. I have all kinds of energy this morning. I've already walked 4 miles and swam for an hour, and I'm still feeling energetic. I'll stick with the experiment with also avoiding nightshade and spices, along with dairy, red meat, wheat and melons. This diet can't last long avoiding so much food. I'll go likely till Friday with the diet. If I continue to have great energy then I'll eat lots of potatoes and tomatoes to see if my energy levels remain the same or drop I need to find out if it is a spice or nightshade that zaps my energy levels.
Tired today. I did workout to hard yesterday. On the good news I am communicating better. That's a hard think to keep track of though. But then again it isn't and it will be something I keep in mind. I'll continue with the avoiding spices/nightshade along with the other foods. On Friday I'll add potatoes to my diet and likely also tomatoes and will see what happens. Im hoping nightshade will be fine to eat and it is spices that causes issues as avoiding spices is easier to do, but beggars can't be choosey.
I had very good energy levels this morning. Naturally I've used up that energy and now I'm worn down. Tomorrow I should be overly run down. I am communicating well. I'm doing something right with also avoding spices and nightshade though I don't care for this diet. It will be good when I can add more foods to it. I'm looking foward to Friday.
I'm alive! Remarkable considering the beating my body has received with exercise of late. This doubling the exercise amount is a killer. Doing well this morning though all being considered. My energy levels this morning as decent enough. I'm communicating well. My muscles are cramping much less it appears. The body can handle a beating which is something I've been looking for. I'll keep with avoiding dairy, spices/nightshade, along with the others. I'll plan on adding potatoes to the diet on Friday. Fingers crossed that goes over well.
I am recovery quicker. Last night I was feeling pretty beat up and tired from all the exercises done. This morning though I feel decent. I'm a bit sore but I feel I should be able to workout, swim this morning without to much difficulty. WIth that I'll go ahead and eating potatoes today to see what happens.

I have a good idea that potatoes and nightshade will not be a problem. Most likely it is garlic/onions that I'm allergic to. I've linked garlic to bleeding and muscle cramps in the past. It makes sense that it would also bring about poor energy levels and poor abilites to communicate. Garlic isn't easy to avoid. Labeling isn't always clear. I suspect some processed meats even add garlic but for get to mention it on the label.

Once again I'll stop writing from here, unless some change should be noted. I have a few allergies, those being pork, melons and garlic/onions. Dairy products can be eaten but will tired me out. I likely can eat beef without to much issue also. I'll try doing so in the days ahead. It will take about 4 months of avoiding garlic/onions before I begin to experience a much better stomach. If I find myself in a situation were I need the stomach to behave better, possibly a long trip as an example, I'll eat some cheese. It will tired me out, but I'll likely not find myself sick to the stomach.
I might have been wrong once again about nightshade. At least the last few days I've stomach issues. One or two days of stomach issues is concerning but common. Now with 3 days of issues there might be something wrong. I'll avoid nightshade. I'll also avoid soy sauce. I haven't been eating to much soy sauce but read soy is often made with a member of the nightshade family, with genetic engineering.

THe stomach aches might be due to all the swimming I've been doing, so can't discount that. Will find out in the days ahead.
Since avoiding potatoes I'm doing much better. I've had no diarrhea. I've not gone to the bathroom at all. So I'll keep avoiding nightshade family along with soy since soy is genetically modified with a member of the nightshade family, pork, and melons. Energy levels have been so so. I'll likely have more energy tomorrow. Finger nails look healthy. I appear healthier overall.
My stomach is doing much better so far since avoiding nightshade. I might have an answer with that. Will see over a few more days. My energy levels are not so good this morning. This is most likely due to weight lifting done yesterday. Overall though I'm feeling upbeat and positive. Avoding nightshade is not easy, my diet is now overly blend, but if it works I'll be pleased as can be.
Nice, the stomach continues to do well for the day. I'm exhausted today. It's nice to have extra energy but I'm waring myself out with all the exercise. I'll keep avoiding nightshade along with the other regulars.
Stomach still doing well this morning. I think I have an answer with avoiding nigthshade family. The stomach has been under stress with exercises the past coupe of days and continues to do OK. I'm exhausted this morning. I've over done it with to much exercising of late, so for today I'll relax and take an easy. Weight remains largely the same but my cloths are loser. This morning I was able to wear a pair of shorts that two weeks ago were to small. The fitting was still tight so I'm not wearing them today but I could have worn them if need be.
Stomach remins doing well. I'm quite pleased. I'll keep with avoiding nightshade. It's night and day difference with eating potatoes and not eating potatoes. Additionally I have clear memories I being violently sick after eating spaghetti. I remain tired and fatigued today. I've not exercised as hard today so hopes are up that tomorrow will be a better energy day.
I continue to do well with avoiding nightshade. So I'll stop writing once again thinking I have an answer, unless something comes up. I'll avoid nightshade (potatoes, tomatoes, red peppers, tobacco) along with genetically modified soy since soy has been combined with a nightshade, pork and melons. I'll also avoid blueberries and other berries since some articles suggest those with nightshade allergies have issues with berries also sometimes. I suspect my energy levels will not be all that great in the weeks and months ahead. The digestive system doesn't enjoy being used much. I imagine though I'll continue to improve with digestive health in the months ahead.
Nope, I screwed up again. When I began eating beef again I had terrible stomach pains and my energy levels dropped greatly. I thought the lack of energy due to exercising to much but that wasn't the case.

So I need to get it in my head that I need to avoid beef. I know pork to be a serious problem. My gums swell up. I know dairy to causes several health issues. Beef is a problem food too. So I'll go long term in avoiding beef. In the days ahead I might have trouble but I'll have to deal with while avoiding red meat, dairy and melons.
I really do have much much better energy today after avoiding beef. So that's it, avoid red meat, and melons. I'm likely to have some issue some up in the future. I shouldn't turn to eating beef or dairy if that happens, but instead suspect somethign else as causing the issue, such as eating to much fiber, exercising to much, using my stomach muscles, etc. Weight is down this afternoon. I'm at 179lbs. I'm not eating lunch today so I'm likely to be at 178 to 177lbs in the morning. I do seem to drop the pounds much easier when I avoid beef, pork, and dairy.
Since I began to once again avoid beef, dairy and pork, it's a bit depressing that I'm retracking this ground again, I notice my skin is looking healthier. I'm pleased about that. Energy levels have improved, sometimes. I'm still not the most energetic person but exercising has been easier. When I lift weights though I will become overly tired the next day. I haven't really lost weight it seems. After a big breakfast I was at 185lbs. I was likely around 180lbs when I woke up. I'm still not a great talker. My spelling has not improved. My writing skills are not all that great, all things that improve when the stomach does better. My eyes are not blue. So maybe if I'm able to stick with the diet, by December I'll see improvements in these other areas.
It's been a mixed week. I've been feeling fatigued and tired all week. It can be difficult to concentrate and my memory hasn't been all that great while fatigued. It's nothing new. It's an old battle against fatigue. I suspect now that the fatigue has been due to eating to much fiber or foods that can irritate my digestive system. I've begun to cut back on irritating gut foods to see if things improve in the days ahead. I've also cut back on exercising this week though this doesn't appear to have helped.

On the good side I began avoiding lunch meats and the chemicals used to preserve the meats. As a result I appear healthier. My skin feels better. my eyes are bluish as result. For the few times that I've been well to the stomach in the past, I've noticed there is an improved appearance. The big thing is my eyes turn blue. I've been looking for the improved look for some time now. I might have finally gotten the right combination for that, with avoiding red meats, dairy and lunch meats.
Worth noting, today I avoided wheat. And the brain fog has largely lifted. I also feel more energetic. I'm not back as I was, but I can tell I'm feeling improved. So I'll add wheat to the avoid list, which is easy to do as I rarely eat wheat. It has only been this week that I picked up some meals with wheat in it. I'm avoiding wheat, red meat, and dairy. I'll also stay away from the chemicals added to lunch meat.
Since avoiding wheat the brain fog continues to improve. I'm feeling decent this morning.

So I'm back to the diet idea I was trying over New Years, avoiding red meat and dairy as an allergy. Avoiding wheat due to it being difficult to digest. Dairy products and wheat almost always go together. If avoiding dairy it likely would be difficult to digest wheat.

Over New Years I became sick. I blamed the problem on spices and nightshade family. Another possibility is that I ate to much fiber. I was eating a lot of brown rice at the time. I'll keep fiber intake low. I'll also eat a lot of spices and nightshade in the week ahead to see what happens.
So far so good with avoiding wheat, red meat, and dairy. I'm liking how I feel. I can still tire myself out with to much exercise. The stomach is not great. Overall though I am seeing an improvement, with considerably less brain fog, and more energy. The stomach is improved some too. Well hopefully long term I'll do well on the diet. Oh, my dental health is improved too. I can't remember the last time I saw my gums bleed after flossing and brushing since avoiding beef and dairy.
This would be big if it turns out this way. I weight lifted on my legs early in the week. I didn't feel any pain afterwards. Instead I had more energy as a result. This morning I worked out on my chest muscles. So far it has been the same, little to no pain, and instead I feel more energized.

For some time I've been looking for this diet were after I lift weights I don't feel so terrible and in pain down to my bones. This might be it with avoiding dairy, red meat, and wheat. More testing is needed I feel to make sure. So far though it's looking good. That's a huge problem for me fatigue, in particular overwhelming fatigue after doing some strenuous activity.
No pain or maybe better said little pain left today after yesterdays weight lifting. I've also lost some weight without much effort. The most important item I've had some very good stomach days of late. I'm not always feeling great to the stomach, as yesterday afternoon experienced some uncomfortably cramping but overall I'm doing better. I'm eating lots of spices and nightshade too. I'll keep with the diet of avoiding dairy, beef, pork, and wheat.
I'm talking better while on this diet. It's nice. I can communicate with little issue now. I'm still not the most energetic person. My energy levels are nice though. I find myself staying up later here of late. The big item I've been concerned about of late has to do with how I feel after eating. When I eat for about 4 hours afterwards the digestive system cramps up. Hopefully the cramping will go away over time. It isn't terrible typically but an issue. Eyes are blueish more often. Last night my skin appeared very nice and healthy. Once again I think I have my answer with avoiding red meat, dairy and wheat. Think I'll stop writing about it and hope I finally have the answer.
As typically done, I've changed plans. I'm eating beef now. I'm still avoiding dairy as dairy tires me out. Accoring to some books dairy eating can lead to anemia. I am avoiding spices, garlic in particular. I noticed when avoiding garlic/spices I have much better energy. I'm awake more hours of the day. With that said I've tired my self out today having doubled my exercise amount. Overall though I'm doing well. I'm avoiding nightshade too but imagine in a month I'll eat potatoes and do well with it. Most importantly the stomach is doing well. I should be able to stick with this diet long term though it is a plain and difficult diet to follow. Skin looks healthier than before.
Worth noting, my eyes are bright blue this evening. It's been a long long time since I've seen that. It's a great sign.

I'm avoiding beef once again. I haven't had any dairy in quite some time. I'm also avoiding pork, so I'm avoiding red meat and dairy products. My energy levels have improved nicely. I haven't lost weight but I appear to have lost some body fat. Cloths that were to tight to wear a few months ago now fit me.
Did well this week. Stomach doing alright. Energy levels are good most of the time. No rash to report anymore. Finger nails look and feel great. No finger nail pitting.

This morning I decided to not eat any macadamia nuts. I've suspected that macadamia nuts can rub mydigestive system wrong at times. At least so far this morning that has turned out to be true. No typical pain to report after eating breakfast. Instead I ate cashews which don't appear to be causing the sharp pains and bloating. I'll keep avoiding red meat, and dairy as the main items to keep away from.
I've been pleasantly surprised at how much exercise I've been able to do of late. The last couple of days have been really tough and yet I have been bouncing back quickly. Basically I can take a beating. Fingers crossed the same continues this week. It's a good sign that I'm following the right diet. The stomach is OK but could always be better. It's been awhile since I was last seriously ill. Hope I didn't jinx myself with that mention. I'm sneezing quite a bit of late as I'm taking care of the cats at my place.
Beach, this sounds pretty good, nice to hear you are doing well. I am trying to get inflammation level down and looking at adding in certain foods as well as avoiding others (goodbye gluten sugar and refined carbs, hello bone broth liver pate and live yoghurt). So far I’m managing to add a green smoothie a day. Good luck with your ongoing diet 😀
Beach, this sounds pretty good, nice to hear you are doing well. I am trying to get inflammation level down and looking at adding in certain foods as well as avoiding others (goodbye gluten sugar and refined carbs, hello bone broth liver pate and live yoghurt). So far I’m managing to add a green smoothie a day. Good luck with your ongoing diet 😀
Thanks Delta. I appreciate the words of support. It's been a long journey working on this. Fingers crossed I finally have the right combination to get myself well, with improved stomach health and also energy.

Not to confuse, but thought to share something I read that made me wonder what was going. I read a book by a celiac activist. The author made a curious point. She mentioned how long it takes many of her celiac wheat free followers to become well to their stomach, two years. What was curious is that she added, many celiac's don't completely recover, they continue to do poorly from her experience. later on in the book she added that she felt it was important to avoid all meat and dairy in order to become healthy. That had me thinking about how eating wheat and dairy products are connected. If you eat dairy products, there is a good chance it is also be eaten with dairy - bread and butter, cookies and milk, pizza, milk and cereal, etc. Just something to put out there. Food for thought as they say. Best of luck with you dietary experiment.
Lets see, as usual for me I've made a change in the diet, back to the idea I was trying before this. I'm avoiding nightshade family again along with soy since soy is genetically altered with a member of the nightshade family. I'm also avoiding beef and dairy products. I've had many times were I was well to the stomach eating beef and dairy. I never recovered though but I was well to the stomach. I've not ever had a time were I was well to the stomach after eating a member of the nightshade family, in my records or in my memory. Beef and dairy are likely not allergens but pose digestions issues of their own. So I'll avoid them all for a few months. I should be able to do that, though I will tired of chicken.

Since avoiding nightshade, my stomach has nicely improved. My energy levels are not great, but then again I've weight lifted and exercises a great amount.
I've been ill off and on for the week. I remain having good energy levels in general though. That's a good sign though I could do without the upset stomachs. Because of this I'll add back spices and nightshade to my diet. When avoiding a lot of foods it can become to much to handle comfortably.

Avoiding red meat and dairy products does have a definite positive effect. My muscles feel less sore. The rash goesa way. And I appear more symmetrical for the lack of a better term. My gum health is much improved too. I don't remember the last time my gums bled after brushing the floss since avoiding beef and dairy, along with pork.
I should note this further. I've written down in my note book also.

Since avoiding red meat and dairy products I'm not as hungry as typical. I can even skip two meals and not feel all that badly in the evening. My energy levels will remain decent.
Today was the first day I noticed weight loss in my face. I've noticed fat loss around my waist, with appearance and also with being able to wear smaller fitting clothing. I still have a ways to go with weight loss but I'm making good progress.

My energy levels have been quite good on this diet of avoiding red meat, and dairy products. My diarrhea has changed too for the better. I'm typically less sick now. I'm guessing that has a lot to do with why my energy levels are higher. I'm still not energetic enough to read all the time. I still have times were I'm worn out, but overall I'm feeling big improvements with energy levels of late.

It's amazing in that once or twice a week I'll only eat one meal a day for weight loss purposes. In the past this would be very difficult to do. On this diet though I find only eating one meal a day quite easy. I don't feel hungry and if anything the stomach feels better on the single meal though energy levels do suffer a bit. This a huge change from typical for me, as typically I feel hungry and weak all the time no matter how much I eat.
I continue to lose weight on this diet of avoiding red meat and dairy products. I woke up weighing 173lbs. It's amazing at how little appetite I have on this diet. It's rare for me to become hungry. I can become tired though as I am this morning due to working out to much yesterday.
I'm back to avoiding spices and nightshade along with red meat and dairy. I was sick last night. I woke up in the middle of the night being ill. Surprisingly I was happy about it, as I'd eaten a lot of spices earlier. So I'll go with the harder diet to follow and see where it takes me. I feel upbeat and overall feel good at the moment. Eating plain isn't all that much fun but with hurricane season in full swing and fear of having to drive out of here on a long trip, I want to be well. I'll eat plain without much fuss in my mind.
I should note this down.

I'm back to avoiding spices and nightshade, along with red meat and dairy. I'm likely to eat dairy in the near future.

What's newthat I've noticed is that since avoiding spices and nightshade, my hair has changed. I've noticed this hair difference in the past but didn't know what could be behind it. The change is my hair going from being dry to being more oily. I'll keep an eye on it to see if this continues further into Aug.

Quite tired and fatigued this morning. I worked on my feet for most of yesterday.
Something else I've noticed and should note, since avoiding nightshade and spices I've so far stopped developing tongue sores or markings. I'm not sure what they are, but they can hurt sometimes when eating meals. Those markings appear to have gone away. In the past I've often thought that if I could figure out what caused those markings that I'll have my answer. Time will tell.

I'm liable to eat dairy soon. I'd like to have some cheese, but then again I'm in general appearing healthier on this diet and know that eating cheese will make me look haggard and have me feeling somewhat run down.

I'm sick typically in the mornings. For the rest of the day I have done well, with few issues. Weight is sticking at 174lbs. I'd like to work to drop another 4 pounds of fat, but with the morning sickness I'm thinking I'll wait for that to improve but I press myself tolose more weight.
It's been a decent week.

Last week everyday I had liquid diarrhea all the time. The worst.

This week not once did I experience that. My energy levels are not all that great, but they seem to be better this week also. This morning though I'm feeling beat up and tires. I did some painting yesterday and it was hot and muggy.

I'll keep avoiding spices/nightshade along with dairy. Fingers crossed the stomach continues to improve.
Worth noting, since avoiding spices and the nightshade family some arthritis or what ever it is has gone away. Basically if I do a lot of walking over, 45 minutes my hips, ankles and knees will begin to hurt, often to the point that I need to stop walking. Since avoiding spices and nightshade I've noticed that pain after long walks has gone away. The joints I guess are more lubricated. Hard to say what is going on but it's a plus. it's nice not having that pain.
I'm 24 day into the latest diet of avoiding spices and nightshade family.

Progress is good.

The first week I experienced liquid diarrhea every day.

The second week I was better.

The third week was mixed. Most of the time I was well, but a few times I became overly ill due to eating to much fatty food and exercising to hard.

Now, a few days into the 4th week I'm having days of being well to the stomach! Well is a relative term but overall well enough.

Finger crossed I continue to improve while on this diet. My energy levels are not that great. While I have noticed some soreness going away, here of late my back has been hurting. I blame all the rice crackers being eaten for that. That pain should going away in a week or two. If not I'll cut back on the rice crackers.

Going forward I'm planning on sticking with the diet for a few months before I begin to experiment with my diet. Most likely beef is OK to eat though I am not eating beef at the moment. Cheese should be fine, though cheese does cause other health issues so I'd rather avoid it. I'll only eat cheese if I need to go on a long driving trip. I suspect garlic is OK, but will need to test it carefully. Hopefully black pepper is alright. My main concern is the nightshade family. I base that on simply a test I did early this year but pretty much dismissed in which I ate potatoes for a few days and had liquid diarrhea every day I ate potatoes. When I stopped eating potatoes the liquid diarrhea stopped.

I don[t appear all that healthy. My absorption is likely not all that great. THat will take time.

Weight was 173lbs this morning. I keep working at dropping the pounds from time to time and having success.
Yikes - as usually happens, I think I'm on to something good, and it goes back quickly. Kind of humorous in someways. Well I was terribly ill to the stomach yesterday and the night before. I knew when eating lots of eggs and chicken I was taking a gamble. In the past I've associated eating bird with being ill. Yet I can have good energy. I've suspected that it was something placed to flavor chicken turkey that was the cause.

Anyway, I'll stick with the diet of avoiding nightshade and spices. Instead of chicken I'll eat beef and tuna. I don't care much for beef. Eating it causes me to feel rather lousy. This morning though I appear healthy. And the stomach while feeling tender isn't doing poorly. Weight 170lbs on the scale down stairs. I might have to swtich out the down stairs scale for the upstairs one which has me weighting 5lbs more. I'd like to weight 170lbs. Oh I'll limit eating cheese to times only when needed to help the stomach. I've suspected that eating to much cheese can hurt me. I've had good success with this diet in the past, with being well to the stomach. The big downside being that I never could recover. I'd always feel run down and fatigued. Possibly the cheese was responsible for that.
I'm pretty much just eating grass fed beef for meat. The stomach has calmed down. If I eat cheese I'm well to the stomach. My energy levels are decent. Two odd items noticed, I'm really hungry on this diet. In the evenings of late I've found myself feeling famished. I'm still not eating dinner, as eating dinner keeps me up most of the night typically. I might need to eat dinner in the future though if this hunger keeps up. My voice has changed. It's much deeper and stronger. That's likely a good sign. Fingers crossed the good stomach continues. Hope the hunger feeling goes away.
I'm pleased with the current diet of avoiding all bird items, eggs, chicken and turkey. On the negative I can become more sick and feel more awful than typical on this diet. Eating to much fiber or not being careful with exercises can lead to stomach problems.

On the positive I can be entirely well to the stomach after eating cheese. I feel terrible when eating cheese. I'll feel run down and fatigued aftewards. My heart rate will race. But I'm well to the gut. I've been looking for the diet that has me being well after eating cheese. There is a good chance this is it.

Hopefully after a few months on the diet the digestive system will be less inflamed. I prefer to not eat cheese overall.
Today is day 18 on this diet of avoiding bird/chicken, eggs,turkey. My stomach has calmed down the last week or so. Knock on wood. No finger nail pitting seen. I'm pleased about that has beef has been considered a leading contender for causing the finger nail pitting. Possibly eggs and chicken cause the nail problem.

The big problem now on this diet is feeling overly hungry. For what ever reason on this diet I can become famished and want to eat constantly. Hopefully this feeling will improve in the days ahead. When I don't eat I'm crashing badly.

I'm avoiding cheese most of the time. I feel better when I do that. I'll only eat cheese if needing to go on a long car trip or if the stomach acts up once again.
I'm up to 3 weeks now on the bird free/egg free/chicken free, diet. The good news, the stomach is doing well. The bad news is my joints and muscles ache. It's hard for me to do my exercises. I've noticed this before in the past, in that I eat lots of beef and I feel sore all over. It's a struggle to do 10 pushups. It's crazy. Typically I can do 50 pushups without to much problem. But it is good that the stomach is improved. I went on a 30 minute car trip across town and didn't have a problem. It's still fresh in my mind being very ill 2 weeks ago so it was a big deal making the trip. Well, maybe not big, but the trip had me concerned looking at potential bathroom stops the whole way to and from on the trip. I'm famished on this diet. I'm eating constantly. I'm not gaining weight so far. I believe if I avoid cheese I should be able to keep my weight down despite eating all the time.
Worth noting, yesterday was a decent day. I didn't feel sore all over. I wasn't tired and fatigued. Exercising was easy. I liked it and hope more days are similar in the days and weeks ahead on this diet of avoiding eggs, chicken, turkey.

With that said, for some reason I woke up with a sore swollen left knee. DOn't know what happened to cause that. I went to bed feeling fine. The knee feels OK now that it has been moved around a bit.

Stomach is doing OK. I keep thinking I'll be overly sick soon. It has not happened though thankfully.
the great gorge myself diet continues. I'm a non stop eating machine on this diet of avoiding eggs, chicken, turkey. I haven't really gained weight though. I weighted 174lbs this morning. I think the lowest I've weighed is 172lbs. Typically I'm at 173 to 174lbs. So, so far so good though i am eating constantly. I don't feel all that great, with many aches and pains. My stomach continues to do well of late though. if this keeps up I'm begin to think I finally found the right diet. Appearance is terrible. Hope I begin to digest food better soon. No finger nail pitting. No tongue markings or so. The tongue in general feels good. It has lots of healthy looking red bumps on it.
Hello, glad you are having some success. I was wondering when you posted about being hungry a lot if it was worth checking your macronutrient balance and just making sure you getting enough fat and protein as some of your avoid foods seem to be the high protein ones? Didn’t know if that was contributing at all. There are apps that will add it all up for you if you tell it what you are all day. Just an idea. Hope you continue doing okay 😀
Thank Delta, I think you are right. I need to be sure to eat reasonably healthy. I hope and my suspicion of what is happening concerning the hunger is that I'm healing. It takes a lot of calories to heal damaged tissue. It could be similar to a patient that experiences a burn injury. So the greatly increased hunger I'm experiencing on this diet of avoiding eggs, chicken, turkey, might be due to me removing the allergens from my diet that are causing GI damage. That at least is my hope of what is happening. So far at least the gut seems to be healing. Time will tell though.
Worth noting I ate some extra fiber rich foods yesterday. Fiber is a problem for the gut. As I suspect would happen I look healthier this morning as a resutl. Eating fiber rich foods tends to do that, have me appearing healthier. I feel awful though this morning. The stomach is holding OK, but I feel weak and tired out. The extra amount of fiber rich food wasn't much but is enough to do me in most likely for the day. It will be nice once I'm able to increase my fiber intake.
I've now been following this diet trial of avoiding eggs, chicken and turkey for 4 weeks.

The good is that my stomach is improving. In particular for the last week I'm experiencing greatly improved bathroom results. If this keeps up I'll gain confidence for leaving the house. The stomach seems to be able to take a light beating. That's new. Typically anything ruff on the stomach will result in increased sickness. I was able to eat some extra fiber in my diet for one day. That resulted in me appearing much healthier. I'm still not able to eat much fiber though and for now will continue to eat little fiber. Maybe i a month I'll be able to eat more fiber on a continuous bases.

The bad, I'm not sore and tired. I'm fatigued all the time more so that normal. I'm always hungry. The other day I even ate a whole pizza and sitll was hungry afterwards. It was a thin gluten free pizza, not much to it, but still felt like a pig eating the whole thing. It will be very wonderful to gain some more energy.

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Have you seen a dietician to help with nutrient dense foods that would be more filling but for your elimination diet ?
We placed Ds on amino acid based formula only (neocate jr -no intact proteins so nothing to be allergic to ) by his Gi and added one food at a time for 3-7 days to try and figure what effect certain foods had on his gut . This was many years ago though when Ds was little

hope things improve soon and your less hungry all the time
Don't mind me penguin. I realize I'm on a public forum for all to see but I'm just writing a I guess it could be viewed as a private note journal in hopes of finding clues to what foods make me ill. It's been a bugger but hopefully I'm making progress now. It's uncomfortable feeling hungry more often than typical but I'm able to address the issue, I'm simply eating more. With time I'm thinking the hunger issue will improve, if I'm on the right diet finally. I have my fingers crossed that being able to eat more fiber will help. I have seen a dietician in the past and didn't receive much help.
It's been a good couple of days. Today, for periods of time, I felt wonderful. The aches were gone. My energy levels were up. Overall it's been a pleasant day for most of it. Yesterday was nice too. I've been eating more fiber than typical, though it isn't all that much more fiber. I think that helps with improving my energy levels, so long as I'm not sick to the stomach. So far that has been the case, while the fiber causes some cramping I've been well. Typically this amount of fiber would make me ill to the stomach so good sign.
174lbs. I've gone 5 weeks now avoiding eggs and bird meat. I guess there is a name for this allergy called bird egg allergy. Not very original but saw it mentioned on the internet.

I was slightly sick the other day. The illness was very mild and different from typical. It's never good to be ill but as far as being ill to the stomach goes this was a breeze to handle.

I've been wondering the last few days whether my spelling problem will be improving on this diet. I figure it to be undiagnosed dyslexia. My father has this too. My sister says she is a poor speller also. It does seem to be that spelling has become easier on this diet. This is something I've noticed in the past when one of the rare times I've been well for an extended period of time, my spelling ability improved greatly. I'm the only one with the stomach issues.
177lbs after eating breakfast this morning, so I'll say I weigh the typical 174lbs.

Slight upset stomach this morning as I expected could happen. I went crazy and ate many more cashew nuts than typical. I though I could get away with it but I was wrong. The reason I'm noting is that the resulting illness is entirely different than typical, in a good way. I'm slightly sick but it's a better sickness than would have happened in the past.

No pitting on the finger nail. That finger nail looks great. Leading theory on the cause of the pitting is now eggs, chicken, and turkey.

I'm less hungry this week. I'm back to eating 2 meals a day. I'm still eating snacks from time to time, but overall my hunger levels are dropping. If this keeps up I'll be able to get back to losing fat weight.

Appearance is ruff and unhealthy. I still have a good ways to go with that. I assume gut health and appearance go together. The healthier I appear the healthier that gut is, is my assumption.
It's a rare event so will note, I was not sick at all yesterday. The gut was in good shape. Hope more of that continues. It's a good sign.

On the negative, my energy levels remain low. I'm not communicating all that well. My appearance is ruff.

On the positive, I noticed I'm much stronger. I lifted some weights and found the dumb bells felt much lighter than I remember in the past. Don't know if that will continue, but for one day everything felt much lighter than I remember from before. A 35 # weight felt more like a 20# weight.
I added some candy that has gelatin in it to my diet. I took a chance with that as gelatin can be made from pork sometimes. No problems with the gums noticed. On the positive my skin and hair appear healthier. As a result I ordered some beef gelatin off the internet. I'll see if that helps.

I'm going to jinx myself saying this but it's been awhile now since I last had a major stomach issues. I'm still stick, but the sickness is much more manageable. Energy levels still are lousy. I can still crash badly sometimes when I become hungry.
I felt very strong for a portion of today. I ended crashing a bit here in the later hours of the afternoon, but overall it was a very nice day. Beef gelatin arrived. I'll try eating that tomorrow and pass on the candy with gelatin in it.
I believe this is the 6 week mark of being on this diet of avoiding eggs, chicken and turkey. Yesterday was a very good day for most of it. I felt strong and energetic. This morning I feel awful. I'm weak and tired. That's all to common for this condition, the ups and down of the disease. Stomach is OK this morning though. Hopefully I'll get to feel better as the day progresses.
Doing better this afternoon compared to this morning. Still tired and fatigued some though. It's most likely simply caused by to much weight lifting. I'm feeling stronger of late but believe I made the mistake of over doing it with lifting.

Have been eating candy with gelatin in it. I suspect the gelatin is made of pork as my gums have swollen up some. I'll now stop eating the candy and instead just eat the beef gelatin that arrived yesterday. The beef gelatin does have my skin and hair appearing better, at least it did yesterday afternoon and this afternoon. So offically avoiding chicken, eggs, turkey and pork. Not fun to avoid so much but beef tastes OK and fish isn't terrible.
I'm going to try an experiment for the next few days. I'm only going to eat grass fed beef and grass fed gelatin along with the other non meats I've been eating.

What I'm looking for is improved health naturally, but also to see if the slight rash on the chest goes away.

I've found it curious that a wide range of meats cause problems for me. I've wondered if it might not be the meats so much but how the animals are raised and fed. On this diet of avoiding chicken, eggs, turkey, pork, I've noticed that when eating commercial raised beef I appear terrible afterwards and will develop a rash. When eating grass fed beef, which has been often, I appear healthier and see no rash later. With the test I'll look to confirm this.
Off to a good start with the grass fed diet. Rash is improved to nearly gone. My energy levels have been good, outside of a bit this morning were I was tired. I appear healthy too.

I've done this diet before in the past, with the difference that I ate a lot of grass fed cheese too. I did well with the diet but became frustrated with it. I'm guessing that was due to the cheese being eaten. I'll eat cheese going forward but not often.

The previous diet being eaten where I became very sick 6 weeks ago was were I avoided dairy, beef, pork, spices and nightshade according to my notes. I'm guessing spices and nightshade are safe and will eat them liberally on the diet, unless of course the rash grows worse and I become sick to the stomach. Not sure if the rash and stomach are related or not, but guessing they are.
I'm off to a very good start with the grass fed beef diet. I have very good energy this morning. I feel strong so far. The rash is gone.

On the down side stomach could be better.

If my problem is due to something fed to livestock then there are only a couple of possibilities. Animals tend to be fed corn, synthetic vitamins and soy meal. The most likely allergen for me is soy and other beans.
I should note also that commercially raised animals are given many chemicals. These include antibiotics, vaccines, and growth hormones. I have my doubts that this is my problem but I could be wrong and should note. Many people have reported negative side effects from these chemicals when given directly. Possibly indirectly they are a problem for me.