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My journey to getting well

I'm really surprised by this. Today i'm fasting trying to lose weight. I jumped onto the scale this afternoon and it said I weight 174lbs! I weighed myself a few times to make sure it was correct. My weight was the same each time, 174lbs. So I've lost 3 lbs today. I'm presuming it is water weight. As I've suspected I'm losing weight on this fish diet at a fast rate than before.

Hope the weight loss continues. I wouldn't be surprised if I woke at up 173lbs in the morning. At this rate I'll make 170lbs this week!
A couple items I notice this morning that have me happy.

My gums did not hurt while eating breakfast. It felt good eating for a change! That was lovely. The gum remain inflamed some but the inflammation has decreased considerably. Flossing was not painful. Brushing felt good. Today I'm going to add a peppermint flavored candy. THe Jr. mints have pepper mint in it also so thought to test. If I my gums become inflamed once again then I'll become concerned about peppermint and the mint family overall. I'm not expecting the peppermint to be a problem though.

This morning i weighed 173lbs! Unreal. I went from 177lbs to 173lbs in a day. Apparently on the fish diet I'm naturally losing weight even when I'm not trying to lose weight. That is my guess anyway. Yeeterdays weight loss was undoubtably mainly water weight loss. Going forward will be more difficult but the weight should steadily come off. As I've noted in the past, eating chicken and fish causes me to lose weight. Eating beef and pork causes me to gain weight. Dairy causes weight gain also.

Stomach continues to do well on the wild fish diet. I am considering adding chicken to the diet but as usual hold doubts as while I in general feel good when I eat chicken I've also had some very terrible stomach days. So far I've had no terrible days while eating fish. Also my gums are much healthier when eating fish. I'll have some decisions to make. I'd like to add to my protein selection but also this is hurricane season and having a healthy stomach is more important than other parts of the year.
Tired and sore this morning. I'm also fasting today. I'll see if I can get the weight down to 172lbs. That would be nice. Gums still hurt some, but once again the swellng is improving. I barely feel any swelling in my face. I've been eating the peppermint candy and it does not appear to be a problem. Stomach OK. A bit of cramping going on for periods of time but nothing major. I've bought a bunch of chicken food here of late and placed them into storage. I'm going to be eating chicken in the near future. Appear healthy. Skin looking healthy and good. No joint stiffness. Avoiding beef and pork and cheese has gotten rid of that issue I believe.
Did well today. I'm a little tired a little beat up. Gut doing good. I haven't really had a terrible day with the gut since beginning the fish diet. That gives me confience. It also has me thinking of pushing the chicken experiment far back. Course I had the Jr Mints issue but that seems to have pretty much come to an end. I notice my scalp is dry and itchy though I'm not itching like crazy as before. Appear decently healthy. Today was a fasting day. Hope I lost some more weight. I have a ways to go it appears till I'll be pleased.
My gums feel decent. They remain ever so slightly inflamed. Eating breakfast was slightly painful but much better than just a few days ago. What ever it is in Jr. Mints that did me in was wicked. I'm guessing that some not listed pork gelatin is added to Jr Mints. It had that feel to it. Hard to say though. The possible milk could be responsible too. There was an ingredient I've not had before called shellack which I read is made from insects. I might have reacted to that.

Weight 174lbs this morning. Im going backwards with weight though I'm fasting some days. I'm not terribly surprised. This happened in the past. Visually I can tell I've lost some fat and I'm pleased about that. THey write that with fasting one gains muscle weight so that could be happening.

Stomach mildly ill this morning. Nothing major to be worried over. Feel lethargic this morning. I'm working out hard for me. I should feel tired.
Today has been a rest day. All the exercising caught up to me and I've been fatigued. I'm doing better now and imagine tomorrow ill be a more energetic day overall.

It is important to note that I've not experienced a single terrible stomach day since going onto the fish diet. I didn't want to mention that. I'm liable to jinx myself. But if this continues I'll gain some confidence with travel. That is important as the first tropical storm of the season is showing up as heading this general direction. If I should need to leave town in the unlikely event is comes ashore here I should be in good shape to travel if this continues.
Feel tired and fatigued this morning. It might be another rest day. Will see.

Gums are in good shape. It didn't hurt much eating breakfast. I believe the worst is over for my gums. It took at least a week to get rid of most o the inflammation after eating jr Mints.

I've noticed for a few days that I'm smelling better, which isn't necessary a good thing while taking care of two cats. For what ever reason though I'm smelling better. That is good and I suspect it is due to being healthier.

Diarrhea remains improved. I haven't seen the liquid diarrhea since being on the fish diet. I'm grateful for that.
This evening I barely weigh 173lbs. The stomach has turned mildly sour, which happens on fasting days I've noticed. The sour stomach though is much better today than what would happen in the past. As usual I appear run over when I fast 23 hours but I can tell visually that the fat is slowly coming off. So if I'm lucky I'll reach a new record of 172lbs in the morning. 173lbs is more likely though to be seen after I wake up.

Gums feel good today. No bleeding after brushing and flossing. Little pain felt today.
172lbs. well I came in right at the border of 173 and 172 so I'm rounding down to 172lbs. The weight is coming off nicely. If this keeps up I'm liable to reach 170lbs by the end of next week. Fingers crossed I'm able to keep the every other day fasting up.

Gums felt good this morning. There was little pain while chewing breakfast. The only gum pain I felt was when flossing. There remains one area that is tender, though it was much less tender than just a few days ago. Stay away from Jr. Mints.

Stomach OK this morning. I'm feeling good overall this morning. Energy levels are decent. I'm feeling upbeat.
Typical day. I'm tired and exhausted after eating. A few hours afterwards energy levels pick up. Looked ruff today. Somewhat to be expect considering i'm dieting and exercising harder than normal. I'm likely 174lbs right now. I was 175lbs when i weighed myself closer to mid-day. Stomach OK. For the frist time I could see the weight loss in my face. Nice to see. I still have a ways to go till I'll be happy. There is some fat around the mid section needing to go.
Doing well this morning. Stomach hanging in there. Weight was 174lbs. I'll be fasting today so I'll be worn out from that later on but imagine I'll be alright. I'll likely be 172lbs tomorrow morning. If I'm lucky I'll be 171lbs. I can see the weight loss on my face now. I might have written that down yesterday. Good to be seeing results. I'll be sticking with the fish diet. I stll haven't had a seriously bad stomach day on this diet. Happy about that. Though I'm not well to the stomach.
I've had very decent energy levels today and I used it. I've walked or jogged 18 miles today. I burned over 2000 calories. I'll be a cripple in the morning for sure. OUtside of that, doing OK. Stomach hanging in there. Skin looking good and healthy. Gums feel pretty good. Still have some swollen gums but it is much better than just a few days ago. I'll stick with the fish diet. Hope I believe to experience improved stomach days.
All things considered I'm doing remarkably well this morning. So far I'm not all that sore. I'm not overly tired, yet. I'll likely become tired out as the day goes on. The worst of the exericse pain comes later the next day and on the second day.

I'm still talking well.

I'll stick with the wild fish diet. There is a decent chance this is the diet that will make me well.

I'm going to stop fasting this week. There is a tropical storm heading this way. The storm does not appear to pose a big threat, but I want to e good and strong if it should come this way and be more powerful than expected. I'll go back to eating two meals a day instead of just the one meal. Weight was 172lbs this morning.
I'm gaining confidence that I finally have a diet that will make me well with the wild fish diet. So far I haven't experienced a bit of serious stomach distress. I hope I don't jinx myself with saying that but things are looking quite good for the stomach health.

As this point I'd be looking to add chicken to the diet. But with this being hurricane season and me wanting to be in decent shape to handle any traveling if need be due to a hurricane coming ashore, I'll stick with the wild fish diet and see if I don't become healthier.

I'm doing remarkably well after yesterday hard workout. I did some light weightlifting yesterday, swam for an hour, and walked or jogged for 18 miles. Not bad for someone typically hurting for energy. I can push through exercise pain to easily now it seems. I have lots of experience with it.
I'm communicating decently well, much better than before. Holding a conversation is easy. I talk with a loud firm voice when I want.

So things are going in the right direction.

Fingers crossed in the near future that I see the bright blue eyes soon.
It is always the second day with me that I'm the most tired after a hard workout. I'm worn out this morning. I found myself sleeping in by an hour and easily could have kept on sleeping if given the chance. Doing decent this morning overall. I'm going back to eating two meals a day till more detail is known on the tropical storms path. I'll also cut back on eating nuts and cut back on tiring exercises. Visually I can tell I lost fat last week with the fasting done. I still have some more fat to lose but I'm getting close to the goal I want to achieve. Another two weeks of fasting I imagine should be all that is needed.

Stomach continues to do well on the wild fish diet. I'm reasonably certain I have the diet that will make me well over time. All that remains to figure out is if I can eat chicken and turkey or not. I won't know that till the hurricane season comes to an end.

Gum health is good. The gums still are slightly sore from the jr Mints but nothing terrible. No more bleeding after brushing and flossing.
Here of late I've been thinking I should write less. It appears that I have the diet that will make me well, at last. But then again it probably would be best to keep writing till I become well.

I've cut way back on eating nuts today. I did that out of fear of needing to leave the area due to a tropical storm. So will be somewhat interesting to see if my stomach does even better with me eating fewer hard to digest nuts. I wouldn't be suprised if my gut does somewhat better int he days ahead.

Have been looking ruff. Course that can cause the mind of wonder about what ifs. Imagine it is just due to exercising to hard here of late. I'll be going at a more moderate pace going forward with this being hurricane season.

Still talking and communicating much better than before. I like that. My voice is strong. I'm not nearly as tired and exhausted as before, so holiding a conversation is easier for me.
Doing well this morning. A little bit of excitement as a tropical storm might be coming to this area of Florida within 9 to 10 days it appears. That is a long ways off, so hard to say. I'm working to get the house ready just in case. If a small storm I'll stay at the house. If a big storm I'll leave town and head north.

Stomach doing decently well. A little bit of nausea this morning but nothing unusual. I'm doing OK overall. I'll stick with the wild fish diet.
The last couple of days I've had to urinate much more often than typically. I didn't know why. It has occurred to me though that i began eating chocolate again and it is likely the caffeine in the chocolate causing this. I'll cut out the chocolate for awhile, at least till this tropical storm is better know.

Still waiting for more information on the storm. This morning forecasters had the storm coming directly this direction. Fingers crossed it goes somewhere else. If it does come here though I have decent confidence that I'll be able to handle a long drive to the midwest with little issue. The fish diet has been good to me and my stomach.
Today was a stress out day. I kept reading the different reports about the tropical storm. Some reports were down right frightening. And this evening the official report from the hurricane center made the storm look very manageable. It is expected to just be a tropical storm, not even a hurricane. I should be able to sit at home and ride it out with ease.

Having a severe stomach condition can really stress me out if I need to drive somewhere long distance, in this case 2 days. A 20 mile trip can stress me out. 2 days of driving is terrifying. Glad it appears that trip does not need to happen. Course all could change quickly. These hurricane reports are not the most accurate. Look like storm days will be Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I will prepare for the worst, but am now expected the best case scenario.

Good news with my spelling. It seems like spelling is becoming easier for me. I'm not going to win any spelling bees, but overall I'm pleased. This is something I've noticed in the past, a few times when healthier to the stomach my spelling ability suddenly improves greatly. I can see how to spell words in my minds eye. Before I couldn't do that. My father has this spelling issue too. He has few stomach problems though.
Doing OK this morning. I have a slight pain on the left side of my face and the gums on the left side are slightly sore. I figure it is due to that being the side of the mouth i chew my food as being the cause but best to note down.

I have another theory on what my health problem is. It might be that I'm allergic to bird and instead beef and pork at safe. The two foods cause the swelling problem due to being tougher to chew. I have my doubts on the theory though due to the itching pork in particular can cause. Pork and commercial beef will cause me to itch like mad after eating. It is an idea though that runs in my mind. It has me thinking I'm liable to be eating the fish diet for the rest of my life. My worry about chicken and turkey has to due to always becoming sick to my stomach eventually. I guess too I shouldn't forget, beef appears to cause me arthritis on my joints. Can't forget about that. I'm also much weaker when eating beef and dairy products.

Weight 174lbs. I was close to 173lbs.

Tropical storm coming this way but I'm not stressed this morning about it. Should be a heck of a storm starting on Monday. .
Doing alright. Better today than yesterday due to less stress over the tropical storm. I continue to talk well loudly and with conversation. With my stomach was improved even further. I'm well there but would prefer to see further improvement soon. I'd also like to test chicken out to see if it was safe and good. Some more variety in the diet would be a plus.
Doing well this morning. The last few days I haven't been using the bathroom much. That's good. At least I hope so. It might be a sign of a healing gut.

About the only other thing that comes to mind is my mind wondering about future foods to add. I keep thinking eggs are a problem. Eggs did appear to cause tongue sores or markings. Then again beef and pork are problems. They cause itching, arthritis, and likely dental issues. So I keep reminding myself I've been down this path before. I better just stick with what appears to be working, the fish diet. I may not be thrilled with the diet but it is keeping me decently helathy. I'll have more time to figure things out if i become healthier to the gut.

Once this storm passes the area I'll have to go on a long bike ride. Bike rids appar to cause stomach issues a day or two afterwards. I'll see if that happens on the fish diet.
Was thinking about beef, and another negative effect of eating beef is muscle cramping. Keep away from beef. It causes to much trouble.

Once this hurricane passes the area, I'm going to add chicken to the diet. It is a risk but I'm willing to take the chance. Sounds good. I can hardly wait. Imagine I'll be fine. I just need to be careful on the fiber and taking to much beet powder. So no brown rice for me in any large quantity, and beet pwoer to be taken every other day. And if a tropical storm pops up I can always revert back to eating lots of salmon in olive oil packets.
I'm feeling very well this morning. As has been the trend this week I'm using the bathroom less. Me feeling well this morning and using the bathroom less likely are connected. Hope the trend continues.

I might have a fight on my hand, mentally, if I continue to feel as well as I do so far this morning, with my diet. Part of me wants to begin testing chicken. THe other part though likes this being well to the stomach and this morning feeling darn well good.

Weight was 174lbs. I was quite close to 173lbs. Once the storm passes I'll get back to the 23 hour fasts. That drops my weight pretty quickly. I'll get down to 170lbs soon. I'll most likely be happier at 165lbs though.
Tomorrow should mark the one month since I've been on the wld fish diet. During that time I have not had one single major stomach issue. My bathroom habits have improved. I guess the worst I remember is some slight nausea a few times but even that was minor. Overall on the negative I appear ruff and relatively unhealthy. I have a ways to go if I'm on the right track with my diet. Energy levels are so so. I'm still often tired. But I can't beat that being well more or less to the stomach.

Think tomorrow I'll get back into the swing of things with losing weight, fasting 23 hours and exercising. I'll likely get back to swimming. I'm reasonably sure swimming won't make me ill as to often happened in the past while on other diets. The hurricane forecasts continue to show the storm staying off shore. If that happens the area should do fine. Tuesday will e windy and rainy day but somewhat typical weather for this area in the summer time, just being windy and rainy longer than normal.

Tongue looks good and healthy. Some pitting on the one finger nail. No arthritis feelings in the hand joints or knees. No itching. Gums feel good and healthy. I have not bled after brushing and flossing for some time now.
This morning I was somewhat caught by surprise. I urgently needed to use the bathroom. It was nothing terrible. The urgency wasn't all that urgent. But the bathroom was needed quick. That was the first time I can recall that happening on the fish diet. i was beginning to think the urgent days were behind me. In some respects this is good news I suppose. Yesterday I went for a 20 to 30 minute bike ride. Bike rides are notorious for causing urgent bathroom needs later on. I'm going to guess it was the bike ride that caused my problem.

This is good news as I've known that chicken eating testing times can sometimes have me needing to urgently need to use the bathroom, usually after the usual trouble makers such as bike riding, eating to much fiber, swimming, etc. When I do begin eating chicken I'll feel more comfortable with it knowning that even with the mighty fish diet I can experience urgent bathroom needs.

Doing OK this morning. I'm planning on fasting for the day. My weigh was a solid 173lbs this morning. If I'm able to fast for 23 hours I'll be 172lbs in the morning tomorrow or even possibly 171lbs a new record. So hopefully this will be the last push to reach my fat loss goal. I'm not to far away I feel for what I'm aiming to achieve.
Decent day. The stomach is holding in there. At the moment I weigh 172lbs. Since I'm fasting for 23 hours today I suspect it is mainly water loss. I wouldn't be surprised if I woke up weighing 171lbs a new low.

I'm adding chicken to the diet tomorrow. Fingers crossed all goes well. I imagine ill do fine. I'll keep tabs on how things go of course. So far it appears the tropical storm will be weak and staying away from the area. Course there is a worst case scenario from the storm, but for now I have good confidence it will just be a strong summer storm for the area that brings lots of rain and windy conditions.
Remarkable. This morning I woke up weighing 171.6lbs. For the last week I've been eating regularly with my typical 2 meals. Yet during this time, on the fish diet, the alpha gal diet I lost 2 to 3 lbs. Well, I'll be aiming for another 5 to 6lbs of weight loss. I'll make an effort to lose the weight, yet I have a funny feeling that whether I push the weight loss or not, on this diet the weight is coming off. As i've noticed in the past when I eat beef and pork i swell up and quickly gain weight. And when eating chicken and fish I lose the weight.

Ate chicken this morning. I've added chicken to the diet for two reasons. One eating fish packets might not be the healthiest thing for me. And too eating fish all the time grew tiresome. I'll monitor as always my gut health and other health issues in the days ahead. Will be interesting too to see if the weight continues to come off as easily when eating chicken more often instead of fish.
Only ate chicken meals today and I'm doing alright. I'm a bit tired this evening but I can blame weight lifting for that. I had a nice workout. My arms will be sore tomorrow. Before the workout my energy levels were higher. So, so far so good. I'll keep eating chicken.

Tomorrow is the big day as the tropical storm passes the area. Hopefully it will have minimal impact on the area. Fingers crossed the power does not get knocked out. That and the possible storm surge have me the most concerned.
Today the tropical storm passes the area. Hope all goes well with it. Should be good and windy along with rainy this afternoon. Hope the strong winds don't blow to much sea water onto land. That would be awful is the island gets flooded.

Stomach doing OK. Weight was 172.2 this morning. I ate two meals yesterday but weigh close to the same as the day before. Nice. Eating chicken seems to be working out for me, at least for now.
I forgot to note, I'm now eating chicken and turkey meats.

I am avoiding eggs though. I've been avoiding eggs for some time now. In my notes at home I wrote down when I began to avoid eggs, but I'd guess for a few months I've stayed away from eggs. Eggs appear to cause the tongue sores I've complained about in the past. If tongue sores are related to my stomach condition, figure best to avoid eggs. The reason i was feeling better on the fish diet might possibly be due to avoiding eggs.
Thank you Delta, I think we are going to do fine. At the moment, the now hurricane is right off shore to the west of us. It is raining hard, but the winds are not that bad. Imagine the worst of Elsa for us should be over with in an hour or two.

Decent day with the stomach. I'm somewhat about the stomach and chicken but as I tell myself if the stomach goes sour I can always start eating fish again. Tongue looks good and healthy. Energy levels are decent. Muscles feel good and stronger, relatively. Gums are healty. Since I began eating fish the gums have not been bleeding after brushing and flossing.
Yesterday I didn't use the mineral spray. This morning i appear healtheir and I feel slightly better. I will take a break from the mineral spray supplement and see what happens.

This morning I weigh 172lbs. I'll be fasting today most likely. It would not come as a surprise if I wake up tomorrow weighing 170lbs a new record low. It will be nice. I'll be aiming for 165lbs as I do have a bit of belly fat remaining.

Hurricane storm winds and rain were much worse than i expected last night. I thought as the storm passed the weather was become better. In this case that did not happen. I can imagine when the sun rises I'll see a good amount of flooding in the area, and possible wind damage. A leaks source was revealed. I though a bedroom leak was coming from water pipes from above. Instead now it appears the leak is rain water blown into the side of the house. Fingers crossed the repair guy shows up today.
I weighed 170lbs this morning - nearly. Have to round down to get the 170lbs but I'm very close. Another day or two and I should be there without cheating. I'll need to go to 165bs though to come close to my desired weight loss goal.

Stomach OK. Gums are good and healthy. No bleeding after brushing and flossing. The gums feel good and pain free. I'll keep with the alpha gal diet along with avoiding eggs.
I have been tired today. I've been on my feet doing many chores yesterday and this morning. It caught up with me this afternoon. It still doesn't take to much to tire me out, which is a bit surprising considering how much exercise I can do at times.

Found myself nervous about having an upset stomach. Eating chicken while good for me I feel, is going to play with my mind from time to time. I did well stomach health wise though.

I'm still spelling better while on this diet. Spelling words is much easier I feel.

Appearance is ruff and worn out. Gums are in good shape. Tongue looks good and healthy.
I have a result. I was afraid this would happen. This morning i woke up in a considerable amount of stomach pain, cramping and some diarrhea. So it appears eating chicken is not going to work for me. As of this morning I'm back onto the wild fish diet. Course there are other possibilities for the stomach trouble. The chicken eaten was not plain. It was with spices and flavoring. I've put a lot of effort in the past looking at spices and flavoring and didn't come to any result. But it will be something to note and work on in the future.

So though going forward I better stick with the wild fish diet. It might have some problems with it, but I'll have to explore those in the future.

There is a rash on my chest this morning. It is slight and imagine it will not be around long on the fish diet.

On the chicken diet I did notice my diarrhea had changed. I didn't note it down, but I noticed that the diarrhea was more wet. I also noticed that I was more gassy when eating chicken. This morning my diarrhea is very wet and I'm very painfully gassy.

Hope I feel better last this morning. I have an appointment this later morning to get my hair cut. It was strange in some senses. When on the fish diet my hair seemed much shorter. As soon as i began to eat chicken my hair seemed to grow and become more curly. On the fish diet I might not need a hair cut afterall. If this stomach pain does not decrease within a few hours I'll be needing to cancel my afternoon appointment.
It's been a few hours since the pains this morning. I'm doing better though I'm still in some pain and discomfort. I'll be having this all day I imagine. I went ahead and canceled my haircutting appointment.

Remembered something. One of the reasons why I switched over to eat chicken is thta I felt I wasn't appearing all that healthy eating only salmon in olive oil.

It reminds me though that at one time I was also blaming ketchup for the poor appearance.

The fish diet I've been following has been plain. It typically me eating no spices. Instead of ketchup I've been using la Choy sweet and sour sauce which is listed without spices. It just has red peppers in it as a spice. I've been eating potatoes of course. So going forward I'll just eat the fish packets but also avoid spices such as ketchup which is full of spices such as garlic, onion powder, black pepper, etc.

So I'll see where this gets me, the fish diet and avoiding spices, with the exception of the nightshade family being allowed.
Continue to do better, but every so often the stomach pain returns. Overall though the fish diet is working. At least it seems to be. I'm feeing better and more energetic. It is exciting that I might finally have a diet that work at improving my stomach.

So I'm not sure what makes the fish diet. It might be that I have alsph gal. I'm read a number of writings saying those with alpha gal also have trouble with chicken.

i also could easily see spices being an issue to.

I'll lean toward the alpha gal idea since pork causes itching all over and swollen gums.

But I'll be finding out. I'll eat the fish diet for awhile, till the stomach feels better and then add plain meats to it.
I am feeling better this morning compared to yesterday morning. there remains some stomach pain but it isn't anything overwhelming. Rash is looking better. It should be gone soon is my guess. Skin looks decent overall. I'll keep with the fish diet. it does seem to work well for me. I didn't weigh myself but I'd guess I'm still around 170lbs.
THis evening I'm debating to myself whether I should begin adding chicken and eggs to the diet. I'd eat them plain, with out spices. Just salt. The stomach issues have not completely gone away but they have improved nicely. I don't know. I'll have to see how I'm thinking in the morning. The fish diet is good and makes me feel more secure I have a diet finally at least that seems safe to me, one that will keep the stomach from becoming overly sick. Eating chicken and eggs would be risky, but I like the idea of variety in the the diet and I do feel I messed up in the when eating a similar diet and eating lots of fiber. So I'll see. Most likely I have alpha gal along with a problem with chicken but I'll find out. If stomach woes happen on the diet I can always go back to the wild fish diet and feel better soon after.

This evening I weight 173lbs. I'll likely be 172lbs in the morning. I want to get back to losing weight. So hopefully the chicken will not upset my stomach. The only spice I'll be eating is rosemary extract which is added to the chicken.
172lbs. I'm keeping the weight off. It is the cheese that packs on the weight for me at least and I'm avoiding cheese. That helps.

Stuck with this fish diet this morning. Figured the main reason why I added chicken to the diet was due to concerns of looking unhealthier and fish not supplying enough nutrients. I probably was wrong. It was the ketchup I ate and all the spices in the ketchup that was the likely problem.

I can stick with the fish diet easier if I appear healthier and I do, i appear healthier this morning. Skin looks good. Tongue is health in appearance.
I still have some stomach issues but they were improved this mornig. The cramping wasn't that bad.

Kind of laughed at an 80s movie I watched yesterday. The characters were joking about someone ballooning up to 180lbs and being a real lard ass as the movie described. I think today the average weight is 180lbs. I'll be making another push to get my weight down to 165lbs. I'll be happy once I reach that goal.

Today was a better day. The stomach cramping was gone. Ive done well today.

The big news is this later afternoon I weigh 171lbs. I was pretty close to 170lbs. So there is a remote chance I'll come in at 169lbs in the morning. I'm not counting on that weight but it would be nice to crack the 160 range.

Rash gone. Skin is looking good and healthy. I'll stick with the wild fish diet. I pick up my parents at the airport on Wednesday. I hate long car trips with this stomach issue, but I'm confident the fish diet will keep the stomach in good shape. I should be able to make the hour long driving with out issue.
I reached the 160 range this morning! I came in at 169.8lbs. Awesome. So i have another 4 lbs to go and then I'll see if I want to continue to 160lbs or not. It does appear the area of fat I want to get rid of is finally going away. For me the secrete of losing weight is to avoid cheese and fast every so often. The weight is coming off that way.

Last night I was ever so sick to the stomach. It was pretty typical stuff actually for when I fast. For what ever reason when I fast in the evening I can be slightly ill to the stomach. The worst happens when I eat chicken and eggs though. Being on the fish diet it happened though it is very small.

Appear ruff this morning but that is common after a 23 hour fast.
A little worn out today. I lifted weights, and swam this morning so I'll be worn out tomorrow too most likely. Stomach doing OK. I'm sticking with the wild fish diet. It seems to do my stomach good. It will be interesting to find out if spices are a problem at least with appearance. I'm avoiding spices also, eating plainly. I'll do active with fasting this week so I'll have plenty of opportunity to appear run down. If spices are eatn imagine I'll look even most run over. At least that si the guess. It might be the chicken, or beef causing the problems.
As expected, a bit tired and fatigued this morning due to yesterdays weight lifting. Doing OK all things considered. Stomach OK this morning. Appearance decent. About all that is left for me to do I feel is to figured out if I have an allergy to chicken and eggs or an allergy to spices. I'll figure that out by years end. The fish diet though does appear to be a safe diet for me, knock on wood. The illnesses I experience on this wilf fish diet have been mild and livable. Over time i suspect I'll be able to recover on this diet. .
At this point I've pretty much forgotten how I felt when I became sick. All i know is I added spicy chicken foods to the diet, and 4 to 5 days later I developed severe cramping and worse diarrhea. Taking the spicy chicken foods out of my diet has resulted in my stomach improving. And it has remained improved. Sometime in the future I'll just eat plain chicken, only salt added as seasoning.

I didn't weigh myself this morning but will guess I'm 170lbs or possibly 169lbs. Energy levelsl decent. Appearance ruff but not horrible. Sin looks improved. The rash is pretty much gone.
I have a slight upset stomach this evening. It's of little pain and discomfort. At least up to now it isn't causing me to much issue. It is likely caused by eating to many cashew nuts. I've been going over board on the nuts of late. I need to be more careful.

For what ever reason I have good confidence that it is spices that are my greatest problem for the stomach. Fiber can be an issue too. I'll stick with the fish diet though. It seems to be working for what ever reason. I've wondered if the fish oils are helping me too. Fish oil can reportedly have an anti inflammatory effect. It might be why I'm having more success with this diet that eating plain with beef or chicken. hard to say of course. So spices and pork are my trouble making food items, at least in my mind this evening.

Forgot to note down, avoiding cheese is not only good for helping me keep my weight down but I suspect helpful with the energy levels and stomach. There is little doubt cheese eating does help some with stomach pains. It also mask pains I feel too, which is not necessarly good when I'm trying to figure out what foods are trouble makers. .
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I weighed 172lbs this morning. Disgusting. It happens though. THe more I fast the more I put on weight I notice. Then suddenly my weight drops. i'm not sure what is going on with that.

Look decent and healthy. I'm going to go back to eating 2 meals a day and exercise so that I burn 1400 calories. That has worked in the past at dropping the weight and fat. I'm pretty close to my goal it appears so hopefully not to much more of this is needed.

I'll keep avoiding spices, and pork. I'm only eating fish so other foods are avoided too. Energy levels this morning are good. The hard workout fatigue I had early in the week finally seems to have gone away.
Has an idea that has been running in my head the last few days that is worth noting down. I can remember reading in the past a doctor from the 30s and 40s saying that chocolate can block the absorption of minerals and minerals are important for teeth and healing.

So I notced a week ago or so that I felt better when I avoid chocolate. I figured it was the caffeine that was the problem. Now I'm wondering if it is the mineral blocking substance that was the issue.

I'll keep avoiding chocolate and see if my eyes turn blue and if I continue to feel better avoiding it.
Worth noting, today has been a special day. I've been feeling wonderful. My body feel good. This is living. Hope I get to experience more days like this going forward. It will make eating the fish diet easier. I'm staying away from chocolate, spices, and only eating fish i olive oil for meat.
I'm not feeling as well this morning as I was yesterday. The problem this morning is exercise fatigue. I worked out harder yesterday to reach my calorie burning goal of 1400, twice than normal. I'm not feeling badly though overall. It will likely be a tiring day but I'll be fine I imagine. My plan is to swim hard once again this morning. I want to reach my exercise goal once again. Once I reach my weight loss goal in the future I'll have to make sure not to get fat once again if it can be avoided. Cheese will be eaten in limited amounts.
Good day. I only ate one meal. I might get back to the two regular meal days with the 3rd day being a 23 hour fast. I appear decently healthy. That is important. I'll keep avoiding spices, only eat wild caught fish, and avoid chocolate.

Wieight is 169lbs at the moment. There is a decent chance that I'll wake up weighing 168lbs a new low. I'll be just 3 pounds away from my current goal of 165lbs.

No stomach cramping pain and diarrhea since avoiding spices and chicken from a week ago. I'm feeling pretty good in my mind that it is a spice that is the problem, such as garlic and onions. The fish likely helps since it is a good source of omega 3 EPA/DHA which has anti inflammatory effects. I'm guessing that is why I'm doing better this time around with avoiding spices. Time will tell in the end. Avoiding chocolate might be beneficial also as reportedly chocolate can have some laxative effects according to some people. It also can bloke absorption of minerals according to some writings. I've seen some disagree with that though.
After eating breakfast I'm feeling pretty beat up and tired. I'll take an easy today. I'll let my body recover. The last two days with swimming, walking, and some weight lifting I've been stressing the body harder than normal.

Weight was 169.2 lbs this morning. I was close to 168 but not quite there. Appearance wise it does seem I've lost some fat.

Stomach mildly upset. That seems common after a 23 hour fast. Overall though I'm doing well. Everything seems normal. As writing down a few weeks ago, on the wild fish diet my feet appear nice and healthy, pink in color. They can be a bit on the blue side sometimes. I figure my circulation is better.
For the last few days my skin has been looking good and healthy. It's nice. And it's an easy way for me to tell I'm on a good diet I believe. So I like it. It makes eating the fish diet easier.

Sometimes though I'll begin adding chicken to the diet, eating it with only salt added to see what happens. Probably next week after Wednesday I'll do that.

For today I was feeling beat up for the first half of the day. I exercised hard the days before. Today was a nice rest day. Tomorrow I'll likely get back to workout, swimming and such. I want to lose these last few pounds. I'm so close so no reason to back off.

Stomach was good today.
Feeling a bit on the tired and fatigued side this morning. I might end up taking an easy today also. it will be good to recover.

I'm enjoying the diet and the good results seen. I'll stick with eating wild caught fish, avoiding spices, and avoiding chocolate along with pork.
Today has been a miserable day. My back hurts. I've twisted it up good with all the exercising done, swimming, jogging, walking weight lifting. I must have done a good amount of damage as I have that cold feeling that can come over me when I over stress myself with exercise. I also have a very slight cough. I don't expect much from this but hoping that by tomorrow I'll be doing better. It is normal yearly stuff. Since a few times a year this happens. I suspect I will feel better tomorrow as I' already feeling better this later afternoon. The cold feeling I have makes me want to pee quite a bit more than normal. I hate it. Before lunch I weighed myself with close on and found myself at 171lbs. That is one or two pounds less than typical. Miserable stuff.

Bought some fish oil. It is to be delivered today. Figured it would be a good idea for me to take a little fish oil from this point forward.

Stomach OK thankfully. Appearance healthy. My eyes have been bluish ever since I began avoiding spices. Glad to see that.
I'm doing better this morning. The back does not hurt. The coughing is nearly gone. Don't know what is up with that. on the negative my energy levels are low. It iwll likely be another slow day for me. Overall though I'm heading in the right direction.

Appear healthy. Thta's important. Keep avoiding spices. Something is going on there. Skin looks good and healthy. No rash.
Think I figured out where the slight coughtng i coming from. The other day they sprayed the lawn and plants with chemicals. When outside it smells chemically. I'm guessing that is the caught. To do a test on it this morning I left the house to see if I stopped coughing. And sure enough it seemed that the slight coughing stopped. Time will tell of couse. Hopping there is a good long rain this evening to wash much of this area.

Back feels good. Energy levels are not the best but I'm rebounding in that area. Maybe by tomorrow I'll be back at it.
Coughing tis morning is better it seems. I cough some but not as much as before. THe house I'm staying in currently not only had poisons sprayed outside recently, the temperature is kept cooler than I enjoy. Come the evening I find myself chilled. So today in the day I'm moving out going back home. I'm leaving a day early but it will be for the best I believe. That evening chill can be hard to deal with.

Stomach somewhat sore but manageable so far. Apperance healthy. Keep avoiding spices. I'll continue to only eat salmon in olive oil packets.
I still have the annoying cough. I'm doing OK though. If anything I'm doing better today. I've decided to stop eating nuts for awhile as nuts can irritate my digestive system. An irritated gut can cause of kinds of odd symptoms I've noticed in the past. Similar happens when I eat to much fiber. Fiber can cause me to feel chilled all over, and develop aches and pains.

Outside of that, stomach doing well. Since avoiding nuts this afternoon gas levels are down. Little doubt nuts can make me a little gassy. I'm looking forward to buying some plain chicken and to begin eating that. I'll keep everything else the same in the diet.
Mixed news this morning. The cold or allergy coughing continues this morning. I'm also feeling tired and achy. Once again I think I am feeling better. I'm not coughing as much so far this morning. The good, avoiding nuts does have me feeling slightly better. Last night too I was looking healthier. i feltthat was a sure sign my digestive system was stressed. Nuts can be hard to digest.

Looking forward to seeing plain chicken to the diet. I guess the only spice in it will be rose marry extract.

Stomach decent. Appearance healthy. Last night I looked very healthy. It was good to see.
I am doing much better. There is very little coughing this morning. About my only complaint now is feeling sore somewhat. I'll keep avoiding nets macadamia nuts in particular. Cashew nuts likely are OK but I'll stay away from them for awhile.

My weight this morning was a surprise. In the last week I have not fasted. I've been eating 3 meals somedays. Yet I weighed 168lbs this morning. I guess I had lost 1 pound. the theory seems to be holding. Beef, pork and dairy products cause me to swell up and gain weight. Fish, chicken and turkey causes me to lose weight. it does have me thinking of the condition alpha gal.

The last time I ate spices, spicy chicken foods, a week or two ago, I developed some stomach issues. i blamed the spices for that. I mighthave been wrong though. It might have been the nuts I was eating at the time. I'll test that out sometime in the future. For now I'll test out plain chicken for awhile and see how that does for me. Bought some chicken this morning.
I'm doing better this moring. I'm feeling stronger. I'm still not jogging around in the morning but my strength is close to being back to allow that. I'm coughing little. I'm appearaning healthy. I'll keep avoiding chocolate, nuts, spices, and only eating plain chicken and salmon in olive oil packets. It is good to appear healthy. That makes it easier to stick with the diet, a feeling that I'm on the right track.
I'm certainly doing better today. I did some exercising this morning. I found myself on my feet quite a bit too helping out with chores. I was worn out after then, but it was good to do that. So I'm making progress. I'm pretty certain it was the macadamia nuts that did me in. They have done similar in the past. For what ever reason I felt it wouldn't be an issue this time. Another issue is that I'm not using the bathroom much. I think normally the nuts would be out of the system by now, but with the gut doing better that doesn't feel like it is the case.
I added plain chicken to the diet a few days ago. Today makes the second day of eating chicken. So far I'm not feeling good about the trial. I ate chicken in the morning and later that morning was feeling worn down as mentoned earlier. Not sure what to make of that. THink I'll go back to the salmon in olive oil diet for a couple days and see how I respond.

With that said today has been a better day. The cough is all but gone. Energy levels are lousy but many days I feel lousy with low energy. I also cough more in the evening and I'm coming up to the time I cough te most. I'll find out if that remains an issue soon.
I did very well last night. There wasn't much of a cold feeling as I can get in the evening. As a result I coughed very little. My throat had been a little sore, but that is no longer the case. I felt a little weak waking up this morning but now I'm feeling stronger. I still have a ways go with that though. Imagine I can do some light weight lfting today though.

Appearance healthy. Stomach OK. I still have some cramping feelings, from eating nuts, though I'm avoiding nuts. So I stll need to get that out of my system.

So improvements are being seen.
Tomorrow I'm going to in to be tested for COVID. The problem I've had is that the symptoms of COVID overall with the my colitis symptoms. I've been experiencing fatigue a litlte worse than typical. Fatigue is a mainstay with my colitis. I've been having chills in the evening. Having chills happens with my colitis sometimes. I've had a cough and while not a typical colitis symptom, even being phlyemy and coughing sometimes happens when the stomach is irritated. So the symptoms have been hanging in for 5 to 6 days now so I better get tested for COVID just in case.

I've been passing on the vaccine due to fears of it having gelatin in it. I react badly to gelatin. Both pork and bee gelatin are bad news for me. Come to find out though that while some sights say there is gelatin in the COVID vaccines, the CDC's web sight says none of the 3 vaccines have gelatin in them. Grrr.....

So I'll test see what the results are. For the last coulple of days I have been feeling better. For the last 2 nights i've not experienced chills. The coughing is not gone but it has improved. The fatigue is better though still with me. So I'm improving I believe thankfully. If I'm lucky I'll continue to improve and have natural immunity, if i have the virus. If I have something else going on then in the future I'll sign up for the COVID vaccine after reseracing even future that it doesn't have gelatin in it.
Mixed bad to report this morning. The really good news s that the fatigue is gone. I'm feeling good and strong relatively/ I walk steady. I feel as if I could do a workout with weights if I chose to do so.

The bad news, it does appear more like I have an infection. I've developed a slight runny nose. I'm also losing my appetite. Just a few bites of food has me feeling full. Eating more has me thinking of upchucking. Hope this feeling passes quickly.

So not good. I was just hoping this was typical colitis stuff I deal with. Instead it very well could be COVID or some other infection. I'll be finding out soon enough with testing at 10:00.

Oh, annoying cough remains with me. It is about the same. Slept well last night. No issuee with sleeping though I cough some.
I really am feeling quite well this morning. I'm close to being back to normal it seems.

With that said, I had an upset stomach for a bit. It felt similar to what happens when I eat chicken. I ate chicken a few days ago, twice, and it likely took a bit for it to work its way through the digestive system. Disappointing. I'll be testing once again in the months ahead though.

Weight 169lbs this morning.
Doing OK today. Wish I was doing even better but overall progress is being made. When I walk around I feel decently strong. The fatigue has lifted. I'm not all that strong, at least not as strong as hoped but overall compared to a couple days ago I'm doiing better. I'm not walking aruond much today due to stomach cramping. I figure either the chicken eaten a few days ago is responsible for that, or the NO supplement I've been taking. I'll get back to taking NO every other day and see if that helps.
I eventually got rid fo the poop causing me uncomfortable cramping. I've been able to move around this later afternoon. It is always difficult to say if I better or not, but I believe I'm doing better. I'm stronger. I'm a little light headed, but not as bad in previous days. I suspect I could jog around if I choose to do so.

The annoying cough remains. It makes it tough to talk. I've always had trouble talking due to my colitis. This cough adds to that problem.

Boredom is a big problem right now.

Well, hope I continue to improve with what ever I have. I'm leaning more toward infection, possibly COVID at this point but test results will not be in for another 3 to 4 days I was told. If I'm lucky by that time I'll be more back to my normal self. It does have me thinking now that i know the vaccines do not have gelatin in them that I had been vaccinated. But if I do end up having COVID, the disease up to this point has not been horrible. Having natural immunity isn't a bad deal either. Hope that continues of course, the continue to improve.

I'll be staying away from chicken. I'm pretty certain that is what caused the cramping.
I am doing well this morning. I'm coughing but not as much. Energy levels are improved. Overall compared to the previous week this morning is nice. Hopefully the worst is behind me and I can move forward.

The chicken experiment is disappointing. I was hoping it was the spices that caused me health stomach issues. Seems it is just the chicken. It goes with pork. The grass fed beef is still a mystery somewhat as I've been able to make myself well with grass fed beef. Well is a relative term. Course grass fed gelatin has caused me a great deal of health problems, from dizziness to weakness.

Weight 168lbs. I was pretty close to 167lbs. Seems on the fish diet I just keep losing the weight without trying. .
Stomach is better today. I haven't been moving around a whole bunch other than a 30 minute walk this morning. I'm still tired and fatigued some feel once again I'm doing better. I'm been taking my temperature all day and so far no fever detected. That is what I suspected. It doesn't feel as if I've had a fever over the last week. Outside of that not a whole lot to report. Heard once again I'm appearing healthy ever since I started the fish diet. Nice to hear. My cough is still with me but so far it does apear to be less coughing. i can even breath in faster and not experience that tickling feeling that brings on the coughing.
Test results came in and they are positve for COVID. Disappointing but now I know. I'll need to isolate. If I'm lucky I'll be feeling well enough to rest again in a few days. The coughing issue has improved nicely this evening. I'm talking quite well. Fatigue is with me, but fatigue is always with me. That is always a constant battle with my colitis.
I'm feeling half way decent this morning. I decided to avoid potatoes and nightshade. I remembered in the past htat it seemed I had more energy when I avoided nightshade. So far it is working. Might just be a coincidence might be short term, but for now this morning it is working.

Stomach is OK. I've found myself snacking a little this morning. Good sign I believe.
I am better today. I'm taling better. I do have coughing fits at time but they seem to beless. It feels like there is less mucas in my throat. I'm not exactly brimming over with energy but hopefully that will come with time. Course now i'm wondering what effect avoiding nightshade has had on this. I have a bunch of questionable foods, with nightshade being near the top. Regardless think I better avoid nightshade.
The morning is starting out encouraging. I've not experienced a coughing fit up to te point. I'm feeling relatively strong. My sense of smell has returned. I can smell everything it now seems. So nice way to beging the morning.

Stomach doing OK. I'll keep avoiding the nightshade family. I forgot to weight myself but I've lost a few more pounds I can tell .
I'm feeling pretty decent this morning. I have more energy. It really does seem like evr since I stopped eating nightshade my energy levels have rebounded some. I have a long ways to go before I can joke about this but Imight end up joking that COVID was the best thing to happen to me. Regular taste is coming back Some food were tasting awful just a few days ago. So overall I'm pleased with the direction I'm heading. .
Today has been a pretty good day. I've had decent energy levels. I've gotten a number of item dont around the house. I'm still taking an easy in general but compared to days before I was a busy bee. Something I noticed today is that I haven't been constantly running to pee. I seem to be retaining water today, more typical. Good sign I'm guessing.

I'm going to call the nightshade avoidance a co-factor in my improvement of late. .

I likely still have a ways to go till 100% back but if this good health continues I'lll likely be testing again within a ay or two.
166lbs this morning. I keep losing the weight ever since I stopped eating beef, pork and dairy. I've known for awhile now that eating beef or pork will quickly result in weight gain. Sometimes the weight gain can be large. Makes sense that avoiding those foods results in weight loss.

A bit tired this morning. Since I was retaining water yesterday I began to feel a bit cooler. And last night I didn't sleep as well, feeling cooler. And feeling cold tends to zap my energy levels. So will be interesting to see how the day ends up. It isn't starting out as well as the recent previous days though. I'm no feeling awful though. I'll as i have been doing take an easy.
I am feeling better, more energetic than I thought this morning. I'm once again not overly filled with energy but have found myself doing chores, running around a bit. It's good. I guess the slight chill I've experienced made it more difficult for me get around, but once around I'm doing fine.
165lbs. I am feeling pretty good this morning. Energy levels are decent. Stomach is good. I've hardly had to use the bathroom of late. i don't know if that is due to the diet or what. I like it regardless. Overall it is a good morning so far. Think I better sign up fortesting to see if i still have the virus though i still cough and i'm still a bit tried.

I'll stick with the fish diet, I'm eating eggs too, and I'll avoid nightshade family.
It has been a good day. Energy levels are decent. I'm not coughing all that much.

Tainking about it, hope I'm wrong about the nightshade. I'd guess I am. It was likely more of a coincidence that I felt better aftering. But I'll stick with avoiding as avoiding nightshade, along with beef, pork, and dairy is working well with the gut. I'll stick with the alpha gal diet keeping fiber levels low. It sure has worked with the weight loss too. Avoiding chocolate has been a benefit also but that is likely due to avoiding caffein. Caffeine does seem to have a mild laxative effect.
The big thing running in my mind with the diet is whether eggs are OK to eat or not. Over the last week I've had eggs 4 times. The eggs have been a nice flavor addition to the diet. Health wise though I'm not certain where they are good or not for me. I suspect I look less healthy after eating eggs. That is always hard to say though. I think I'll cut out the eggs for the next week and see what happens. I like eggs. They don't effect me negatively as pork or beef but in the past at least i've had stomach issues with chicken and eggs. The issues came about from either to much fiber or a long 23 hour fast. For what ever reason when I'd fast I'd often have a flareup in the evening when eating lots of bird foods. It's very confusing. But I'm skittish with chicken and eggs anymore. Eating fish packets does grow old though.

Go in at 10:10 for COVID testing. Fingers crossed test results come back negative tomorrow. I'm certainly close to being back to normal. I'm feeling pretty good this morning so far. Cough is little. Energy levels are quite good.
165lbs. I wasn't that far from 164lbs. Nice to see.

Doing well this morning. Appearing healthier as I suspected would happen after avoiding eggs. Not much of a test with that but one to keep an eye on. Stomach OK. Overall it looks to be a good morning. With the weight loss and lack of weight lifting my shorts are quite lose. My belt is likely to go up another notch, to the 3rd notch to keep them fitting.
Worth noting down, I can breath in deeply and not cough. That's been one of my issues for the past week, deep breathing. It would irritate my lungs resulting in coughing.
I feel great this morning. No Coughing. Energy levels are nice and elevated. Stomach is good. WIth the fish diet I have a diet that keeps the gut in good shape. I'm not well to the stomach on the fish diet but am half way there. With any luck over time the gut will heal up on the fish diet. Course the hope is that foul is safe to eat. I suspect it is, it likely just takes time too. I am a bit nervous of foul too since I've had some negative reactions that might have been causes by other reasons. Only time can tell. So off to a good start for the new week.
I'm feeling very strong and energetic today. I've done 50 pushups and feel as if I could do more. It is quite exciting. I'm going to attribute that to avoiding nightshade. I've been doing the alpha gal diet for awhile, eating mainly fish yet I've not had good energy levels. In the past I've come to find avoiding nightshade family to be helpful with energy levels. So hope this good energy continues. I'll remain avoiiding nightshade and eating fish and eggs from time to time.
It is a wonderful morning. I'm feeling very good so far. I'll keep avoiding nightshade. It does appear to help my energy levels graetly when avoiding. The only nightshade I've been eating this year is potatoes and I don't really care much for potatoes anyway. The stomach is doing very well also on the fish diet. I'm eating eggs too to a lesser extent. It is good though overall. Fingers crossed that by the end of the year I'm feeling very well on this diet.

Weight 165lbs. I want to drop down to 16olbs.
I should note down that I'm close to 3 months avoding beef and dairy. That is likely why I have good energy levels, have a good stomach too. I was reading an interesting interview of a doctor that treats Alpha Gal. He said some of his patients have found grass fed beef easier to digest. he suggests avoiding it though. That would be what I've found and if I have alpha gal has caused a good amount of confusion for me.

To my surprise he brought up that Carrageenan is high in the substance found in beef and pork that causes alpha gal. It is one of the few plant items that is a trouble maker.
I'm feeling good this morning. My energy levels are nice and elevated. And this is the second day after working out on my arms. Typically I'd be the most sore and most tired on the second day. I'll stick with the diet of avoiding gelatin, beef, pork and dairy, along with nightshade. It is working. Gut is decent. It has been a long while since I had a flare up. Weight was 166lbs this morning. I'd like to reach 160lbs. I still have some fat around the belly area that I'd like to see gone.
It has been another wonderful day with high energy levels. I'll stick with the diet or avoiding beef, pork, gelatin, and dairy products along with nightshade family. It took awhile for the diet to work but it certainly has me feeling energetic.

As usual I'm excerisig hard now that I have good energy levels. I'd complain in the past about this, but it is no use. I'm going to use the new energy. And I can tell a difference between stomach causing fatigue and exercise pains. So stick with the alpha gal diet and avoiding nightshade.
I've feeling mixed this morning. I slept poorly. It felt like that was due to exercising hard. I'm also feeling exercise fatigue. WIth that said I'm feeling decent though. My energy levels are good. I'm feeling upbeat. Health overall is decent, stomach included. I can get used tohaving a stomach that is not painful all the time. I'm not well to the stomach but it has been some time since I was experiencing cramping and pain overall. So it is a good morning. Hope the rest of the day goes well. I'll stick withthe alpha gal diet and also avoiding nigthshade family.
It has been another wonderful day with lots of energy. I am feeling a littel stressed from all the exercising I'd done. TOmorrow I'm likley to take more of an easy. I like being active when I can but don't want to beat myself up to much. Also the stomach is good. It was neat today. I was asked to run to the hardware store. All to often much a drive would stress me out some. I'd be worried over being sick to the stomach. I've been well though for some time now, well being well is relative, but I found myself not worried about the drive. I just hooped into the car and drove to the hardware store. It was great. Hope these good energy and better stomach days continue.

Eyes are blue but not bright blue. I'd like to see the bright blue eyes. When that happens it is as if my body is turning back on, powering up.
So glad to read some good entries from you Beach and glad you are over the worst of covid. I hope things continue to go well with the diet it would be nice for you to have a good run of feeling better. Keep going 😊 seems like all your efforts are starting to pay off
Thanks Delta for the works of encouragement. I appreciate that very much.

It is an exciting time for me with the stomach and much better energy levels. Fingers crossed this time I can keep the good going. I think I'll be able to this time. I'm feeling quite positive about my chances this time.
I'm feeling good and energetic this morning. It is wonderful. Course I'm wondering what helped me so much, the Alpha Gal diet or avoiding nightshade. Hard to say with certainty and so I'll stick with both avoidance. Weight 166lbs. That's pretty good considering I'm eating two meals a day and weight lifting.
It was another wonderful day full of energy. I can tell though that I'm exercising a little to hard. At least I appear stressed. Tomorrow will be a good day to recover. I'll take an easy and only exercise lightly.

That said I am looking to drop another 5 lbs and I'm not sure I can do that without starting up once again my 23 hour fasts. Those stress me out also, and kill my energy levels. So I'm not entirely sure I'll do this fasting now though it would be nice to lose the weight. Hard to believe but I'm dropped around 40lbs. It does appear the diet of avoiding beef, pork, and dairy products, along with gelatin helped greatly. For what ever reason I gain weight quicly when eating pork or beef.

So good day. I feel good an energetic this evening too. Stomach doing decently well. Always can do better there though.
It is wonderful. I'mfeeling good an strong this morning. Energy levels are up.

I am seriously thinkng I'll get back to the23 hour fasts in order to lose the 5 lbs. Don't know if this is the best idea I've had. I love the good energy I've been experiencing. The fasting will undoubtably take away much of my energy. Will see. Losing 5lbs shouldnt take long if I do fast.

Weight after breakfast was 168.2bs.