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My journey to getting well

The journey this morning starts out tired. I was up later last night, tossing and turning in bed but when I fell asleep I slept through the night. This morning I'm tired.

I'm liable to fast today. Will see. i might not. Weight 165lbs.

Ear ache gone. Gum inflammation still there but barely. It is almost gone. When combing my hair I didn't notice any inflamed areas. So I'm on the right track I beleive with avoiding chicken, spices and nightshade.
I've shown a little life today. I'm not feeling as sore. My energy levels are up some. I'm still pretty worn down though. So I'm heading in the right direction. Have a ways to go before I'm back on my feat.

Main focus will be on avoiding garlic and onions. I'm going to add potatoes back into the diet after Wednesday. I suspect I'll be fine. These long diets were I deprive myself of to much tend to not work out for me.

I'll also avoid rosemary extract and other mints. They worry me from past experience.

I've been eating rice often the last couple of days. There for awhile I suspect it was the rice being eaten that caused the ear ache. Now I'm leaning toward garlic causing the ear aches. I wasn't eating much garlic over the last 2 to 3 weeks, but was sprinkling some on some potatoes I was eating.
Tired and fatigued this moring but similar to how i felt yesterday morning. The difference I've noticed of late if that my skin is appearing healthier. I noticed this yesterday and it continues further today. Nice to see. It's a good sign, having healthier skin. I'll keep avoiding spices/ garlic in parituclar. I'll purchase some potatoes and eat them after tomorrow and see how I do.

Ear ache pretty much gone. Sore throat pretty much gone. Inflamed gums gone. That;'s good since I see the dentist tomorrow.
I've been tired today. It hasn't been that good of a day. With that said I''m appearing healthier. I'm guessing once I used the bathroom less I'll begin to feel more energetic.

Tomorrow I'm going to purchase some spices. The spices I'll buy are ones listed in taht Kevin's chicken meal and caused the swollen gums and other health issues. The three that I'll test are paprika, black pepper, and basil. What I'll do is add the spices to some empty vegstable capsules I have and take the spices that way. I'm going to avoid garlic and onion though. I'm feeling they are the most likely cause.
Fatigued, tired, worn out, the same as I felt yesterday morning. I'm looking healthier still. I'm on the right path with my diet I believe with avoiding spices and nightshade.

With taht said, ate some potatoes this morning. I also bought the spices I'm going to test this morning. I'll start out with testing paprika a nightshade. Imagine I'll be fine. This will be a good test psychologically. Nightshade family has been a concern for awhile now.
I continue to be tired this morning, similar as previous mornings this week.

For testing I took a capsule of paprika this mornig with breakfast. So far so good. I haven't noticed any adverse reactions. I'll keep monitoring and keep doing the test for 3 days. That should be long enough to get a result.

Had dental work yesterday. My teeth are lousy. I blame my gut issues for the bad teeth. Sadly the dental work was not complete. Some sharp edges were left and bite into my tongue when I eat food. I'll have to call about having that grinded off. I mention as driving out there takes 30 minutes. I don't care for the long drive with this stomach.
Hey there 😊
I was just wondering if the alpha gal diet is affecting your iron levels at all (with you mentioning the fatigue). Is there a risk of anaemia with avoiding the red meat? Don’t know how often you get bloods done but maybe worth asking for a check on ferritin level, b12 and folate?
An old wives tale is to make ‘tea’ out of a spoon of black molasses and hot water, they call it pregnancy tea as so many women get anaemic when growing a baby.
It is possible. It has been awhile since I was last tested for anemia. Last tested I came back fine.

The argument against is that fatigue has been an issue for me for as long as I can remember with my stomach condition. I suspect what has happened is that I had more diarrhea than typical and that has me worn out. The spicy chicken meal that caused the gum swelling, eat ache, also had me running to the bathroom more often. Once things settle down I'll find myself with more energy I suspect. While on the fish/alpha gal diet I've had times where I experienced great amounts of energy.
Good and bad day. I had more energy today. It was nice. Had a sore throat too which wasn't so great. The sore throat has been an issue ever since eating that chicken meal. It isn't that bad though. Don't know why it flared back up today.

Paprika doesn't appear to be a problem spice. At least I took two capsules of the spice today with meals and haven't noticed any gum swelling, or other issues - other than the sore throat which isn't overly painful. So I'll keep testing paprika tomorrow.

Dental issue that was scraping my tongue was taken care of. Tongue still hurts this evening. It will take awhile for that to heal.

Think I'll go back to avoiding grains, rice. I seem to feel better when I avoid that.
I'm feeling alright this morning. Energy levels so so. THey are better than the previous few mornings. It is day 10 since i ate that chicken meal that caused me many health issues. It takes a long time to recover from once of these flare or reactions.

Ate some more paprika this morning. I am doing well. No gum swelling noticed. No ear ache. The sore throat is there but not by much.

Weight was 167lbs. I ate dinner last night so that explains the extra few pounds. Appearance is good and healthy. Skin looks good. I'm pleased about that.
I've done pretty well today. Energy levels were better. I wasn't becoming sore after exercising. So moved in the right direction today.

I take paprika again today No issues noticed. I think after two days of testing that is a pretty good length of time. If I was to have an allergic reaction, with the large amount of paprika take I should have had a reaction.
So i'll move onto the next spice to test tomorrow. I'll likely test basil. Hope all goes well.
166 to 165lbs. I think i'm doing well this morning. Hard to say for certain. Everything is normal. Eat black pepper as a test this morning. Will monitor to see if I react to it, watching for gum swelling, ear ache, etc.

Something that I shouldn't discount is that it might be the chicken I ate that makes me sick, with swollen gums and all the other issues I experienced. I know with little doubt that pork will cause gum swelling, ear aches, etc. It might be something given to commercial raised animals that turns up in the meat that make me ill, such as antibiotics, or soy meal, corn meal, etc.
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I want to disregard it but I shouldn't. When i began avoiding all grains once again my sore throat went away. It does have me thinking about all the grains, corn in particular, fed to commercial raised animals. If all grains are a problme for me, than maybe live stock fed grains will be an issue too.

There was the time also where I only ate chicken. After two months I became very sick to my stomach. I couldn't explain it, obviously. I wondered about the rosemary extract addded to the ground chicken I was eating. I might have just been the chicken though, and the type.

I do know that grass fed beef might not make me sick. I've had many times were I ate grass fed beef and grass fed cheese where I did not become sick. I had other issues I felt which concerned me. I don't believe I ever did a long term testing of that idea. Well,,that isn't true. One time whiile in Illinois after a hurricane passed over Florida, I only at grass fed beef and grass fed cheese and became entirely well to the stomach. I didn't feel that great on the diet but I wasn't having diarrhea.

Oh well, something to consider. I'll keep testing spices and see where it takes me. I'll still assume that garlic and onions if my main problem.
Today has been a good day. My energy levels have been good I swam for the first time in two weeks and did well. Overall a pleasant day.

I have eaten a lot of black pepper. No problems noticed from that. My gum swelling. No issues come to mind. I'll do the same tomorrow.

I have had a slight sore throat today, typcal as I've been experiencing for the last 10 plus days. It wasn't much but worth noting. I was hopin that avoiding all grains would get rid of the sore throat but not quite.
THis morning I'm tossing around in my mind the question of whether chicken s a problem or if a spice*(s) is my issue. I can make good cases either way. At this point I am fearful of eating chicken plain for a long period of time. I know from experience, done twice, that eventually I will develop a lot of diarrhea. On the other hand I'm documented issues with garlic before. Onions are likely an issue too. So I don't know. More information is needed.

Seems black pepper is not a problem spice for me. I notice no issues with black pepper.

With having moreenergy think I'll return to fastin in order to lose some fat weight. I'm 166lbs this morning. I'd still like to get down to 160lbs.

Last time I tried fasting I struggled. I didn't do well not eating for 23 hours and I didn't lose any weight. I also was eating some garlic during this time. So I'll see if this time around, with avoiding garlic, if I do better.
The more I think about it, the more I'm thinking it was the chicken in the spicy meal that I ate 2 weeks ago that caused te swollen gums and ear ache. I've known for awhile that eggs will cause tongue sores. The reaction I had 2 weeks ago is similar towhat happens when I eat pork but was less intense. I've tried eating chicken without spices in the past. It took awhile but on that diet eventually I'd develop explosive diarrhea. It would take around 2 months for that to happen. The oddest part is that it would be worse when I fasted. In the evening after a day of fasting I'd surprisinly find myself running to the bathroom with lots of diarrhea.

I've also taken garlic capsules in the past without much issue that I can recall. The garlic was aged though so possibly that makes a difference.

I'll keep testing spices in the days ahead. I might even buy garlic and if available onion powder to test if the other two remaining spices test out fine.

The theory that something fed to commercial live stock is showing up the meat and make me ill might be the answer. Grass fedbeef might turn out to be fine. I've had times where it wasn't an issue.

I do feel better when I avoid all grains. Lots of corn is fed to commercial live stock.

I am fasting today. It does have me worn down and tired.
What has me scared of eating garlic and onions is a few items. I'm pretty sure in the past I was able to eatgarlic and my skin on my finger nails would begin to pull away. I'd bleed a lot from the finger nail when that happened. It was something I had as a kid. The other that comes to mind is I appear worse, less healthy when eating garlic and onions. That is important as having clear healthy skin goes with being well to the gut.
164lbs. Skin looks good and healthy. It typically does when I avoid garlic and onions. Energy levels feel good this morning. I'm 4 lbs away from my weight loss goal. Last time I tried to reach 160lbs I wasn't able to. With avoiding garlic and onions will be interesting to see if I'm able to reach my goal easier.

Ate some parsley this morning to test. So far all seems well. Fingers crossed that I don't react to parsley.
I'm doing OK today. I had more energy this aftrnoon. Now I'm a bit tired due to working out hard. Have done well since taking parsley. Haven't noticed any ill effects after taking this herb. I'll do the same tomorrow, testing it.

Think I'll try adding rice cakes back into my diet and see what happens.
The more I think on it, the more I realize, it was the chicken that make me sick 2 weeks ago. I say that as Ican remember clearlly the last time I did an all chicken diet I became sick after 1 month. The illness/flare remained as long as I was eating chicken. It was only after I stopped eating chicken, went to grass fed beef at that time, did the flare stop.

What I must have not noticed was the slightly inflamed gums. Pork causes inflammation all over my gums. it is big noticeable and painful. Chicken on the other hand produces only a small amount of inflammation and is only painful when i floss that area.

I'll keep testing the spices. I bought them so I might as well. But I'll need to move on. It's the chicken that caused the issue.

What i next need to examine is what other fish or sea food am I able to eat. And is grass fed beef safe. I'm pretty certain it is, I just don't like how it makes me feel. I've not really eaten grass fed beef without eating grass fed cheese. In the future I'll have to change that and do a just grass fed beef diet and see what happens.
I'm feeling pretty good this morning with my idea that chicken was the food that made me ill 2 weeks ago. It makes the most sense. I don't want it to make sense. I'd like to be able to eat chicken but am afraid to do so. The last time I tried an all chicken diet I became sick a month later, and remained sick while on the diet. I remember giving excuses or theories on why the chicken diet wasn't working but I never improved with my stomach.

Now with this said I can remember eating a turkey wild caught and not having stomach issues. I became well to the stomach eating range free turkey. So in the weeks and months ahead I'll be wanting to test wild game. See if eating it works for me or not. I have a good feeling that it will be fine for me. Most likely my stomach problem has been brought about by something fed or given to animals that turns up the meat and I'll allergic to.

I'll be writing less going forward. I feel that I most likely now have a base on which I can use to find more answers and get myself well. It will take a lot of time to figure things out most likely, but I have a good feeling about it. I finally have an answer I feel. Of course if things should chnage I'll probably begin to write more.
Worth noting, there is a decent change I'll wake up at 163lbs in the morning. Bit of a surprise. My theory was that avoiding garlic and onions would result in weight loss for me. Maybe that is true. I'll keep avoiding garlic and onions and monitoring my weight in the days ahead.
Doing well. I've been eating rice cakes again and I'm talking well. That was the problem in the past. I suspect the rice cakes tired me out and had me talking poorly. That hasn't been the case of late. It is so nice to be able to communicate well.

I'll keep avoiding garlic/onions and only eat wild caught fish. It seems to be working for me. I'm looking healthy and the gut is doing decent. I might make a push to lose weight in the coming week. Avoiding garlic does seem to help in that area.

Have developed a hernia. Ugh. This is supposed to be a good year, with the gut doing well, but with having had COVID and now developed a hernia that will require surgery, 2021 is turning out to not be the best health month. I'm wondering if all the coughing from COVID brought about the hernia.
I was mildly ill this morning to the stomach. That is a rarity on the fish diet. Yesterday was a fastint day, eating only one meal. In the past when eating chicken that was my big complaints. When I fasted I'd often become sick to my stomach the next morning when eating chicken. It does make me wonder. I do feel better when I eat chicken. This time time I ate chicken though did have some negative effects I felt. The swollen gums in particular. But who knows something else might have been at play. At a later time I'll have to test chicken once again.
I feel a little jittery this morning. I'm going to blame the rice cakes eaten for that. The brown rice fiber seems to be to hard for my gut to eat. I better cut the rice caks out of my diet after today. Most likely it is the fiber that is the issue, but than again possibly all grains are a problem.

Ears feel good. No ear ache. No swollen gums. Overall I'm feeling pretty upbeat. Wish I had more energy but that should eventually return.

Weight after breakfast is 168lbs. I'm planning on fasting today. See if I can get my weight down to 163lbs.
Today was unpleasant in the morning. I had a lot of cramping. Giving up eating rice cakes will hopefully solve that problem. I suspect it will.

For today I've kept hping my answer wil come with avoiding garlic/onions. I had some reason to suspect the spice. THere is the finger nail issue and bleeding. There is also the time were I had to leave Florida to escape a hurricane. At the time I was eating hamburger with garlic salt. ONce I left down and reached my destination in Illinois I became quite ill. I began avoiding garlic. That was the only change I made, and within 3 weeks I was entirely well to the stomach. At the time I was eating a lot of cheese also. So hoping avoiding garlic gets me somewhere, over time. Avoiding brown rice fiber is good also. I've done spice avoidance diets in the past and failed for one reason or another. Rice might have been the problem to cause the failure.
The last few days I've been having cramping and poor energy levels. I'm going to avoid potatoes and nightshade to see if the cramping goes away. Don't like the cramping but maybe if they go away after avoiding potatoes maybe I'll have a good item to avoid.
It is to early to tell much, but I've avoided potatoes, ate lunch, and have experienced no cramping. This is big. If I can link poatoes and nightshade to cramping then that will be big for me. All to often i experience cramping and with that poor energy levels.
So far another good sign that avoiding potatoes/nightshade results in cramping going away. I'm so far doing well this morning with the stomach. I'm not having stomach cramping since avoiding potatoes. I need to give it more time but so far i'm pleased with the result.
Kind of nice, I continue to not have stomach cramping since avoiding potatoes and nightshade. I can get used tot his. Energy levels were not all that great today but I did fast today, eating only meal. After all this crazy note taking, I might finally have a lead with this potatoes and stomach cramping. At least I hope so. hard to say where it will take me. I appear healthy. Skin looks good. Part of that, if not most of that is due to avoiding dairy products. Avoiding dairy does make the skin look better, at least from my experience. I can always remember too the times were I avoided potatoes and I was well. add potatoes and I'd be sick. It wasn't that clear cut but I did notice things along these lines in the past.
No stomach cramping this morning. I'll keep avoiding potatoes and other nightshade family members. Energy levels feel alright. I'm a bit shaky in the hands for some reason, but that happens often with my condition. It should improve over the course of the day. Forgot to weigh myself this morning but I probably came in at 164lbs.
I do have better energy today. It is lovely. I'll keep avoiding potatoes and nightshade. Oh, I'm also less gassy and I've somewhat well when using the bathroom. All good signs. I'm so glad I noticed that potatoes were causing stomach cramping.
No stomach cramping this morning. Still doing better since avoiding potatoes and other nightshade foods. Energy levels are good. Skin looks nice and healthy. No skin markings. So I'll continue to avoid nightshade.
Today has been a decent day. No stomach craming. Energy levels have been decent. Today is a fasting day and I'm coming to dread fasting days. I want to get the weight loss over. THe last time I fasted for two weeks I didn't lose weight though I might have some a little bit of fat. This time I might try fasting a few days in a row and see if that finally gets rid of the fat I want gone. Will see. I'm not sure if I have the energy for that, or the will power.

Nice though to not have stomach cramping for a few days. Hope this continues, with me avoiding potatoes and other nightshade plants.
I'm doing well this morning. The stomach feels OK. No cramping. My energy levels are deceent which considering I fasted for 23 hours is nice to feel. I'm liable to do another 23 hour fast today in hopes of losing some more fat. So avoiding potatoes and other nightshades continues to do me well. I'm avoiding cheese also which tires me out.
Received two nice complements from ladies this week, one early in the week and other yesterday, on how attractive I've become. Course I told them I knew so. joking around. I have noticed though that my skin is looking good and clear on this diet. So rather nice of them to say so and to notice. It is nice to be feeling better and looking healthier on this avoid potatoes, and other nightshades. Avoiding cheese makes a difference too. Hope I become healthier in the weeks ahead.

Weight loss is becoming tough of late. I'm guessing this is due to eating nuts. So i might have to settle for 165lbs.
I have pretty good energy levels today. I'm not yet experiencing the magical high levels of energy that feel so good. But I'm not far away from that it feels like. No stomach cramping either. I'll keep with avoiding potatoes, nightshade family and avoiding cheese as cheese makes me feel tired for some reason. It is the trade off I suppose. in the past I ate a lot of cheese as that helped the stomach but made me feel tired and worn out I believe. Now the stomach will be not in as good of shape, but hopfully I'll have much higher energy levels so i can do what I want.
Tired this morning but to be expected as I did some weight lifting yesterday. I was weak lifting weights as I haven't been lifting as frequently of late. Makes me wonder how weak I'll become when I have the operation in 3 weeks now and won't be able to lift any weights fro 6 weeks.afterwards.

Overall though doing well. No stomach cramping. I'm very glad I noticed that eating potatos for a few days in a row brings about stomach cramping. This goes along with noticing that nightshade plants give me arthritis also. So I'm feeling good about avoiding potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, tobacco. Not taht I've been using tobacco. It's just on the nigthshade list.

Hope to add new foods to my diet in the near future. For now though i better stick with the current diet as I have that operation in 3 weeks. I need to have the stomach in decent working condition.
I havent written it down before but it is something I've noticed for awhile. Since avoiding potatoes my hair has begun to grow quicker. There is little doubt in my mind on this. I've noticed in the past that my hair growth has slowed a good amount in the past few months. Now I might know why. I bought an air fryer and was making french fries with it. That is likely cause of the slow hair growth, french fries.

I'll keep avoiding potatoes and other nightshade foods. Energy levels are decent but hope to see even better energy levels over the next few weeks. Stomach doing well today. Little cramping. I want overboard with the amount of nuts being eaten which did make me more gassy and uncomfortable today but nothing serious.
One of the things that bothers me about the potato theory is that just 3 weeks ago I ate a chicken meal and felt I had all kinds of health issues afterwards. This was Sept 15th. I had an ear ache, slight swollen gums, etc. It felt as if I had eaten some pork. I suppose itis possible that the chicken meal had pork gelatin in it. It's not listed on the ingredients list but there is a listing for natural flavors could mean just about anything. Course the chicken meal had not nightshade in it, paprika in particular. I tested paprika but didn't notice any issues with it. Oh well, I'll keep avoding other foods to such as chicken. When i get around to adding new foods I'll start with adding grass fed beef. It may pack on the pounds for me, but it does appear to be a food OK for the stomach.

I was somewhat well going to the bathroom today. That's a rarity. Nice when it happens.
Dping well this morning. I slept well. My muscles feel alright, a bit sore from working out some, but overall the muscles are good. Stomach OK.

There are siveral different possibilities on why this fish diet is helping me out.

There is the possibility of nigthshade causing stomach issues. Potatoes caused stomach cramping. It was potato chips that were problematic but potatoes are something to be concerned about. Tomatoes caused arthritis I believe, though I'm not 100% sure of that.

Garlic and onions are a better possible offender. garlic in the past has been found to cause bleeding. I sprinkle a lot of garlic salt onto a burger and my skin around my finger nail begins to pull back and bleed. I've tested this many times. The result was always the same. That can't be good for my health, stomach health I imagine. The money wrench in this is that aged garlic didn't appear to be an issue. The other problem is taht I've eaten chicken, plain, for long periods of time, and wold become sick to my stomach.

The leading tender is that something being fed to live stomach is turning up in the meat causing me to become stick. It wouldl explain why the wild fish diet is working, or seems to be working.

I'm hoping the garlic allergy wins out in the end. It would be the easiest to deal with, avoiding garlic and onions, on top of pork and melons. .
I'm up bright and ealy this morning. Taking my parents to the airport for the early flight.

Feel OK so far this morning. Energy levels OK.

I'm staying at my parents house, who keep their house cooler than I do. So far I'm handling the cooler temps well. I've suspect that wold happen. The cold typically effects me poorly. With the fish diet I would not be surprised if the cold doesn't make me feel terrible.

THe more I think about it the more likely I feel it is that meat is the cause of my stomach issues. Chicken isn't as problematic at first but over time my stomach becomes worse when I eat lots of chicken. So I'm guessing this morning that it is something fed to live stock that makes me sick. Most likely soy is the problem food. Time will give me those answers though.
Typically I'll eat an orange with a meal. Not always but that is the routine.

Today with lunch I avoided an orange and this afternoon I'm feeling more energetic. I'll try avoiding oranges and see what happens. Maybe I'll get lucky and have more energy as a result. That is the big thing I'm aiming more, more energy levels, more consistent energy levels.

This morning I was quite tired and fatigued. The cats kept me awake most of the night and I was up very early to drive to the airport. Not all that enjoyable.
Avoiding citrus and I am doing well. my energy levels are up. This is one of my least favorite items to avoid, citrus. I tend to go through withdrawals doing this avoidance. So I'll were it takes me.

Overall doing well today. Gut is decent.
Worth noting, this morning I did some weight lifting. This evening I'm not feeling sore. That's good and a change from the typical. If I don't feel all that sore in the morning I'll do a hard workout and see if that causes fatigue. If not I'll keep avoiding citrus.
Oh, this is exciting. I have all kinds of energy this morning. i'm exciting about this as yesterday I worked out hard. A more typical response would be for me to feel beat up and fatigued. So as mentioned yesterday I'll work out hard this morning. I'll see what that does to me. Hopefully I'll still have very good energy levels.

Stomach in good shape. Skin looks good and healthy. Eyes were blueish this morning. Glad to see that. .i'll keep avoiding citrus along with the other items i'm avoiding. .
i have all kinds of energy this morning after working out relatively hard. This is fabulous. So far things are looking good with avoiding citrus, along with cheese which can tire me out also. I'm avoiding the other typical items too.
I did tired myself out today. The work out this moring and then chores outside this afternoon have me feeling worn down. Hopefully the feeling will not last into tomorrow. OUtside of that I'm doing wel. I'll keep avoiding cirrus.
I forget that when I avoid citus I lose my appetite. I'm not all that hungry this morning. I ate my usual large breakfast and now feel poorly to the stomach. Nothing major though. I should be fine.

Energy levels are good. I thought I'be overly sore and beat up this morning after yesterdays hard workout. That isn't the case though. My energy levels are good. If I hadn't workd out I suspect I'd be very energetic at this time.

Think I'll pass on lunch today. i imagine it will be easy to do with my appetite being low and my energy levels being good.
I went crazy today and ate a bunch of cheese. It was on my mind this week. Think I got that out of my system. It didn't taste as good as hoped. The nice thing is my energy levels are still good. Typically I bame cheese for tiring me out. Not this time while avoiding citrus.

Feeling alright today. Energy levels are up. My muscles feel good. I'm feeling upbeat. I'll keep staying away from citrus.
Since avoiding citrus my ability to smell things has improved greatly. I noticed that right away. I notice it quite a bit this morning. Not sure why this is happening but it is.

I'm wearing a shirt that is a little on the small side. The shirt fits alright but I typically will not wear it due to my stomach extending out. This morning though my stomach is not puffed out as it can be and the shirt fits fine. It looks alright I believe. That's good. maybe my intestines are less inflamed.

And finally all the cheese eaten yesterday had me feeling lousy. Cheese still has it's constipating effect and it was doing that. I wasn't well to the stomach but was somewhat backed up. Typically that is good news I suppose but this morning it can be feeling terrible for awhile.

Also I remain less hungry. I have little appetite. I could eat like a bird I suspect. I'm used to eating more though, ate my breakfast and now feel bloated. It was to much.
I'm pretty tired and worn out today. I'm going to blame the cheese eaten yesterday for that. It is a delayed cheese fatigue day. .i"ll likely be doing better tomorrow. Eye sight isn't that great either. kind of odd but when tired and the gut hurts my eye sight become worse. And when energy levels are higher and gut feels good eye sight become much better. Overall very intersting what is happening when I avoid citrus. I better go long term with this one and see what happens. Avoiding citrus was one of the foods I stayed away from when my eyes turned blue. So will find out if that happens.
I'm feeling better this morning. I'm feeling more energetic. Overall doing well. Skin looks good and healthy. My appetite remains low. I'm also much less thirsty. This morning i only drank one grass of water with breakfast. I probably would drink 3 glasses. So avoiding cirtus has brought about changes it seems. Stomach OK.