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My journey to getting well

Doing better this morning. My energy levels are higher. Weight 171lbs. With all the fasting I'm doing it has been good that I haven't had a flare. That is the big thing with chicken. I'd be sure that chicken is safe as i feel better eating it. But there has been to many times where I fast on the bird diet and become sick to my stomach. I'm hoping that on the fish diet I eventually become better and then can test out chicken.
As usual being the second day since working out I'm feeling it this morning. I'm fatigued but not fatigued badly. I will likely be fine for the day. Gut is average. It could be better. I'm not hurting badly though. Appearance healthy. Skin looks nice.
I think I had a good dental cleaning today. I had one small cavity to take care of. The dentist also said he wanted to put a crown over a tooth. He has been saying that for years now so that work was coming eventually. With one small caity though it did give me hope that the fish diet is helping my teeth. With a little luck the break down of the teeth is coming to an end since aoiding pork, beef and dairy. I'll see as time might turn out different but for today I'm pleased.

Two months now of sticking with t he fish diet. Hinav the mercury free tuna in the diet certainly is going to make eating this way easier. I like the tuna. I tolerate the salmon.
I slept poorly last night. I'm gong to blame the Imodium I took yesterday to prepare me for the dental cleaning. Imodium I suspect has kept me awake in the past. It is a bit strange at how well the Imodium is now working while on this fish diet. Typically Imodium does little to help an upset stomach. On this diet, at least twice now Imodium is working quite well. I didn't even need to use the bathroom this morning Imagne this afternoon I'll be using the bathroom.

Reminds me of a mystery, for some reason eatinc hicken causes me to sleep poorly. On the other hand eating beef makes me real sleepy and I can sleep for 10 hours or more without much difficulty.

Pleased about the dental report yesterday. Hope the worst of the teeth issues is coming to an end.
I am rather tired today. The gut is well though. I've barely had to use the bathroom. That is a rarity. I'll keep on with the fish diet.
Slept much better last night. Also bathroom habits better this morning. The Imodium not only backed me up some it gave me a headache yesterday. I've often thought headaches are caused by gut issues, sometimes.

Was pleased to see my weight was 170/160lbs this morning depending upon the scale. I'm guessing the fish diet is helping to reset my weight. That was likely my problem in the past. I've lose weight on the fish diet, but then would find a reason why I should be able to eat beef or eat some cheese. that would result in my weight resetting higher. So I still have some fat to lose. Maybe another 5 lbs of loss will get me where I want to be. I'll work at that sometime in the near future.
169 to 170lbs. Today I'll start another 2 day 23 hour fasting. I'mlooking to drop the last bit of fat that I'm wanting to lose. The fasting should get me down to 168lbs by the weekend I'm guessing. So far it does appear that following the fish diet has helped to reset my weigh from 175lbs to 170lbs. I'm guessing now that 165lbs is the ideal weight I'm looking for.

Tooth still feels good since avoiding beef and dairy. Hope that continues. It is good motivation for me to avoid beef and dairy. I still from time to time have doubts about the fish diet. I'll think of reasons why I should be able to eat grass fed beef and dairy. Now that I have some fear of dairy and beef causing me dental issues I'm doing good with sticking with the diet.
Certainly my usual self tired and fatigued. I'm more so this evening after fasting today. Imagine tomorrow will be a tough day also. Already down to 170lbs at the moment so I'll likely wake up at 169lbs or maybe even 168lbs.
Yesterday 23 hour fast was tough. I'm going to try for a second day of fasting for 23 hours. First day results not that good. I woke up at 169lbs. Might have been 170lbs. It was border liine. The main goal of course is to lose the weight and reset my weight. It seems to take at least 2 days in a row of fasting for that to happen.

Gut OK. Health not as good in appearance. Skin looking healthy enough though.
Starvation! I'm already dreaming of what I'll be eating tomorrow for lunch. It is all planned out. Hope the 23 hour back and back fasts drops a pound or two off me and it stays off. It seems to have worked in the past so imagine it will do me good new, though I'm hungry.
Weight 168lbs. I lost some pounds/fat as I'm wearing some shorts that were a little to tight to wear before. They now fit well enough. Gut OK. Energy levels livable. Appearance healthy. I'll keep avoiing dairy, beef and pork, along with the other stuff.
Not much new to report. I'll likely stop writing as much. Energy levels were good. Ecited as always with good energy. Appearance healthy. The big thing is wishing the gut would do better. I know from past trials that 4 months on a avoid pork, beef and dairy was not long enough to be healed though I felt good and appeared healthy. So I'm only around 2 and a half months into the latest avoid beef and dairy diet. Lots of time to go.
A little stressed this morning. I'll be driving across town to have the car worked on. Should take a few hours I'm guessing. Car trip is about 30 minutes one way. Don't care for long car rides due to the stomach conditino. My gut is doing decent though. Chances are I'll do fine. Diarrhea continues to improve. With a little luck I'll have further improvement in the month or two. Imagine I'll be fasting today for 23 hours. I haen't lost weight from the fast of last week but I appear different somewhat.


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I was thinking of starting a new thread in the success section on the sight. Yesterday with the note that I can sit with comfort, it occurred to me at the very least I now have a safe successful travel diet. That is huge.

I say that, and joke to myself that I haven't traveled on this diet. It hasn't been real world tested! The way the gut feels though the last few days, sitting without discomfort and pain, I have good certainty that I have a travel diet. This is a first.

Where to go from here:

There are so many places to go from here, but I believe of importance I need to have a less sensitive stomach. That would go far in relieving doubts. With the gut being less inflamed on this diet, being able to sit in comfort, I expect that the gut will be less sensitive and reliable soon.

I also want to see the "healthy" look for the whole day. There is a health appearance to being well. I know this from the few times I've been well in the past. So far that look is now showing up in the evenings. Soon I expect it will be show all day. It helps prove to me that I'm absorbing nutrients better.

Soon I need to stop taking the little bit of medication that helps the gut. The medicine and I should add cheese I eat I believe help a little. It would be good to stop taking and eating cheese all together as a test. I'll start that tomorrow or Thursday depending on how I'm feeling.

New food to add in the near future: wild caught fish/ sea foods. I'm guessing that what makes me ill is soy meal fed to commercially raised animals. The soy is showing up in the animal product. It might be something entirely different but soy is a common allergen. Synthetic vitamins are another possibility.
Hi there, you will eventually find the foods that agree with you,and those that cause flare ups! For me, cheesy sauces,cream or rich gravies are a no- no.
Good luck with your diet. I hope you feel better soon.
Once again Imodium works for me. Yesterday before driving across town I took a little Imodium. And as before I've not had to use the bathroom today. It is taking a bit to get used to having Imodium work so well. In the past Imodium barely worked at all. I'm tired and fatigued too from taking the Imodium as happened before. I imagine I'll be feeling better by tomorrow. The Imodium working so effectively does give me a good feeling that the fish diet i'm following is working. It is just a matter of time for my gut to healt. I've been on the diet for about 2.5 months to 2 months. I forgot to wirte down when the diet began.

Appearance healthy enough. Energy lousy today.
Have the munchies today. Trying to lose weight is for the birds. Doing OK this afternoon. Gut is holding up. I am a bit fearful I'll be sick and in pain for some reason. Sick and in pain in the near future. Not sure where this is coming from. Regardless the fish diet has been good to me, helping me avoid such aweful painful days. Hope the big gut attacks are a thing of the past.

Eyes are bluish now all the time. That's a positive sign I tell myself. Now just need better energy levels and that is coming around slowly. Dieting thouhg, while understandable, doesn't help in this regard.
I forgot to note down and it is important that I do. Here of late I'm been talking better. Having a conversation has been easier. I remain a poor talker overall but here of late, for the last week I'd say, I'm handling chit chats better. It is quite nice.
Today has been a pig out day. Breakfast was big. Lunch was early and big. I'm hungry for one and two I'm looking to see if I can gain significant weight on the fish diet. I suspect I can gain some weight but probably not much and probably just a day of being strict with diet will see the weight gained come off. Will see. Might be wishful thinking of my part but for now i suspect not.
Tough morning. I woke with a slight upset stomach. It is most likely caused by eating to much yesterday. I ate breakfast but I'm liable to skip lunch. I'll be tired today from the stomach cramping and I'll be tired also fom the leg work out two days ago. When I lift with my legs I'm the most tired two days afterwards.

On the good side I'm appearing healthy. Eating more helped with that. There for a few days I will looking ruff due I felt from eating little food.
Very exciting day today. I started out poorly waking up sick. Normal expectations for the day starting that way is I'd be worn out for the day having a hard time. that didn't happen My energy levels have been good. This comes on top of it being the 2nd day after working out with light weights. That wears me out too. So very encouraging upbeat day. I love it I'll stick with the fish diet. I'll stick with eating 2 meals a day too. that helps with energy levels also, eating normal for me. .
This has been going on for a week now and I'm not sure what to make of it. In the last, after working out I feel more pain. My arms hurt more. My chest muscles ache more, my leg muscles are more sore. Basically I feel more pain from the same workout as before. On the upside I am feeling less fatigue. So more pain, less fatigue.

My guess is that this is a positive, though it hurts. I've noticed int he past that if I only eat one meal a day when working out I feel much less pain. I can think of a couple theories on why that would happen. One theory that I'll go with it that I'm healing better while on the fish diet. my gut is healing and with that I'm absorbinig more nutrients. More nutrients helps improve my healing. And healing involves pain. So more pain means more healing for me. Just a guess but an intereting development.

Gut doing well this morning. I didn't wake up with a sore upset stomach.
Didn't sleep all that well last night. The extra pain I've been experiencing was the cause for the poor sleep I believe. I'll be taking a nap this afternoon most likely. Muscles good and sore this morning. Energy levels are OK though. Energy could be better but considering how sore I am I'm doing well to have this level of energy. Weight was a surprising 171lbs this morning. I've been chomping down for the last 3 to 4 days. I was expecting to see that I weighed 176lbs. I'll be returning to more normal eating habits. Expected that my weight will drop a poind or two as a result.
I was hoping to push through the latest to much exercise experience. Im going to stop pushing. I'm feeling pretty beat up and worn down. This new higher level of pain from exercise isn't much fun to deal with either. So it doesn't take much to wera me down still which is a bummer. I'll plan on taking two days off from anything exercise stressful and see if that gets me back on track.
Good, I slept well last night and this morning I'm feeling improved. I'm still sore and I'm still tired some, but greatly improved over how I felt yesterday. With a little luck I'll be back to a more normal state by torrow. If I am back to normal by tomorrow that will be a big improvement. I believe it to take 4 to 5 days for me to recover from exhaustion in the recent past. one to two days to recover will be a welcome improvement.

Weight 171lbs. The gut has improved some. Hope that improvement continues.
I'm doing very well this morning. My energy levels are great. I have few aches and pains to report. This is wonderful. In the recent past I believe it would take me half a week to recover from over exercising. And with over exercising being relatively low - it was to easy to tire me out. This latest incident of over doing it looks to have taken me just one day to recover from. So I'd have to say the fish diet I'm following is making me stronger and healing me. The healing process is slow. That slowness can bring doubts into my head at times. But this result is a positive. It has me upbeat this orning.

Weight 171lbs. I wanted to get my weight down into the 160 range before my birthday. I only have a week and a half to do that. Course no set date on this is needed and i don't want to over due it, but since I feel so good this morning think I'll get back to weight loss dieting.
It is a good day. I'm fasting but have nice, livable energy levels. I've tried to even take a nap out of habit and I can't my energy levels are to good. Wonderful sign.

I imagine I'm aways away from having the kind of energy levels for doing any significant projects, but I'm likely heading in the right direction.

Stomach good. Appearance healthy.
Woke up bright and early. My energy levels were good then. Now after breakfast I'm feeling worn out. Not sure if I'll try two days of fasting or not. Still to early to be overly agressive with weight loss. Will see though. Gut OK. Weight after breakfast 163lbs.
I'm not entirely sure what happened but I've sure been tired today. Yesterday 23 hour fast went well. I went to bed feeling alright. I woke up feeling cold though The A/C has been turning on offen and while I keep the house warmer than most, I suspect the cold AC air chilled me as I slept and has made today a tired day. I'll get back to eating normally. No point in fasting to lose weight if Im sturggling to perform tasks and function the next day. .
I'm going to return to avoding alcohol. About 2 weeks ago I began having a glass or two of wine with meals. The experiment has been a failure. And this morninng with breakfast I had a little bit of wine and my stomach was not happy with me. So no more wine goiing forward. Imagine this will help with improving my energy levels.

Noticed a change with healing. I suspect it to be a positie change. When i scrape myself I don't scab up much. there is a little scabbing but not much. Here of late though I've noticed that when i scrape myself I scab up a considerable amount. Don't know what it means, but likely is an improvement in my healing process.
It has been another tired exhausting day. I'm worn out. It doesn't appear that drinking a glass of wine is the cause of my tirdness. Another idea is that I could be eating to many nuts. I've been snacking on nuts from time to time and shouldn't be doing that. I'll cut way back on eating nuts and instead eat some rice crackers as a snack if i'm feeling hungry.
Forgot to note down, talking was easy today. Even fun. Had Mango over working in the yard and I chatted with him for 30 minutes without issue. So good sign that I'm heading in the right direction with the gut.
I'm going to give myself a break from cashew and other nuts. My main thinking is that the nuts all have a warning might have peanut cross contamination, and one of my theories on what is making me sick is that beans such as peanuts, whether eaten directly or whether fed to live stock makes me sick. So I'll see. Had a mild upset stomach last night. Nothing much but for a few minutes I felt lousy. This morning after breakfast I'm feeling well at the moment.
I'll also avoid citrus and get back to eating just pineapple.

Woke up feeling a little fatigued and even a little dizzy. Thought maybe since I got back to eating citrus/oranges a week or two ago, maybe that is causing me fatigue issues. Will see. I thought I was doing better just eating pineapple.
Wow, I feel so much better today. I avoided citrus for the afternoon, and I have much better energy levels. I also have fewer aches and pains. One day is hardly enough time to judge but for now it looks for certain that I should stay away from citrus. It has only been a few weeks since I stopped avoiding citrus. I didn't get well when avoiding citrus but thought something was up. I even suspected citrus was an allergy food due to it causing mucus issues. Hadn't noticed avoiding citrus gave me good energy. So for now I have a few food to stay away from oranges and other citrus foods. After a few days of feeling so tired, it is wonderful to feel good and energetic today.
Woke up in the middle of the night with a slight upset stomach and feeling slightly dizzy also. So have a new idea to try and see if it helps. I began avoiding oranges yesterday and that seemed to help me some. The help might have been due to allergy relief or simply oranges are a source of fiber and that gives me trouble. Yesterday I ate more rice than typical. And I've known for awhile that eating to much rice can cause me stomach problems. I've often blamed that on rice fiber but I very well could be wrong. I know for ceertain that wheat can be a problem food for my gut. And according to one book writer those that have problems with wheat likely also have problems with riceand corn.
I have been exhausted today so not the best of days. On the positive though I appear healthy. I've been looking for this appearance for a number of months. Thinking back I likely had not been eating rice then. So maybe there is hope with the grain free, rice free diet. Will see. I recall also in the past when I woule eat grass fed beef, with rice noodles I did suspect the noodles as being the problem food. It might have been the tomato sauce too or the beef, but rice was something that I held in suspicion also.
I;m off to a good start this morning. I'm feeling stronger. I'm not out of the woods yet. If I'm not careful when lying down I'll make myself dizzy but that issue seems to be improving also. the main food avoided is rice. Fingers crossed that is the food causing the issues here of late. I remember when I began eating rice once again after avoiding for over a decade. It was when hurricane Irma came through the area, so that was 4 to 5 years ago. I was also well going to the bathroom this morning. that was a nice surprise. In the past Ive been able to get myself well to the gut. I would avoid many foods to do that but never was able to figure out whch foods being avoided helped me. Maybe it was rice and other grains such as wheat. Back when I avoided all grains I never was able to recover. At the moment I'm wondering if all the cheese eaten at that time was the cause of not being able to recover. Will see.
I'm still rather tirded out today but think I'm doing better. I'll find out tonight when i go to bed. Hope my head doesn't begin to spin when I lay on my side. would be nice if the answer is rice and I should avoid all grains. I know how to do that and even am wondering why right now why was I eat rice. i don't care for rice that much. Gut is doing pretty good. For one day I've had a much improved gut.
slept great last night. I remain tired and fatigued though. With that said I'm feeling upbeat about avoiding all grains, and rice. I think there is a good chance that it was rice that causd my latest health issues. time will tell. It could explain why that Chinese rice dish made me so dizzy for 2 days after eating it. Course more time is needed to know for sure. The fish diet might be helping me due to fish not being fed graiins. '

Weight after breakfast was 163lbs. I was likely 160bs when waking up. Will be interesting to see if I drop some weight after avoiding all grains. Hope I develop some energy. It is lousy feeling this fatigued.
I believe the worst is over for the latest sickness spell, or more sick than typical. Energy levels are up to more normal levels. I'm not feeling dizzy. I'm not out ot he wood yet but I'm getting there I believe.

So it is back to avoiding all grains once again. No rice for me, along with no wheat or corn. I'll stick with the fish diet. Either the fish diet works due to the fish not being fed corn or wheat, or fish half a soothing effect on my diet. I'm thinking soothing effect is most likely. Have been thinking of adding grass fed beef to the diet. I might do that next week. This week and Monday of next week will be active and busy. It will be good for me to be as healthy as I can make myself.
Doing well this morning. Slept in by 90 minutes. Yesterday I did some light weight lifting which can account for that. I guess the items running in my mind are, it looks like grains, rice, corn wheat are the problem foods, or main problem foods. I've avoided all grains in the past for an extended period of time and it didn't work at allowing me to recover. I could make the gut well though but I didn't recover my energy levesl. So was that due to eating lots of cheese at the time or was it due to corn and wheat being fed to live stock making be allergic to those meats. I'll have to eventually find out. For this week though I'll stick with avoiding grains, and following the fish diet.
I'm still not entirely out of the woods with the latest illness but I'm close. Doing OK this morning. Energy levels are nice. Stomach is doing well.
I'm feeling rather lousy today. I'm not feeling horrible but I've certainly had better days. This thing of late just keeps holding on. I've thought my problem could be caused by rice. I'm now thinking this wrong. Next up, avoid nightshade family, tomatoes, peppers, potatoes mainly. I'll start that tomorrow. I've had luck in th past avoiding nightshade and feeling better as a result. Hope the saame happens tomorrow.
I'm off to a very good start with avoiding nightshade. The unstead, worn down feeling has lifted since avoiding nightshade (potatoes, tomatoes, red peppers) My energy levels feel good. As always half a day means little. Much more time is needed, but off to a great start. this cold be a great opportunity. I know how poorly I felt and if I can quickly turn things around on the fish diet, avoiding nightshade and pork, I'll know for a good amount of certainty that I have an answer.
I'm off to a great start this morning. I'm feeling energetic. Muscles feel good. I'm appearing healthy. Gut feels decent. I like how I'm doing with avoiding nightshade family along with pork, and dairy. i'll keep with the diet. Hope this good feeling continues for the next week.
It's a mixed afternoon. I am doing better. I'm more steady on my feet today. The dizziness has lifted finally. so I'm feeling good that I'm going on a positive direcion for now. Course time is needed to be sure that avoiding nightshade is the answer.

I am tired too though. I have different types of tirdness and I suppose this is the good type, more normal type. I've been on my feet a lot today and I'm tired as a result. That is better than the other kind of tirdness where I'm fatigued due to the stomach not doing well.
I was just thinking about soy and its link to the nightshade family. Soy was genetically modified to a member of the nightshade family. In essence soy is now a member of the nightshade family related to potatoes, tomatores, red peppers, etc.

In the 90s my second most suspect foods were the nightshade family. First was dairy products. I had good energy in the 90s most years. I was always sick to my stomach, lost over 40lbs and was rail thin but never seriously suffered from energy loss. And I was good about avoiding nightshade family.

Eventually I grew tired of doing that. I wasn't getting better to the stomach and so I opened my diet up, never fully able to regain my good energy.

Back in the 90s i ate a lot of soy sauce. I put it on chicken mainly, and ate chicken most days, but also would sprinkle soy onto other foods.

If I turn out to have a nightshade allergy, it is far to eary for me to say yes or no, then it was the soy that was the problem but not due to soy but due to it being an unrealized member of the nightshade family.

Very frustrating to thing about. I could have had my answer 30 years ago, but didn't know about genetically modified soy and what it was modifed with.

Anyway just speculation.

Feeling good this evening. Dizziness is gone. Energy levels are good.
Doing well this morning. Energy levels are up. I'm feeling steady, not weak. No dizzy feeling. So on the avoid nightshade and soy diet I'm doing better so far. Hope the improved condition continues.
I slept in this morning. Wasn't expecting that. Feeling alright this morning. No dizzziness. Feeling steady. Appearance healthy. I'll stick with avoiding nightshade, soy, pork and while not an allergy but does zap my energy levels dairy.
Doing OK today. Energy levels have remained high all day. I'm pleased about that. It is what I want to see with the latest avoid nightshade family and GMO soy. Will just continue to monitor, energy levels and stomach health. With a little luck energy should remain good.

Ate a bunch of cheese today. Haven't done that in a long while. It hasn't caused me issues. I'll stop that. Maybe 6 months from now I'll do it again.

Checking the weather I see I could be dealing with a tropical storm later next week. Want the stomach in as good of health incase that happens. Don't imagine the storm will grow strong enough that I'll need to drive out of the area. It seems to early in the season for that thankfully. I'll probably just be able to hunker down and ride out the storm at home is my guess
I was just thinking how lucky I was to have found the fish diet about a year ago. It is so rare for me to now have a troubling flare. I may get fatigued and even dizzy as I've found of late but the biggy of an upset stomch has become rare. I love it. I probably wrote about this earlier, but I'm guessing the dizzyness has been caused in part by the fish diet and it's calming effect on the gut. I'm guessing my body feels it is expelling a poison when I get sick. With the fish diet keeping these foods in me longer, the result is mild dizziness. That is my theory. This though should bd a real helpful tool in figuring out what makes me ill. At least I hope so. I'm so looking forward to moving forward.

As mentioned earlier had good energy today. This evening my energy levels have been excellent. With a little luck by next week I'll be high energy and free. Well, free is a relative term. I'm ready to be released from the sickness prison.
Energy levels good this morning. Not surpriisingly sincd I ate cheese yesterday my skin is dry and so is my hair. I dont appear as healthy. Good news is since I ate cheese I was well when using the bathroom. So good sign. I must be on the right diet Im thinking as sometimes eating cheese will help to make me well to the stomach. It seems only the right diet will make that happen though. I'll be avoiding cheese for awhile so maybe with the right diet I'll eventually heal and become well to the gut without eating cheese.
Went swimming this morning, first time in awhile, and I'm feeling it. I'm tired.

I've already forgotten how I felt when eating nightshade. I have an idea of how miserable I was but don't remember well. What I need to do is go on a 4 months avoidance diet of nightshade and soy. it is one of the more difficult diets to follow but I don't see another options. Sohope the diet goes well, hope I stick with it. Imagine I will. I do have a bad history after eating spahetti sauce, with muscles pains, to a few times being very sick to my stomach.
Tired this morning. I'm sure it was the swimming done yesterday. Doing OK though overall. Weight was 172lbs. After the last few days of pigging out, that weight isn't bad. Guessing if i eat well today I'll be back to 171 to 170 tomorrow. I'll stick with the nightshade, avoid soy diet.
I'm doing OK today. A bit on the gassy side earlier, but that seems to be improving. I'll be more careful to avoid gas causing foods as I have a dental appointment on Wednesday.

Eyes are turned back to being bluish. Glad to see that. I know avoiding beef and dairy can help make my eyes bluish, but something else is needed to make them bright blue. Maybe avoiding nightshade long term will make that happen.
Feeling beat up and worn out today, a bit spacy. I've over done it with exercising, swimming and light weight lifting. I'll be taking an easy for the remainder of the week. A tropical storm will be here Friday or Saturday. Need my energy levles on the upper end of the scale for that. Out side of feeling tires I'd going well, and looking healthy.
Tires and worn out this morning. Nothing new there.

WHat is new is that my hair has turned darker in color. I've typically had medium brown hair. On the avoid nightshade family diet it looks like my hair is turning a darker brown. I've noticed this hair color change in the past but didn't know what caused it. Maybe it is the avoid nightshade diet. I'll keep an eye on it.
Stomach is acting up today. I ended up having to cancel my dental appointment. I'm not entire sure what is going wrong, other than it is just one of those days. It happens. I'm not in a lot of pain thankfully, but using the bathroom frequently. Hope things quite down by tomorrow.
I have had somewhat a tough go of it the last few weeks. I'm on the weak side and mildly dizzy at times. So I'll go back to avoiding citurs to see if that helps. I'll also avoid tuna. Tuna is relatively new to my diet and maybe it is causing me some issues. I'll find out.
I am doing better this evening. I ate a snack, something I don't do to often and didn't have the weakness I've been having. With the snack I avoided citrus and tuna. So i'll find out how I do tomorrow. I know with citrus, a dietary idea I just tried within the last month or two, was that I had more energy and was staying up later. So will see as always. Hope tomorrow is a better healthire day.
This morning is good. I'm feeling better since avoiding citurs and tuna. Fingers crossed I continue to do well. If I do well for a few daysI'll add tuna back into the diet to see how I feel.
Still a little sick, weak this afternoon. This evening though is turn out well. I'm doing well. Feel strong. I don't have any dizziness. I like it and will stick with avoiding oranges and tuna. Imagine it is the oranges causing me trouble.
Doing well this morning. I believe I'm feeling stronger, more steady. It is of course hard to say with certainty, but i seem to be heading in the right direction. time wil tell of course. I'll keep avoiding citrus and tuna along with all the other stuff.
I am doing better today. i'm pleased with that. No doubt oranges do cause a reaction. I noted that before and figured oranges were an allergy. I forgot that though and went bck to eating oranges again. So I need to remember to avoid oranges. They cause me health troubles. that is the main problem I suppose, the health issue is not large. At least it doesn't feel large. That is likely wrong on my part and it would not come as a surprise if citrus is the cause of my IBD condition. Time gives an answer in the end. I'll be sure to go long term avoiding oranges.
Woke up feeling good this morning. I was feeling nice and strong. So I went ahead and ate tuna. I'll be finding out if it was the tuna or the oranges/citrus causing me problems.

Weight would have been 172lbs. I didn't weigh myself after waking up but when I went to bed I was a little over 1733lbs.
It is a good day. My energy levels are up. I'm feeling strong. No dizziness to report. I ate tuna twice today. So it for now appears that it was the oranges I was eating that was causing me problems. I'll stay away from citrus then along with pectin, and honey.

Will be interesting to see how I handle losing weight while on this diet in the future. I feel less hungry.
Woke up feeling great. I had very good energy levels. I'm not a little tired haven eaten breakfast. So I'll stick with avoiding citrus and pork. I have noticed that I'm still avioding nightshade. I'll have to test that out in the future. It is a wonderful feeling having good energy levels. Little hurts. Gut is typical, nothing great but could be much worse. i'll still eating tuna often so tuna is not the cause of my energy loss and weakness. At least it is appearing that way.
I'm doing well today. I'm not overwhelmed with energy, was a bit worn down there for awhile, but overall doing good. Tomorrow I might start fasting in hopes of finally losing the fat I've wanted to get rid of for awhile. I think there is about 5lbs of fat to lose so will see if I handle that well. My weight seems to have reset to 170 to 171lbs. I'd like to reset it to 165lbs.
My hair has grown darker since avoiding citrus. I had ordered some hair coloring shampoo but appears I will not be needing to use that. Wish i had noticed that earlier when I had first tried the avoid citrus diet.

I also found myself staying up later. I had noticed that earlier when I had tried the avoiding citrus diet. that was something that was forgotten though.

I'm also talking better on this diet. There isn't much surprise with that since I have less phlegm in my throat
I had a change of heart is trying to lose weight at this time. I want to drop 5 to 10lbs but don't want to lose energy levels just yet. i'm having good success with avoiding citrus. I bette see how I do with that. maybe in a week or two I'll work to drop the weight. It will not be easy, but maybe I'll not exhaust myself so much if I stick with the citrus free diet.
pigged out yesterday and this morning. Made some bread with olive oil. Typically the bread would hurt my throat. On this citrus free diet though my throat feels good. No problems. So it appears I have an answer for that problem. Imagine I'm 3lbs heavier! I'll be able to lose the weight within a day or two though i imagine.
Doing really well today. I swam two days in a row and I'm still alive. Hard to believe. I'll go for a third day tomorrow. Cut is OK but not great after eating all the bread and olives. It was delicious though. Don't know my weight. I'm guess I' up 3 or 4 pounds. Hard to say. Bit gassy due to the wheat eaten. So overall a good day, better than expected and hope I see more days that are better than I thought would be. I'll stick with avoiding pork, citrus, pumpkins and other melons. The idea has crossed my mind of adding chicken to the diet and give the fish diet a break but thinking about it, I don't know why. I enjoy the fish diet anymore The skip jack tuna tastes good, and the salmon is tolerable.
doing so so this morning. The wheat eaten has me a bit gassy and cramping but nothing terrible. I will likely do fine as the day goes on. Energy levels are OK. I'm not feeling sore after two days of swimming. I love that. I am also avoiding honey. Forgot to type that down earlier.
I'm beginning to become encouraged by the current diet. I don't want to become to excited. I've had many failures but things are looking good with avoiding citrus. Today my energy levels are excellent. I swam for 30 minutes. I did some light weight lifting. this is now 3 days inn a row doing this. Typpically I'd be exhausted by this kind of work out for a few days in a row. Today I feel just fine.

One thing that concerns me is that I've avoided citrus long term in the past. I avoided citrus for a few years in fact yet I did not become well. So I suspect there is something else out there that ia a problem food. i've figured out pork is a serious problem food. Maybe that is it, but I'm guessing there is another. I'll have to stay alert. For now though I'm growing stronger by the day with avoiding citru and pork.

thnk I will go ahead and diet. Typically one day of dieting in the past was OK but after that it hurt. I would be overly worn down. I'm guessing with the avoid citrus diet my energy levels will be good. I'll experiement and find out.
I feel so good this morning. I don't hurt all around my body, I have good energy, it is bliss. I love it.

I am going forward with losing weight. that will zap some of my energy I imagine but will see. It might not be so bad this time around going on 23 hour fasts. Last year I lost about 25lbs that I've been able to keep off this year. I think I might have lost 30lbs to 35lbs but put that weight back on. So this year I just look to lose 10bs but it will be a tough 10lbs most likely to drop.
Really good day. I exercised hard, and yet have had good energy. I also did not eat lunch. I am feeling worn down this evening as expected. Will be interesting to see how I'm doing in the morning Weight is down to 173lbs in clothing this later afternoon.
I was going to write this down earlier but forgot. It is harder to quantify but something I've certainly have noticed since avoiding citrus. My personality has changed. My old habits are often times not the same. It is for the better. I'll just leave it at thatbut more reasons for me to stick with the avoid citrus and pork diet.
I am doing remarkably well all things considering. I only at one meal yesterday and I've exercised hard all week. At the moment I'm not feeling sore nor am I all that tired. Hard to imagine how awful I'd feel if I was eating oranges after all that I've done this week.

Another thing I noticed yesterday is that I was seeing btter. As mentioned earlier on the fish diet for some reason my eye sight grew worse. Now I'm having to wear readiing glasses. Yesterday though I found myself reading items without the glasses. My eye sight still has taken a hit since stating the fish diet but at least for one day it appears my eyes are improving.

Weight this morning was 170lbs. I'll likely only eat once today. Imagine if I stick with that I'll be down to 169lbs. Goal is to lose the fat which I've been guessing is 165lbs. I might need to go lower, if my body allows that.
I don't think there can be doubt now. I've done very well with my energy since avoiding citrus. I wish I had noticed this earlier. At the moment I'm not overcome with energy as I've really beaten myself up this week, but overall I'm doing good. I have a lot of questions about citrus. I've avoided it for a long time in the past and didn't get well. it has me wondering what went wrong. Is there another allergy? Did I eat to much fiber upsetting my stomach. Hard to say. I'll have to work on that.

Of course too while I'm doing better with energy levels, I'm not well to my stomach. I'm better wit the stomach but far from healthy and well. Hope over time the stomach improves.

Ended up eating lunch today. I thought myself into it. Now I'm somewhat regretting that. I wasn't all that hungry and now feel more bloated than anything. I'll get back tomorrow to my 23 hour fasts. I want to lose the last bit of weight and with the energy I'm having should be able to do that on the avoid citrus, pork, and eat fish diet.

Skin looks good and healthy. I am a bit run down in appearance. to be expected with all that I've been doing. It is wonderful.
All the hard working out has caught up to me. I'm tired this morning. I'm not sore or fatigued though which is nice, just run down tired. Today and tomorrow are break days so I should be able to recouperate, even with eating just one meal. That is the hope anyway and imagine I'll be able to do that as I don't feel all that hungry.

Appear healthy. Skin looks good. Stomach is alright. The stomach has improved nicely since I avoided citrus. Still have a good ways to go though till the stomach is in better shape I'm thinking.
As expected after all teh exercise done this week and less food eaten, I am worn down and bing lazy more or less. I'm not all that sore curiously thought more sore today than yesterday. So doing OK, but have been able to tire myself out.
Doing well this morning, better than yesterday morning. Remarkable considering I only ate one meal yesterday. Weight was 169lbs this morning. I'll go for 168lbs for tomorrow. I'll take an easy once again today and not swim or weight lift. I want to get the muscles rested up. stomach is OK. Wish it was better.
I ended up swimming this morning. My energy levels were high enough and I thought why not, I don't need to rest and recoup anymore. I'll likely be sore and tired tomorrow though. Very good sign of course. Avoiding citrus is doing me good.
It has been a really active day. It's exciting. And I'm tired out. Ended up eating lunch afterall. I wasn't planning on that but went to lunch with the folks to a Mexican restaurant. The meal has gone down well. Tomorrow I'll likely eat one meal and get back onto the weight loss track.
As expected I'm beat up and worn down this morning. I'm not doing terribly but its 'going to be a slow day. Gut is OK. Wish it was better. Nice to have this new found energy. As always once I have better energy I find myself using it and then tiring myself out. It will be wonderful if I recover quickly, within a day as happened a few days ago. Weight was 169lbs this morning.
I am exhausted. I feel good but I've certainly worn myself out, not eating lunch and working out greatly. I am down in weight. tomorrow I'll be eating lunch.
I am tired this morning but nothing horrible. I am recovering quickly after a hard workout of weight lifting and swimming. So avoiding citrus has certainly improved my energy levels. I'll be eating two meals today, the norm, and imagine by this evening I'll b good and energetic. Weight 168lbs. I'll close to my all time low since I began trying to lose weight. The low being somewhere between 165 to 166lbs. After that I've bit a wall and wasn't able to drop my weight. I'm wondering if with the new avoid citrus diet if I'll be able to break through that wall this time. No idea if that will happen or not.
Today I've felt stunned all day. Eating much less food and exercising hard has done a number of me. It is exciting though that I'm able to do what I've done the last week or two. Normally I don't have that kind of energy. so I'll keep avoiding citrus and pork.

I've eat chicken now for two days in the last 3. I'll be careful with adding chicken to the diet. I suspect it will not be a problem but any sign of stomach issues and I'm back into the strict fish diet.

Hair remains dark since avoiding citrus. I have no grey hairs anymore.
168lbs. My morning is not beginning well. I'm still worn out and in a daze likely due to working out to much and eating to little. I was hoping I'd be able to handle this but I was wrong. I'll go back to eating my normal 2 meals a day and not workout hard. I wouldn't be surprised if I was doing better by this evening. Avoiding citrus has done me good but it will take time to recover. That is my guess at least at what is going on.
Not the best of day. Not a horrible day, but one in which I've been worn out. I have a new theory on what is going wrong. The tirdness problem began after I needed to use the bathroom less. Eating less food does as it typically does, having me use the restless less often, and the colon does not like being used. I'm better that is the issue. Eating two meals a day should get that resolved soon I'm guessing.

Overall though avoiding citrus has given me several positives. One not writen about much but one I'm all to familiar with is that my throat can hurt after eating something starchy. That issue has resolved. I'm also communicating well, better than before.
I'm going to have to rename this diet to the positive diet. I've noticed that I've become more positive and complementary since avoiding citrus. Don't know why that is. I've noticed in the past this happening but didn't know the cause. Regardless for what ever reason I'm more positive.

Ate terribly yesterday. I rarely eat dinner as doing so tends to keep me up all night and my throat hurt. This time I ate burritos. Thought there was a good chance I'd pay a price for eating this way. That didn't happe though. Sleep great all night and woke up feeling just fine. Not sure of my weight this morning but from appearances I'm going to say I look like 170lbs so I'll go with that.

Feel better this orning but still not overly energetic. I was hoping my good energy would return. But still remain doing well on the avoid citrus diet.
Good and bad news day. Bad news, I've been tired for the day. Nothing terrible and not tired to the point where I'm paralyzed with fatigued but I'm not as energetic as I was a number of days ago before I started trying to lose weight. Not sure what went wrong. I did at some junk food to the diet so maybe that has been hard to digest. I'll get back onto the struct fish diet.

Overall though I'm doing good. Weight is 171lbs at the moment in street cloths. Best weight is in Pjs in the morning so in PJs I'd be 170lbs. I'll weigh 169 to 168 in the morning. Myweight hasn't changed despite eating some fast food and 3 meals yesterday. That's something. I've speculated that the diet might keep weight off.

That's it. Will do it again tomorrow. I like the path I'm on right now with aviding citrus and pork. I think there is a good chance I found my answers but time will tell. I just need an improved gut.
Good news, I am feeling good and have lots of energy this morning. So returning to the strict fish diet has helped me out it appears. Not sure why it helps. Lots of possibilities I could go with. The most likely answer I suspect is that I was eating some wheat items and was eating a little bit of cheese. Both can zap my energy levels some. I'll guess that is what happened.

Weight 169lbs. I'll likely get back to exercising today. Hope it doesn't hurt my energy levels to much.
I swam this morning and did some lite weight lifting and as a result I'm worn out. I'm eating well though. Willbe interesting to see how I'm feeling when I wake up. I've felt worse for sure so todays fatigue isn't all that bad.
Another good, bad morning. I am tired. Lite weight lifting and swimming yesterday has me feeling worn out this morning. the good, my gut is doing better. Glad that happened and hope the gut improves furhter. It will be a long day of feeling sore I'm guessing. .
As expectedit has been a tiring worn out day. I certainly exercised to hard yesterday. I ended up eating 3 meals today also as i was hungry and suspect it due to healing up. So hope tomorrow is a better day. Imagine if I sleep well it will be a good day.
I have more energy today thankfully. I'm still tired though. With a little luck tomorrow will be even more energetic. Have noticed for about a week now that muscles seem to fill out more than before. Thought that odd but I'm not complaining. Have a dental appointment on Wednesday will begin eating as well as I can tomorrow. I'll keep avoiding citrus and pork.
I am feeling a little bit better this morning, with having more energy. I am appearing more healthy too. So it is good that I rest and recover. She I could handle more of a beating but so far that isn't happening. The big change I noticed is how much bette my throat feels. I can eat starchy foods without my throat hurting. I enjoy that. My gut is better and healthier too. Course with that was further improved.