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My journey to getting well

Doing well this morning. Energy levels are decent. Gut doing well so far. I've largely forgotten how I felt when eating potatoes but can remember that I was to tired and sore to do much exercise. That is always the problem, not being able to remember how something made me feel because I need to avoid such family of foos for months. The good I suppose is that I have a long history of avoiding the nightshade family and seeing positive results. The main problem being that I'd avoid many foods in addition to avoiding the nightshade family. So I never knew which food was my trouble maker. In the past I avoided nightshade for years. This is way back in the 90s and during that time I had great energy levels, I looked healthy, my eyes were bright blue. The big issue then was my stomach. I was quite sick to my stomach and lost about 40lbs as a result. I'm guessing now that was due to eating soy sauce all the time. In the future I'll have to be alert to potentionally other problem causing foods.
I have lots of energy this morning. I'm feeling quite strong. Wish the gut was doing better but it is hanging in there. From what I remember, and my guess is it will take about 4 months of avoiding nightshades, and pork before my gut shows significant health improvements.

Will be interesting to see how my gut does once I add eggs, chicken and turkey back into the diet. The same goes for grass fed beef Fingers crossed I do fine though it will likely tak some time before the digestive system can handle such foods well.
I'm feeiing well this morning. My energy levels are good. i'm not in pain. All to often after doing hard leg liftig exercises, as done yesterday, I'll feel sore and worn out the next day. I'd be limping around for 48 hours afterwards. This morning though I'm doing just fine. Skin looks nice and healthy. the gut is decent, could be better of course. I have a desire this morning to buy some beef or some chicken to eat. It isn't something I shoud do just yet though. I'll try and hold off till next week. then I'll begin to add to my diet. Don't know my weight but since I stopped eating cheese it looks like I've lost some of the water weight that cheese can cause. My appetite has decreased the last couple of days. Avoiding nightshade is the likely cause of that.

So I'll keep avoiding the nightshade family, along with pork. I'll avoid eating cheese also though if I big a big craving for cheese eating some is permissible.

Also with more energy comes talking better. I'm communicating better. It has only been going on for 2 days though so wiat and see as always is the case.
Lots of positives seen today. My energy levels were good. I was even on my feet doing work most of the day and I'm not totoally worn out as a result. I'm speaking decently. I'm still not the best speaker but as of today did well. Skin looks healthy. I like that. Appearancehealty. that's a plus.

Tomorrow I'm planning on adding sweet pototoes and corn to my diet. Hoping that turns out well. Will be nice to have a few newish food in the diet.
Im feeling a bit fatigued this morning. It is to be expected. Two days ago I worked out hard on my legs and it is often the second day of recovery that has me feeling the most worn down. With that said, I'm not feeling all that fatigued. It should be a good day if I continue to feel as I am now.

With breakfast ate some corn. I also ate some sweet potato. That will be the thing to watch this week, the two new foods added to my diet. Hope my good strength continues.
I am talking very well so far today. In some ways it is nice. In other ways I'm becoming my father! I guess there are worse things. Dad is quite a talker that jokes around. And that is me today. It is nice to have good energy for a change.

So far eating corn and sweet potato chips is going well. The chips are delicious also.
Sweet potatoes and corn are looking good and safe this morning. More testing needed of course, but for one days worth of a diet trial I'm feeling decently strong this morning. Energy levels are decent. I like it, i like it in particular since the sweet potato corn chips taste delicious. I can complain about my legs feeling sore. They are healing. That is about it.
Slept poorly last night but was expcted. I had a mild upset stomach last night. I'm not concerned about it as it was expected after work/exercises done that involved stomach muscles. OUtside of that though I'm feeling strong. I have good energy. Appearance is decently healthy. Skin looks healthy. I'll keep avoiding tomatoes, potatoes, red peppers, soy, and pork.
As expected this evenong, I'm feeling tired since I slept poorly. Doing well overall though. As usual doubts are creaping in about nightshades bing an issue. The nice thing is that I can easily remember about when I tested potatoes I lost strength and I developed joint pains. So might as well continue on the current path. It is nice feeling strong. I'll also keep away from beef and cheese. The old alpha gal diet seems like a winner though it has never worked. And eating bird meats and eggs has not worked either though I feel good when I eat those.
Forgot to add, sometimes I experience dry skin and dandruff. I don't know what causes this. At the moment I suspct beef and dairy products. I'll see if my dry skin imrpves now that I'm being more careful about avoiding dairy and beef. I suspect it will
Something that I entirely forgot about, though I've noticed it several times in the past is that when I eat beef, and to a lesser extent cheese, I lose a lot of my strength. I eat beef, and I can't do push ups. It is hard for me to go on long walks. On top of this eating beef and cheese makes me stink. BO becomes an issue. Additionally my skin dries and itches, and becomes somewhat flaky. Lots going wrong when I eat beef. I'm disappointed in myself in that I bought some beef earlier in the week. It is just tough to keep on track when a food avoidance is needed for a very long time. I wish I coud just avoid beef and pork and I'd be well but it isn't working like that. Lots goes good on an alpha gal diet but I still have issues, at least when I eat chicken.

Feeling good and upbeat this morning. Stomach OK. Energy levels good. My strength is good.
I'm feeling pretty tired and worn out this morning. It is due to doing a bunch of leg exercises yesterday morning. Leg workouts can wear me down. I'm doing OK though. I'll be able to functiion decently well for the day. Stomach is OK. Planning to do some work over at my house. Have some digging to do, as a sand dune needs to be removed from the driveway.
well as is to often the case, I broke down on the diet. I ate some chicken tenders for lunch. They were delicious. I'm liable to do the alpha gal diet again along with eating ish. The EPA in fish just might be helping to lower inflamation and keep the digestive system working a little better. I'll see. Of course I'll be keeping close tabs on my energy and strength. If those waver I'll return to the fish diet, return to avoiding nightshade.
It is a good morning. My energy levels are high, as expected. Eating chicken doesn't hurt my energy levels. I'll plan on continuing to eat chicken from time to time. The main diet will be tun and fish. I have OK strength. Drink a glass of wine last night and my stomach didn't hurt afterwards. Liked that. Thought I'd be in trouble with the wine and up much of the nght. That did not happen. I'll stick with the alpha gal diet, paying close attention to energy and strength levels. I know I can get sick to the stomach on this diet, but need to further test if I can past that. Might be part of the healing process.
I have a result and I'm not happy with the result but need to note down. I appear to have been wrong about chicken. Yesterday I ate chicken with spices and did decent with it, but was feeling slightly less strong. I was making excuses that I wasn't as strong due to over exercising. This afternoon i ate some more of the same chicken meal. This evening I'm feeling weak to the point that I'm unsteady when I walk.

So what I'll do is return to my fish diet along with avoiding the nightshade family. I'll see if my strength returns with in a day or two. I imagine it will.

The only new food I added to my diet has been the spicy chicken tenders. It is the most likely cause for this evenings weakness. That is always the problem in that there are probably a dozen possible causes for my weakness and feeling unsteady. The most likely answer I believe at this time is the chicken or something in the chicken is causing my weakness.
Still feeling weak this morning. In some respects that is good. That is because one of my theories for why I was feeling weak was that I over exercised, stressed myself. If that was the case, after a good nights sleep I should be feeling a little bit stronger.

So it appears that eating chicken tenders makes me feel weak. That is the most likely answer. I'll avoid chicken tenders. I'll return to my previous diet that was making me feel strong, the fish diet where I was avoiding the nightshade family and everything else that goes with that. I imagine I'll be stronger in a few days or within the week.

At the moment while I'm feeling weaker, I haven't lost all my strength. My energy levels are OK too.
It does appear that my energy and strength has improved today after returning to my safe fish diet and avoiding nightshade. Will know for sure as the days progress but as of this afternoon I'm liking how I'm feeling better.

I've often thought with my muscle and joint issues that this might be what my grandmother and her mother had. Both had muscle and joint issues that eventually led to them being wheel chair bound. It was thought that they could have MD, but no official doctors diagnosis was ever given as the different doctors they saw didn't know the cause. As best as I know both of my grandma's didn't have stomach issues as I have had. Maybe what my grandmothers had that disabled them was an allergy to members of the nightshade family, tomoatoes, potatoes, peppers, tobacco, and others.
I do feel strong this morning. I'm not as strong as I was before eating the chicken tenders but I'm improving. It is always hard to judge such matters, but I have good confidence in the fish diet, with me avoiding the nightshade family. Maybe with a little luck I'll be doing much better by this evening.

So this week will be about getting stronger, more back to where I want to be. Next week I'll try adding a new food once again, possibly plan hamburger. Seasoned with salt.
This evening it does seem that I have restored much of my strength. I'm talking better, and feeling strong. Tomorrow will likely be an even better day, I hope. I'll continue avoiding the nightshade family and following the fish diet.
This morning is the same as yesterday morning. I'm feeling better, feeling stronger, but I'm still not recovered. I'm not as strong as I was before eating chicken tenders. So I'm going in a positive direction I feel. I'll remain on the fish diet plus avoiding the nightshade family.
I'm feeling good and upbeat this morning. I think I have a new better theory on why I've experienced a slight drop in energy and strength. I'm having more diarrhea than before. Here of late I've given up eating cheese all together. And cheese has a constipating effect. So before when I've have cheese every so often I'd go to the bathroom 1 to 2 times a day. Here of late I've been using the bathroom 2 to 3 times a day. I'm not guessing the extress bathroom usage is taking away from energy and strength. It would explain why i still feel strong and energetic just not as strong and energetic as before.

Think then I'll continue to eating as a special treat chicken tenders or chicken nuggets. I'll be on the alpha gas diet again. This time I will not do any 23 hours fastings. In the past when I would do a long fast, and I was following the alpha gal diet I'd get sick to the stomach. Dont know why. The illness was problematic and scary, but different from other flares. It typically was a good type of flare I guess it can be said, if there is such a thing.
I forgot to keep track of and write down. Earlier I wrote that I theorized my skin, scalp in particular, will become itchy and flaky after eating cheese and beef. It does appear to be true. I've avoided beef and cheese for some time now and my scalp and skin does not itch does is it flaky. Will try to remember to monitor this. This could be big I suppose. Eating pork causes me to itch all over like crazy. Beef and dairy look to make me itch also but to a a lesser degree.
Did well today. Energy levels have been good. I'm feeling strong. Stomach doing OK. Worked about an hour digging sand off my drive way. That was about all I could handle but good work for me. I'll try to finish the job tomorrow. I'll probably eat some chicken tenders or nuggets tomorrow.
A little beat up, a little worn down this morning. To be expected. i did some tough work for me yesterday. Muscles feel sore. The big worry for me is that i'm digging, which uses stomach muscles and using stomach muslces is all to often bad news for the gut health. At the moment though the stomach is doing OK.

I'm still the same with strength and energy levels. I haven't gone down but I haven't gone higher. I'm going to guess that has been caused by needing to use the bathroom more frequetnly. For what ever reason the alpha gal diet, avoiding beef, pork and dairy, wil cause that, this I feel better on the diet. No doubt about that. I eat beef and my muscle ache and i have difficulty do chores though surprisingly I can get the gut working better. Then again some of the very worst days I've had happened after eating beef. It is a mixed bag.

Since avoiding cheese and beef my scalp and my skin is less dry and doesn't itch nearly as much. I guess I still have some scalp itching but will guess that wil go away soon.
I did well today, but with that said was only able to work eaasily for 45 minutes shoveling and moving the sand from around my house. I could have gone longer but why push it. Appearance healty. Glad about the lack of itching on my skin, scalp in particular since aoiding cheese and beef. Glad I noticed that. Pork does similar though i itch more than cheese and beef.
I felt energetic and strong and this is after eating chicken. So that shuold put to rest that theory. Probably won't but good to see how i was doing well after eating chicken tenders.

Now with that said I'm a bit tired this morning but I'm not all tha surprised considering the work I've been doing.

Skin looks good and healthy. Skin does not itch or itch all that much. I have a few bug bites that itch a good amount but that is normal. So I'll continue to the alpha gal diet, eating chicken from time to time.
I think I could have some good news.

Ever since I began the fish diet my eyes have become more blurry. I've begun to wear reading glasses. I haven't figured out what could be going on, other than growing older.

Something else I started at about the same time as the fish diet was to take a magnesium supplement. I've written that down before. So last night I decided to not take the magnesium. Today i believe my eyes are better. It is always hard to say on these things. But it does appear my eyes are working better since avoiding the magnesium supplement. I'll continue to avoid and see how my eyes do. Sadly if this is the answer, I doubt my eyes will return to normal as the reading glasses likely permanently altered my eyes.
Doing well, doing remarkably well considering the chill. It is 72F inside the house a temp I'd typically have a hard time dealing with. Now though, I'm doing fine. The fish diet and eating chicken from time to time does help to keep me feeling warmer. That is another think my feet have a much healthier color to them on this diet. Healthier in that when I'd eat beef or cheese my tow nails would look darker in the color. Now the toe nailes have a more pink or good blood circulating appearance to them. That likely helps with keeping me feeling warmer also.

Additionally avoiding beef and dairy has my muscle looking bigger, healthier. For what ever reason dairy and beef cause my muscles to atrophy. Avoiding red meat an dairy cause the opposite.

I still have weight to lose. I'm likely 10 pounds heavier than idea. I'll have to address that eventually but now would be a bad time.
Oh forgot to mention, little itching and eyes are feeling better I believe. I'll keep avoiding the magnesium supplement and follow the alpha gal diet.
I'm a mixed bag at the moment, tired due to working out, but muscles feel good. I'm OK but imagine I'll be sleeping lots tonight. Doing well overall. i'm feeling hungry, more so than normal. I should be fine though. Skin looks and feels good No major itching. It has warmed up. Looks to be cool tomorrow as it is to be overcast and rainy though the temp is to be warmer. Will be interesting how i handle that.
I was chuckling to myself as i woke up with a mild upset stomach and was wondering what caused that. It wasn't till I remembered as I wrote down that I was hungry last night. I ended up eating a bunch of nuts and that will do it. That will cause a mild upset stomach. Overall doing well. I'll keep making nots on my energy and strength levels for a few more weeks. If I continue to do well, then I can reasonably say that avoiding beef, pork, and dairy products gives me good energy and decent strength. Further details will need to be worked out as the stomach can still be grumpy at times but overall this diet does my health good. I also smell good avoiding beef, pork and dairy products. As I like to joke the fish diet is the sweetest smelling diet around. I eat beef, or dairy products and I likely can be smelled a county over.
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Something else that I have brought up before, but forget to update.

I used to live in Florida as a kid. Before that I lived in California. During that time I had upset stomachs but nothing all that serious. It wasn't till I moved chilly Illinois that soon after I developed upset stomaches, developing a form of colitis.

Now that I'ved moved back to sunny Florida that I became less ill. There are several possible reasons for that. One theory I've often wondered about concerns sun exposure. It has been written about that sun exposure plays a part in IBD conditions. It is much sunnier and warmer in Florida and in California. While in Illinois the sun doesn't sun much and it is much colder 5 to 6 months out of the year. Possibly this greater sun shine and warmer temps is helping to improve my gut.

Diet plays a roll also with my gut health.
New - my knuckles hurt just a bit. Nothing big but I notice they are feeling stiff this morning. I'm guessing this is due to eating chicken nuggets 2 days in a row. I've noticed in the past that my joints hurt after eating spicy foods. So I'll go back onto the fish diet. Imagine within a day or two the knouckle pains will be gone. Stomach the same. Skin looks good and healthy. the weather has turned cold yet I'm handling the chill well.
I think the cooler weather has caught up to me. I'm feeling a little bit run down and worn out. Glad warmer temps are on the way.
Thanks Delta, it is a bit odd but things are looking up for me health wise, though going through one of the worst hurricanes to strike America wasn't enjoyable.
This is one of those things that is hard to quantify but it is something I've noticed in the past and now notice it of late. When I'm healthier I look healthier. My appearance changes some. It is a bit odd in that suddenly when healthier I begin to get more attention from others. It happens everywhere I go, store, bank, neighborhood walk etc of late, people coming up to me to talk, smiling at me, saying hi, etc. It is a good thing I suppose though I'm just the same person as before, just have healthier skin and brighter eyes. I'm to tired and fatigued to be a good talker still.
doing alright this morning. It is warmer but the cold still has zapped my energy levels. I have better than normal energy but I'm feeling a bit worn down. Gut OK. Skin looks good and healthy. Skin does not itch avoiding cheese all together has helped with that. I'll keep avoiding beef, pork, and dairy product.
I'm going to go back to a more strict fish diet. Don't have good reasons for this but since the cooler weather came into the area I'm less energy and less strong. Most likely it is not diet related but you never know. So going back to the fish diet will be easy for me to do and I'll see how I do.

At the moment I'm doing fine. Energy levels not as good and strength isn't as good either, but I'm not doing poorly either.
Of late I've been using the bathroom not only in the morning but also typically in the evening. Hope that doesn't become a problem. Will see.

Something else I've been avoiding is bread and synthetic vitamins. I appearance healthier when I avoid bread and synthetic vitamins.

Forgot to write down, i'm worn out, tired. That is typical in the evenings. It used to be that I had greater energy in the evenings but that hasn't been the case on this diet. I'm guessing it is due in part to working more, weight lifting more, and using the bathroom a little bit more. Overall though I'm doing better on this diet. Wish i had more energy of course.
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doing OK this monring. I really do hanlde the sooler weather better on this diet though the cold can still take away some of my energy. It is nice not needing to layer up a great amount in this cooler temps. Stomach OK. Skin looks good and healthy.
Appearance is healthy. Strength is poor this morning. I'm not completely weak but I'm not as strong as I've been in the recent past. Gut is usual.

Withstrength here os late I've stopped eating snacks, mostly. The less food eaten I'm guessing has resulted in being weaker. That is my guess n what is going on. Couple that with going to the bathroom a little bit more than usual of late.

Enjoying the attention Im getting on the diet, sort of. It is nice to have some positive feed back. Then again too I'm more of a private person so a bit of a mixed bag there, but if this keeps up, it will be a good sign for me to keep avoiding beef, pork, and dairy products.
I'm pretty tired and worn out today. I'm going to be less active the next few days to see if I can have more energy, feel stronger. With that said, it was an OK day. I've been worse
This is morning is going better than I thought ti would. Last night I upset my stomach. What I did was to eat a bunch of wheat as a snack. As noted earlier I've been hungry of late and will snack from time to time. Well the wheat slightly upset my stomach. I was up much of the night. I thought I'd be very tired when I woke up. That hasn't turned out to be the case though. i am a little tired but feeling much better than I thought I would.

Ate some chicken nuggets yesterday. Noticed later in the evening that my scalp had some dry skin. I also had a very mild ear ache. I've noticed that before, I eat chicken nuggets and then later seem to have a mild ear ache. I don't believe i can say with certainty that the two are connecteed to each other but it is something I'll monitor in the future. Ear ache is always in the right ear, is mild and is on the side of my outh that I tend to chew food. I rarely chew food on the left side of my mouth. Chances are my chewing preference side is the cause of the mild ear ache. I also will have mild tooth pain on the right side of my mouth after eating chicken, which I feel confident in linking to chicken being chewy, more effort to break down compared to tuna and salmon.

Appearance healthy. Energy levels better than expected. Strength better than expected.
Thinking about it, I'm going to go back to avoiding spices/nightshade. I'll see if my energy and strength goes to a higher level.

Ever since I added chicken nuggets back into the diet, my energy and strength has decreased. I'll give it a week or two to see if my strength goes back up higher and stays higher.
Avoiding chicken nuggets does have me feeling more energetic and stronger this morning. It is always difficult to say for certain on these things but do believe I'm doing better with those two areas. I'll of course have a better idea within a week or two if avoiding chicken nuggets works best for me.

If it work to create more energy for me and make me feel much stonger, then I'll do some kind of test to find out if it is the chicken or the spices causing me issues. I'll likely fry up some plain chicken, put salt on it, and eat that for awhile.
I have felt more energetic, stronger today. So going back onto the fish diet is doing me good. It is so wonderful to finally have a safe diet that i can always return to.

Something curious happened today. I didn't note down ealier but one issue I've had is my feet will become overly stiff and painful to move around. Today that stiffness went away. I'm guessing that is due to the diet change, but don't know. I've been thinking it is due to walking to much. So will monitor that more in the days ahead, along with energy and strength levels. I'll keep avoiding spices, nightshade, along with eating the fish diet. It makes some sense that spices are my problem.
This morning is starting out the same as yesterday morning Energy levels and strength are OK but can be better. My diet remains the same. I only kicked chicken nuggets and chicken tenders from my diet. Feet feel better with the diet change. FOr the last couple of days i've been using the bathroom less. As a result I'm not as hungry. I ate no snacks yesterday and this morning eating breakfast wsn't easy as I wasn't all that hungry.
Rather boring day. Doing well outside of that. I do suspect that I am feeling stronger. My energy levels are decent. Already dreaming of adding plain chicken or plain beef to the diet to see how I react. I better wait will after my dental appointment to try that though, which I believe that teeth cleaning is on the 6th. Last time I tried eating plain beef with salt wasa right before the hurricane. The beef seemed to make me sick, and I was pretty miserable leading up the hurricane and the day of. Don't know what went wrong with that experiment. So I might try chicken and salt for the experiment. Will see. i have more than a week to make up my mind on what to do.
I feel the same as I have the last couple of mornings. Energy levels and strength levels are OK. They could be better though. As previously mentioned I'm guessing it will take one to two weeks of avoiding nightshade/spices, chicken for me to see a return to high energy and strength levels. It likey explains why trying to figure out this stomach issue has been so very difficult.

Was looking a the chicken nuggest label and was glad to see the company appears to list all their ingreients. Instead of saying spices, they list garlic powder, black pepper, and paprika as the spices used. Garlic/onions have always been highly suspect spices. Paprika being a member of the nightshade family is another suspect spice.
This morning I feel the same. energy levels, strength levels are the same as the previous 4 days since avoiding the nightshade family, spices and chicken.

Two items that have changed as bathroom frequently. Before I was using the restroom2 to 3 times a day. Now on the new diet I'm back to using the bathroom once a day.

The other change I can say with certainty is my feet. My feet do not hurt. I can curl my toes without pain on this new diet.

Skin looks good and healthy. appearance healthy. Well I do have a bunch of bug bites on my legs. That does not look good. Got caught standing still for awhile talking to a neighbor one morning on a walk and the bugs went to town on my legs. a down side to Florida, noseeum bugs.
I'm pretty worn out, tiredthis evening. It is good though in a way as i did a good amount of work around the house. It does not take much to tired me out. I'm not all that strong and energetic but I'm more energetic than typical. Ate a bunch of wheat this evening as a snack. I'll undoubtably regret that later.
i'm not feeling as well this morning. i have a mild upset stomach and I'm feeling tired. there are likely two explanations for both. I ate wheat for a snack last nigth and yesterday morning i did leg exercises which will do a good job of tiring me out. As I wrote yesterday I'll regret eating the wheat and this morning I do Anoither thing is that the wheat was eaten as a snack. And since i'm using the bathroom less, and bing less hungry, eating a snack isn't good for me.

So for this morning I'll take an easy and try to recover.

On the good news, my feet feel good. I can curl my toes without pain or issue.
Not my best of days but not the worst either. I have found myself doing little just relaxing. I'm finally feeling better this later afternoon. Imagine tomorrow will be better. I'll stick with the diet, avoiding nightshade family, spices, and pork.
The morning is starting out much better than it did yesterday. most likely it was the wheat that I had eaten that had upset the gut. I believe I can eat some wheat when the gut is better but wheat is hard to digest and the gut lets me know it is not happy. So I'll stick with the avoiding chicken nuggets that were gluten free. The nuggets had chicken, garlic power, black pepper and paprika in it. One of those is my likely answer.

I'd say my energy and strength levels are the same as before. I have some energy and some strength, but can be much more energetic and stronger than this. Wouldn't surprise me if it took another week of bing on this diet to bring those back to a higher level, a more livable level.
Doing well this morning. Energy levels and strength levels are about the same though I have done a lot of exercising this morning. So maybe I'm doing a bit better. Feel good about the diet still. I have one week completed. Imagine in the next week I'll be feeling even better. at least that is the hope. I'll stay away from nightshade family, garlic/onions, black pepper. and chicken.
I was tired for most of the day. I'm going to blame that on eating more fiber. I began eating two oranges a day instead of my typical one and I felt worn down. I'll return to eating one orange. This evening I'm doing better, a little bit more energetic. So I continue to feel I'm going in the right direction. Fingers crossed the better strength andenergy kicks in soon.
It is always difficult to judge these things but I do believe I'm feeling more energetic and have more strength this morning. I hope it continues and I grow stronger and more energetic over the next week. Quite exciting. If I can have a safe diet that I can always count on to make me well then experimenting with diet will be easier to do. So I'll continue to avoid spices, nightshade family, pork, and for now chicken though I'll be testing chicken soon. I hope.
This morning there is little doubt that I am stronger, than I am more energetic. Course it is always difficult to say with certainy on these things. I want the diet to work and I have to over come that bias. But with that said I'm feeling good about being more energetic and stronger.

Other items thought about of late ~

Feeling stronger and more energetic is quite rare for me. Last month when this happened I nearly didn't realize what was going on. Crazy as it sounds the change was so gradual and I wasn't looking for the energy and strength change that i just about over looked it. Glad I noticed. It is what i want to happen. The guy may stil have troubles but if I have energy and strength half the battle has been won.

My problem very well could be a bird allergy. I'm down playing that in my mind and in my notes, but a bird meat allergy makes very good sense. For one i can't think of a time where I've been well to the stomach after eating bird meat or eggs. Two I often develop a rash after eating bird meat,. Three, eggs and chicken meat cause finger nail pitting. So lots of concern with bird meat. Also for a number of years I could get my gut decently well with eating lots of cheese, grass fed meat, and turkey lunch meat, yet I never recovered. I never had good energy or good strength. I've often wondered why that happened. What went wrong? Maybe it ws the turkey meat that gave me issues and kept me from healing.

Another food to keep an eye on is the corn sweat potato chips I began eating not that long ago. I believe the ships are safe. And now with me believing I have better energy and strength, they likely are. It was a new food addition to the diet though. I'll continue to eat the corn sweat potato chips but if the current diet does not work out I'll remove them from the diet and see what happens.
I think I over did it with weight llfting yesterday. I'm feeling sore and on the fatigued side. I'll take an easy today. Overall though i'd say I remain feeling strong and my enegy levels are not terrible this morning. Skin looks healthy. Gut is ok.
Doing OK today. Energy levels above average. Strength OK, but could be better. It has been a better day that I felt it would be as I was to sore and tired this morning from basic exercises yesterday. So good to see. I'll stick with the diet avoiding garlic/onions, nightshade family, pork and bird meat. Will be nice once I open the diet back up to experiment some more.
So yesterday I was thinking of the alpha gal diet. My thinking was how most likely that is my answer. The negatives of me eaitng beef, cheese, and pork are -

feeling weak
muscles shrinking in size or atrophy
possible upset stomach on the severe painful side
swollen gums
Itching all over for all three, beef, pork and dairy products
dental issues
feeling cold
Weight gain - stomach bloats out, becomes larger

So it is a good match. That is a lot of problems when eating red meat and dairy products. .

My latest issue with thinking I need to avoid chicken, nightshade and spices probably is wrong, though there can be some negatives to eating those,. in particular eating chicken nuggets seems to cause some joint issues. My feet begin to hurt and won't curl up without some pain. I'mnot sure what to make of it. But it does have me thinking of adding chickennuggets back intot he diet and seeing what happens.
It is nice on thisfish diet, or alpha gal, the two are close to each other when it comes to the cold. I think the cold effects me worse than most people. When i avoid beef, pork and dairy products though the cold isn't as big of an issue for me. I'm probably more simlar to a typical person when it comes to handling chilly temps.

Nice on the fish diet or alpha diet too in that when I exercise my muscles grow bigger. I'm not looking for all the big of muscles but having some definition is nice.

I worked out relatively hard yesterday yet I'm doing OK this morning. Energy levels are good, not great, but livable. Strength is the same, good, not great ....

Stomach doing ok. Skin looks healthy.
I'm feeling more zapped today than typically and I'm sure it is due to working out to hard on my upper body yesterday. It has me feeling on the woozy side. Hopefully with a good lunch I'll be doing better.
Did better this afternoon after a good lunch. I am tired. I can tell in particular that my memory isn't all that great of late. Fiber and extra fratigue will do that but no complaints. Doing well, feeling decently strong.

Ate chicken nuggets today. I'm back onto the alpha gal diet and eating spices. Will monitor closely as always.
Doing ok this morning. I'm less sore, a bit more energy. Feeling strong, not overly strong but strong enough.

Might have figured out the episode where I was using the bathroom more. Yesterday I didn't eat anything after lunch and as happens found myself going to the bathroom more. Kind of odd in that I eat less the more I use the bathroom.

Sticking with the alpha gal diet. Think I'll just call it the alpha diet in the future. Ate potatoes with breakfast. Been awhile since I'd eaten those.
I'm still more sore and worn down from working out to hard this week but I'm doing well overall. Ate a whole lot of chicken today for lunch. It was delicious and seems to be going down well enough. Muscles feel good. No feet problems. Hopefully by tomorrow I'll be feeling better and be a bit more energetic. Communicating poorly or average for me. Skin looks healthy. Boring day. Work being done on the house should be done soon though.
Doing ok this morning. Nothing great. Energy levels so so. Strength so so.

I have a good stretch going since avoiding beef and dairy products. I ate beef last around the end of Sept. It was a week before the hurricane, and I remember how sick I was to my stomach. It was quite troubling as there was the idea that I'd need to do a lot of driving. And avoiding dairy was probably about a month ago since I last had some cheese. Kind of funny in a way in that when I'd eat cheese my cloths would not fit as well. In particular I tend to wear shorts that are a bit larger than my size. This being due to my gut being tender sometimes an not enjoyiing tight fitting cloths. When I'd eat cheese my muscles would shrink some and with that my shorts would not fit as well. Living here with my parents while my house is repaired, water and energy restored, I'd get to hear how my cloths don't fit and I'd lost my butt. It would make me laugh but was true. So avoiding cheese has my shorts fitting better. It is a good deterrent for me to not suddenly snack on cheese and any other dairy product. I have to keep my shorts fitting nicer.

I've noticed in the past that at times my hair will grow darker in color. The few grey hairs I have also go away. Don't know why though. Well, it does appear that on this dairy and beef free diet that my hair is becoming darker in color. It is a bit early for me to declare that issue being solved but it is something I'm keeping an eye on. Maybe in a few weeks on the dairyfree, beef free diet, I'll have all dark brown hair.
Same as before when I ate chicken. For the past two days I've had chicken for lunch. And this morning I have sore joints. Nothing terrible, I can walk around without issue, but I do feel it. Don't know if that results in stomach trouble or not. Regardless I'll kep eating fish as my main diet. chicken will be eaten from time to time.
Today I'm quite hungry. This happened before when I added chicken nuggets to the diet, I became hungry and was snacking often for a few days afterwords. I was also very mildly dizzy, I think. It isn't clear cut. I worry that I'm looking for things to be concerned about but it does appear i was a little more dizzy than typical on a bad day.

I'll go back to avoiding chicken, spices, nightshade. I'll go back onto the fish diet. Next time when I'm thinking of adding something new to the diet I'll have to think of something different than chicken nuggets.
To add, I do now think I took another wrong turn by eating the chicken nuggets. They are probably are more problematic, for what ever reason, for me. I'll avoid and my next food trial, likely next year will be some spice free, nightshade free meat. Maybe grass fed beef.
Just thinking about it, think I'm going to also avoid all grass family members. Grass members are wheat, corn, and rice. I've had a theory that grains or soy fed to animals will make me sick. I've never really tested the grain idea though, always testing soy instead. I should be able to do that test for a week at least.
instead of avoiding grains I thought of a better idea for me to try.

I forgot to write down that I changed my diet since moving into my folks place while my house is being repaired. I stopped eating 2 oranges a day. Instead I'd just been eating one orange a day. This might be the explanation for why I've had more strength and more energy. This past week I even noticed that a couple days I ate two oranges and found myself with worse energy levels.

So I'll avoid oranges once again and monitor my energy levels and strength. Before when avoiding oragnes and citrus I was more interested in my gut health and how I was speaking. I wasn't closely monitoring energy and strength levels.

I'm excited. I suspect there to be a good chance that this is the cause for my increased energy and stength levels.
I've already given up on the avoid citrus orange idea. I decided I'll concentrade on the idea of avoiding spices, garlic, onnions in particular along with the nightshade family. Something I keep think about but haven't typed down due to not wanting to type down is that when I ate the chickennuggets I developed mild dizziness. It wasn't anything I could not handle but I did notice it and it was uncomfortable. I also developed jjoint issues and once again it wsan't terrible but I noticed it. It reminded me of the time I ate a simple chinese rice dish. The rice dish had few ingredients, which were rice, onions, soy sauce, carrots and I believe peas. That chinese meal would make me very dizzy and the dizziness would last for about 3 days.

I'm guessing now that it was the onions that caused the dizziness with the Chinse dish. I'm guessing it was the garlic powder added to the chicken nuggets that caused the mild dizziness. Onions and garlic are related to each ohter and if allergic to one, you are likely to have troubles with the other.

So to cut short I'll avoid the garlic family, along with other spices and the nightshade family for 2 months. I'll see if my energy and strength returns to a higher level. I'll only eat one orange a day.
Good news this morning. The gum pain i developed after eating the chicken nuggets went away yesterday. This morning no gum pain noticed either. I've been up in the air on whether the gum pain is caused by chicken being chewy and causing gum pains. Or if it is similar to pork which will cause my gums to swell up.

There is actually severl similarities between chicken and pork. The two react similar after I eat them, just with chicken being much less pain being involved.

When I eat pork my gums swell up and bleed to the point that it can be difficult to eat. I itch all over. I develop an ear ache. And my face and scalp swell up painfully.

When I eat chicken, my gums become tender to the point that it can hurt to eat. I itch some but not as bad as after eating pork. I can have an ear ache. My face does not appear to swell up. I can have some minor dizziness.

So maybe the same is going on between pork and chicken. I hate to admit that but it is becoming more clear.

So another idea on what is causing my stomch problems and fatigue is that something being fed to live stock is reacting with my immune system. The most likely cause could be soy and others beans/legumes. I say that because of that chinese rice dish that makes me dizzy has soy sauce in it.
The only safe meat I know of appears to be the wild caught fish, tuna and salmon. No ear aches. No swollen gums, no upset stomach when I eat the wild caught fish.
Doing well this evening. I'm tired and worn down, wishing I had greater energy levels but overall doing ok. appearance healty. Strength OK. I'll stick with the fish diet.
Ruff morning. Woke up around 1 this morning with an upset stomach. The worst seems to be over by now but I'm not entirely sure about that. Stomach still hurts and energy levels are terrible. I'm feeling weak as often happens when feeling this way. Not entirely sure why this happened. I'm going to guess I ate to many cashew nuts and all the work I've been doing of late cleaning up the house. The work me using stomach muscles which can often be problematic.

Had a dental appointment this morning at 9. Went and canceled that. Figure I'd have a ruff time of it if I went, which isn't good for me more the dentist. I'll try again later.

I still think all if good withthe diet in general. Need to be careful about eating to many snacks such as cashew nuts. They can upset the stomach. Appearance is healthy though. I suspect I'm on the right track eating the fish diet and avoiding spices and nightshade.
Ilove the fish diet. i was feeling rather lousy this morning and yet this afternoon I'm alright. That doesn't happen much for me. It all to often takes a ew days to recover.

Another nice item on the fish diet is that after exercising I appear more in shape. I don't get that when i eat chicken or beef. If anything my muscles shrink when I eat beef. As best as I can tell.

On the fish diet I also get attention. Not looking for attention. It is kind of strange and since I remain a poor communicating can be a bit on the akward side for me, but I do look healtheir and in general talk better.

I'm thinking now I'll stick with the wild wish diet and for testing I'll look further into the nightshade family and spices. I'll be looking to see if that joint problem returns, lose or gain strength, enegy levels when i eat garlic, tomatoes, etc. When I do that, fingers crossed all goes well.
Not anything new to report. Today is day 6 on the diet, aother 54 days to go. And that is just to see if I become stronger and have more energy. The gut wil still be sore though. This morning I have running in my mind that garlic and onions are the problem foods, found in the chicken nuggets. Two things have me thining that, the chinese disk that made me dizzy and the diet tests I did years ago in which eating hamburgers with garlic salt seasoning caused my skin to begin bleeding, in particular around y fingre nails. Eating plain hamburgers did not result in any bleeding. So I have to show patiences, and see what happens on this latest diet.

Strength OK but not great. Energy levels are the same.
Doing well this morning. Energy levels so so. Strength so so. I thought there to be a good chance I'd be doing poorly as the weather has turned cooler. So far the weather has not slowed me down. For the next week I'll be dealing with the cold and will be a test of the diet seeing how i do. shoulders are sore this morning from some light weight lifting yesterday. Appearance healthy enough. Skin looks decent. I'll keep avoiding spices and nightshade family.
I have ok strength this morning. Energy levels feel good so far. It is chilly inside the house. It is only going to be growing cooler over the next week. The cool air will zap my energy. If I'm lucky I'll be doing better than normal with the cooler temps. Not much more comes to mind. I guess an uncomfortable item to bring up but something I hear often about here in Florida with older patients is that I'm peeing much better. A big complaint when growing older is a loss of being able to pee all that well. The prostate is typically blamed for that. On this diet i'm on of avoiding chicken nuggets and everything associated with, spices, nightshade family, chicken and bird meats, eggs, I'm wizzing like a young boy. The prostate is in good shape I'm guessing. Skin looks healthy. Hair looking stringy. Getting a hair cut this afternoon so should take care of that. As I beocme healthier tha hair looks better also.
This is exciting. Today, this afternoon, I'm experiencing some high energy levels. It feels wonderful. Very good sign that the diet is working. I'll keep on it of course.

Was remember a year ago when I discovered the fish diet. I also had bought an air fryer and was making french fries. It seemed to not be a problem the french fries. i was using the La Choy sweet a sour sauce to dip the fries into. La Chow sauce does not have spices in it like garlic.

So I'll make garlic and onions the main avoidance. See if I can continue the good energy levels.
The good energy from last night continues this morning. I'm not as energetic this morning as last night. I'm almost always more energetic in the evenings. But energy levels feel good. Strength is better. I'm not overly strong but I'm doing well in that department. So a good way to start the morning. Skin appears healthy. No ache joints or hurting muscles. I'm walking well.
Doing ok today. Decent energy. Went on a long walk on the beach for the first time in a long while. I think the corn chips I've been eating regularly as hurting my energy levels just a bit. They have a good amount of fiber. Hadn't tthought about it, but that very could be my issue with the slight strength and energy loss. Will find out soon enough. for now I'm pleased with how I'm doing since I avoided chicken nuggets, spices, and nightshade family.
Doing alright today. Nothing much new to report. Just need to show patience. At least I hope that is the case. Ate a bunch of wheat today. I'm doing well enough though my knuckles hurt just a bit. Chilly weather this wholeweek. Today I'm doing fine though. Late in the week near Christmas could see some very chilly weather for this area. That will be quite a test. Energy levels good. Strength levels just OK, could be better.
Doing well this morning. Feel a bit fat due to eating the wheat yesterday. I'll have to be sure to avoid snack today. That will likely put my weight back to a more normal range. i'm going to avid corn sweat potato chips. i doubt it a problem food but it does fit one of the theories I' working on with avoiding common foods fed to live stock. Corn is a staple of food fed to animals. The store ran out of corn sweat potato chips. Today is day 11 on current diet and I'm pretty much the same. energy levels ok. Strength ok. Both can be better.
I am my typical self, a bit tired and worn down. I was wodering if avoiding the corn chips would make a difference or not and so far I'm not noticing a difference. Overall though for me I'm doing well. Energy levels are good. Strength is good. I'm not talking well. Looking forward to that improving as it did last month. More energy means better talking abilities. Gut is OK. Apparance is healthy. Skin looks healthy. Keep on avoiding chicken nuggets an all used to make them.
I should note down that I've begun to exercise and lift weights regularly. That is a new development. Typically I just exercise when I'm able, have the energy. Now I've been able to exercise reguarly, starting at 6:30 in the morning typically and going for 45 mintues. I walk, then do some pushups, leg squats and arm lifting. Nothing major but it is good in one sense, being reliable. On the other hand it is negative in that I suspct the regular exerises do steal away energy levels that would be used for talking better, being more energetic, etc.
Today is day 12 on the diet, and I think this is the day that i previously left my diet. I had convinced myself that I could eat chicken nuggets without issue. That turned out to be wrong. I don't remember exactly for sure what I noticed was wrong about the chicken nuggests being eaten, except for 2 items. Chicken nuggets caused muscle issues and joint pains. I could no longer curl my toes without a good amount of pain. And my hips and joints around the body hurt. Walking was a problem and becoming worse.

So now I'm back into the fish diet, avoiding spices,nightshade family, and bird meats.

Feeling the same as before. Strength is ok this morning. Energy levels are OK also.

It was amazing yesteday noticing that I had become reliable with exercising. That was encouraging and gave me a good feeling.

Well, the theory is all I need to do is show patience as my body heals. hope I get back to feeling stronger and more energetic as I did in Nov.
Doing alright this morning. Have been thinking about bird meat, chicken meat the last 12 hours. There is a good chance that is what caused a decline in my strength and energy levels when I ate te chicken nuggets. It makes since. Eating Chicken seems to bing about a rash, and finger nail issues such as nail pitting. There is also the tongue sores, and the scary diarrhea chicken eating can bring. That would be nice as avoiding chicken, eggs and turkey is fairly easy. Will see.

Didn't snack yesterday and felt fine. Was glad about that.
Lets see, some possible good news to report. Well two good things to report. for this week my gut in general is improving. Glad about that. Hope improvement continues. Also a mystery that I know can happen but haven't figured out what causes it, might have been figued out. My hair color can change. My hair color can go from light brown to a darker brown, depending upon my health. When not feeling all that great my hair is light brown. When I'm feeling better the hair is dark brown. The good news is that one this diet of avoiding chicken nuggets my hair appears to be turning darker brown. Will have to keep monitoring it.

I beleive two marks 2 weeks on the diet. I'm pleased with the direction of the diet though wish I was feeling stronger and had more energy. Hope with time that will come.
I'm starting the morning out well. I'm feeling good. Energy levels and strength are decent. They are not as high as i experienced in Nov. but getting there I believe. I'm feeling warm. Lets see, on the down side it doesn't take much to tire me out still. That is a bummer. I'm good for about an hour or two on my feet and after that it's a struggle. I'm still not a good talker most of the time. Energy levels have a lot of do with that. On the positive I continue to do better with the gut. That is wonderful. And this after eating all these corn chips which have a good about of fiber to them. So here on Christmas eve things are looking up for me.
It is quite cold outdoors today and I'm doing just fine. It is wonderful. Maybe tomorrow will be a different story as it is to be just as cold tomorrow, but I suspect not. It seem to be handling the chill very well.

Gut doing well. Skin healthy. Energy levels not bad. Strength ok.
I almost had a disaster yesterday. What happened is I went to the store. While walking through the cheese section I pucked up some packets of cheese. I thought they would make for a good special snack. that is always how it ends up that I eat cheese, thinking it wold be a special snack. Then I later realized the diet I'm on is all about gaining more energy and gaining for strength. There are two foods that will for sure make me feel weaker, and less energetic, and those foods are dairy products such as cheese and beef. My butt also disappears when I eat cheese as I've been reminded. Thanks mom. I'm ready to move back home.

I've allused to it but has written down, emotionally i feel that I have the condition alpha gal. This is because when I eat fed meat and or dairy products I feel terrible. My energy levels plummet and strength all but disappears. And while the alpha gal diet always has not worked out as hoped there are two things that remain good on the diet and that is my strength remains high and my energy levels are good. My gut may still have issues on the alpha gal diet but everything else is much improved.

So a leading condender remains alpha gal. It is probably what I suffer from,. I figure I just need time for the gut to heal.
Not my best day but not a horrible day. The gut is irriated I can feel, and as a result I'm feeling tired. i'm guessing I ate to much fiber rich foods. Maybe the cold is irritating things also. Regardless it happens, and will be nice once I'm doing better. Looking good which is strange. I appear healthy. I've noticed that in the past before, more fiber in the diet can sometimes have me appearing healthier.
Doing uch better this morning. I was actually doing much better by yesterday evening. It was a short lived mild upset stomach, one in which my stomach wasn't upset so much as it hurt some. It was likely due to eating to many nuts. Overall pleased with how I feelthis morning. Appearance healthy. Strength ok. Energy levels alright. I think it will be a good day.
Yaaaa! I'm feeling stronger and more energetic this morning. At least I think so. It is of course difficult to be certain on these things. More time will give a for sure answer. For now though I believe I'm doing better. I suspected I was close as I am looking healthier, with several people telling me I'm looking good of late. The attention thing. For what ever reason people do like to tell me when I'm appearing good and healthy. So I'll stick with the diet which is basically avoiding chicken nuggets and all involved with making them. I'm also on the alpha gal diet. Basically just eating fish for meat and othre foods with it.
Wore myself out today and I'm feeling rather tired this evening. Good day though. Energy levels remained above average. I was communicating above average. Strength was good. Hopefully the good strength will remain and even grow stronger in the days ahead.

So for now, if this pans out, it is looking like it takes about 3 weeks to recover. I knew it must take awhile. It isn't a quick rebound.

Thinking I'll stick with the idea that it is garlic and onions that I'm allergic to. For testing in the future I'll cook some french fries and dip them into al chow sweet and sour sauce, which does not have garlic or onions in it. I belive that is safe forme to eat from past experience, but will know for certain if my strength and energy remain above average.
Mixed bga this morning. I'm still feeling stronger, but this morning I don;t beieve myself to be stronger than yesterday morning. Hard to say. Maybe equal. The problem is that last night I had an idea of eating a bunch of wheat as a snack. And by bed time my heart was racing fast keeping me awake and tiring me out. I slept well eventually but am a bit more tired this morning than last morning. I'll stay away from the wheat. The gut remains to tender for eating that.

So believe myself to still be going in the right direction. Garlic/onions and chicken remain the most concerning foods at the moment. This is due to eating chicken nuggets and developing some health issues, such as joint pains making it harder to walk.