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My journey to getting well

I’m 43 year old woman, I received my Diagnosis when I was 24 years old. At that time I was living in Germany and working as a flight attendant for a German airlines. I think initially it was stress and poor diet that brought crohn’s on. I was hospitalized 2 weeks. The doctors did all kinds of tests including colonoscopy, endoscopy and I was put on steroids, and other inflammatory medications. Over the years I continued my job but had many flare ups. I also met my husband and together we gone through a lot with this desease. But he was and still is a very caring person, had no issues with my flare ups, patient and helping me anyway he could. After 10 years of flying, the birth of our son in between, my husband who is citizen decided to go back to the US. I quit my job and followed. Here we moved around a lot due to his job. Giving me no stable doctor for treatment.everywhere we lived east coast to west coast and back, I had to see great doctors but no stability which put my life in stress and I went through lots of flare ups again. In the meantime my second son was born and moving back and forth was hurting my health a lot. I was put on Asacol in those days, it helped did good and for a while we stuck to one place in Jersey and flare ups were not as often. Flare ups for me were tummy aches, bloody stools, diarrhea. And diet played some role in it but when in remission I was able to eat anything with no problem. During flare ups I couldn’t do dairy or spicy or fatty foods. Fruit and certain veggies I couldn’t either. In remission I was able to eat anything. After a quick move back to Germany we came back again and settled for good in New Jersey. Until about last year, 2019 I had on and off flare ups But milder, less pain less time. I was put on Lialda which I found better because of the once a day dosage. But every time, as I got in remission I started slacking on taking the meds. But in the last two years I also became a Vegetarian together with my husband. However eating fish though. I think this change did me good. Lesser and lighter flare ups and shorter time to get in remission again. Then I met a Lady at my sons sport and she told me about Vitamins and probiotics that are not store bought but ordered online. The Vitamins, am and pm packs which I started taking last year, I also changed my household products to plant based and natural products and since then I have not had a flare up, not had gut issues I still eat a veggie diet and these multi Vitamins and the probiotics, which are special- the probiotic capsule does not get dissolved in the stomach but getS to the gut where the live cultures get to work. I have never been so well before such a long time in between flare up... as I educated my self, I learned that the good bacteria balance in the intestines is very important for overall intestinal health and body health. Especially in stressful times. Now I’m not saying I’m healed but if I can continue to take these Vitamins and probiotics, eat a clean healthy diet, I will say that I can stay in remission for good. I hope I was able to give someone a positive outlook. Yes, Medication is needed and necessary for certain severity of crohns and colitis but I think trying out something different on top can be beneficial. I am blessed that I did not need to see a doctor lately, especially because of this pandemic everything is shut down. And I’m thankful I did not need to be treated for emergency flare up or else. I can say a strong immune system is essential to not getting serious health problems if exposed to this Virus or any Virus.