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My Journey

Back in 2013 I had the Promethus IBD blood test that came back as Crohn's. My GI had done every test and never found any evidence. A month ago I was having large amounts of rectal bleeding and had a CT which showed 60 percent of my colon inflamed more so on the right (right colon and transverse) and then the sigmoid colon. Stool tests came back normal. I was started on antibiotics anyways. I continued to get worse on the antibiotics. Ended up being hospitalized for a couple days and started on steroids, I slowly got better. I stopped the steroids and my symptoms came back. I was subsequently restarted and my symptoms started going away (abdominal cramping, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and bleeding). I had a CT enterography which came back normal. My GI still has a strong suspicion it is IBD due to the improvement in my symptoms when on steroids. He ordered the Promethus IBD blood test again, waiting for results. I am scheduled to have upper and lower scope next month. I feel frustrated with this situation. When I was in in the hospital the doctor actually mentioned that my abdominal pain was likely due anxiety even though not even a week earlier the CT showed all the inflammation. I am currently on an 8 week prednisone taper. I have lost 16 pounds over this past month when this all started.
next step is probably a biologic.
Even without a biopsy to confirm the IBD? I am nervous to go off the prednisone because I was only able to go off it for a few days before symptoms started up again. However I am not thrilled to be on it for 8 weeks. Is it possible that they would start a medication in addition to the prednisone while waiting?
they should have done biopsies,My gastro did biopsies but said there were no granulomas present therefore he could not comfirm I had IBD.