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My latest update

my latest update

saw the consultant today, well his Registrar actually . . . I think that was a good thing tho because I don't really know him so it was like starting afresh. I gave him the whole story and referenced my statements (cheers for the info on that on btw!!). He does seem to understand that I'm 25 not 75 and really this is NOT acceptable!!
My fecal calprotectin (?sp) is 600. My colonoscopy shows inflammation. Biopsies suggest moderate inflammation inkeeping with crohns. CRP normal. MRI of small intestine shows nothing.
Treatment?? Hahahahahahahahaha! None. He suggests I get a second opinion, one step ahead with that one. Said a pill cam might be in order because he wonders if there is inflammation in my small intestine-the FC shouldn't be that high with only 'mod' inflammation on biopsy apparently.
Laughable. Just hopeful new GI cares to treat me with something . . . .