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My long story later but

I'm sorry buddy....I'm reading what you are writing and am having flash backs to when I had a desk job (before diagnosis, with horrible D) and other jobs like that. And the leaving before ordering dinner etc. I remember all that. I am sorry that I can't really give good advise on the job front - hopefully someone else will come and give it. I do computer consulting very part time (and on my own hours) and I have a home studio where I make jewelry- so I have my own bathroom. All this is kinda on purpose for me, I have just worked it out over the years. Sorry you are struggling so much...best thing is to work on getting your disease more quiet so these issues won't be so overwhelming (I know, I know -you are trying!). Good luck!

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HI Pain, I cannot believe your statement of working outside the home because this morning I was thinking the exact same thing. I know about grocery shopping so I try to do everything before 4pm and be home, because that is my time for either cramping or d coming. I used to grocery shop and always in the middle of it, I have to run over to Harveys and go!!! I dont envy people who go back in there pew. This was in my first stages of moderate Crohns.

I really miss working, even though I am lucky enough not to have to, it is the social aspect that I need or interaction. I used to be a courier in Toronto and used to know where all the bathrooms all over the area within a 100 mile radius lol.

Have you tried Cholestyramine? (Questran)...it was a life saver for me, but I am ok at the moment.
I am just starting the process of looking for work. I have been on medical insurance since July but both myself and my Doctors think I am good to go. I have had to consider a total change in career because a)my old job is gone b) it was too strenuous to go back to anyhow.

I am looking at simple, fairly undemanding jobs at the moment. Hardware stores, grocery stores, other service industry stuff that pays poorly but is undemanding. If I do well I will work my way back into something more involved as I go.

Overall I am going on the Nike principal. Just Do It! I will deal with what ever comes as it comes. There is no point in me fussing over things before they happen. The surgery and meds have to have been good for something. :)
I completely understand! Its brutal trying to work with this disease. I am lucky enough to work for a small company that is like a close family, and when I was really bad they just gave me the time off. I do sales so I am on the road a lot and I know where every bathroom is in every store, even know where to park outside of Mcdonalds to be closest to the door and go in the door closest to the bathroom so I dont have to walk through and have everyone see me just there to use the bathroom!! :)

I have had quite a few times standing and talking to some one at one of my stores, and I couldnt get out of the conversation and my bowels arent waiting. I always wonder what the other person is thinking with me making all kinds of faces trying hold back the flood gates!

What kind of work did you do before? Is there any way it can still be done?
Hope youfeel better :)
I was a developemental trainer for adults with mental and physical disabilities before I was dx with cancer. Still in remission !!! just try in to stop this problem now .Bad thing is I'm not the same person mentaly anymore I lost a lot of my focusing skills and multi functioning skills , if I get interrupted with phone or other things I get all confussed. Funny thing is I feel like some of my old patience . They closed the doors a few months ago anyways. I would never be able to do anything like that again unless my brain starts working better again . You would think I had brain cancer and they only zapped the crap out of my bladder and gut oh well not much chose in a job huh ! lol
Thats brutal. I didnt know it could have that much effect on the brain. Do the docs say you will go back to normal eventually? Its weird to know you used to be a certain way but just cant do it any more eh.
I have never had the issue of having to rush off to the restroom. I can usually feel it coming on and at work I just go to the bathroom. Though I work a desk job, where I can come and go as I please.

Also, when I am flaring so bad I need to go a lot I tend to stop eating or go on liquid diets to keep the BM's to a minimum.

In the last 6 years at my current job I have taken very few days off due to Crohn's. For me it is the pain that gets me not the D. I get doubled over at work all the time, but now I have pain killers so that problem is solved.
One of my Doctors called it chemo brain but I'm not sure I believe any of it . Sometimes I think its stress and med. and lack of useing my brain. This site is really helping me force myself to use it so I don't lose it all together. Thanks to everyone for not judgeing me . spelling and all .By the way your picture always makes me smile looks like your haven fun in Canada :) Crohnshobo thanks for advice haven't tried liquid diet yet.
Just wanted to add to what has already been said above. For some reason my crohns only really badly affects me first thing in the morning and then late afternoon and evening - I hit a wall of tiredness around 3pm and then get pains in the evening after I have eaten. I don't really know why this is, but it enables me to fit a job in around the times when I am feeling best and I am usually at home when I am at my worst. I think part of it is that when I am busy at work I don't notice the pain as much as when I am watching TV etc. I do get some days when I just feel I need to rest and I am fortunate in that my job allows me to work from home some of the time.
I get that to a point, I find if im busy and occupied, then Im good, but if Im just sitting around I have to run to the bathroom all the time