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My mayo experience

So I just got done with a week at mayo trying to get my crohns under control. Can I just say it was such a great experience! I felt they truly cared about my health and listened. I wasn't another patient and money wasn't a factor in my care. They totally reassessed me. So I had a ton of blood work (I had 15 vials of blood taken!) also had an egd and colonoscopy then yesterday had a small bowel ultrasound(which they are developing a new technique that is only being done there in the US). Also had an MRE of my abdomen and an Mri of my pelvis. It was very thorough. I am still waiting for results on a few things but it sounds like I'll be going back on remicade and adding on azathioprine. We decided cimzia wasn't helping at all. My bowel was very angry looking in the colonoscopy pics. Thankfully no surgery yet. They haven't said how the fistula was looking but I didn't get done with my mri until right before closing time


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Sounds like you made a good decision Jaime
Hope everything turns out well for you and that you make great strides with a different
Feel better soon
I'm very glad to hear you had such a wonderful experience there, JaimeM!:D It's always great to hear when people get good treatment from doctors/specialists... since it's unfortunately very hard to find.

Could I please ask which Mayoclinic you went to? I'm planning on going to the one in Jacksonville, Florida in order to see if I can get a diagnosis. Can I also ask if you think that's a good idea, judging from your experience? Sorry for all the questions! Thank you!:ysmile:

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Great news jaime so glad you had a good experience there. Hope the new meds work for
you and you finally get some relief hun
Best wishes n hugs 💕 mandy x
I went to mayo in Rochester.. If it's anything like the one here I recommend it big time. I feel like I was really listened to. It was really encouraging. Mentally even I feel much better.