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My Modulen Journey

Well I am on my third day and last night when I got back from my singing practice I actually wanted some modulen!! I felt hungry and knew it would make me feel better, which is such a breakthrough after being unable to drink it at all on the first day!! :banana:

This morning I woke up and went straight downstairs to get the kettle on to prepare the modulen and I am looking forward to having some. Don't get me wrong, it still tastes grim but I know it makes the hunger pangs go away and i'm determined to see it through. :banana:

The saving graces for me have been nesquik chocolate and my now vital straw!! If it weren't for these things and your support I would not have gotten beyond day 1! :wub:

Thank you!! ((((((((hugs))))))))

Today I am coping fine with drinking the modulen and want to get to full quota so i dont feel hungry :banana:

still making everyone else food and boy it's a killer

SO hungry right now would kill for a cup of tea, some crusty bread and some lovely cheeses!! :yfaint:
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I am really really struggling today, I am desperately missing food :(

and i am a misery, everyone around me is enjoying the weather and the lovely food that goes with it and i cant help feeling resentful - which is ridiculous!

PLUS my husband brought in kfc (which is my favourite!) he offered to eat it in the garden but still I'm finding it so hard and I just cant cope that I wont be eating for WEEKS!! urgh I know i'm being pathetic and childlike adn otehrs are worse off but thats just how i feel :(:grumpy:


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Yes you can do it Christina!!!

Sending heaps and heaps of :hug: and positive thoughts your way. :):):):):):)

Take care,
Thanks DustyKat :hug:

I am coping better today though the dreaded D has really picked up and its giving me bad cramps now :(

Seeing my consultant this afternoon following my capsule endoscopy and recent time in hospital etc....
Day 8

Coping well on modulen though have very little energy and thats not easy when looking after a 2 year old!

Not such great news on Monday but can't be bothered to go there... don't have the head space for it all...

SCRAP that i'm pee'd off!!! :thumbdown:
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Wow just noticed he name change... good thing you are doing so well after struggling without food. I paid off! Hugs.
I did the Elemental/Modulen diet for 2 months following my initial diagnosis. Once I got past the first 2 weeks it was all plain sailing. I forgot about there being any other food!

Hope you can hang on it there for a little longer, it will be worth it in the end. I knew I felt miles better atleast!
Day 15

Doing well and feeling ok. Still having stomach cramps and have to get to the toilet in a hurry (had a few close calls) but otherwise ok.

1/3 of the way there now....


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Well done honey! Am so pleased you are managing the journey. We will be with you each step of the way.

Well done... I did it for 2 weeks, but the symptoms were so bad that I couldn't make it past 500 cals and the symptoms weren't too dissimilar to klean prep!

However, I am on day 1 of elemental 028.... am going to give this a try instead!

How are you feeling now? Much better I hope? How about the adverse symptoms? Have they gone now? xx


You are doing really well. My daughter is now in her 8th week of having a "milkshake diet" no food what so ever. She did try to eat again 2 weeks ago but it made her vomit so she was ordered back onto the liquid diet. She just gets on with it and takes her "shakes" every few hours. I am so very proud of her. Keep going Christina xx:hug:
Day 21 (HALFWAY!!) :banana:

Katiepede: Hope your first day on elemetal 028 went well xx fingers crossed for you :hug:
I am feeling ok. I haven't noticed a great difference to be honest as I think I was at the end of the flare anyway. I do still get cramping pains and need to rush to the loo but that is now only every so often and I know its down to the modulen as opposed to the crohns. I am sure the docs just love experimenting with me and I have to be a good girl and go along with it *sigh* one day they might find an answer for me....

Dallies, thanks for your support :hug: that is great that Meg is doing so well :) What will they do for her if she is struggling to get back onto solids? I was under the impression that it is something you do for 6-8 weeks, not the longterm. But I do know they told me I could carry on if I was feeling so much better but I don't know if they meant indefinately....

I have yet to be told how I am supposed to go about reintroducing food and feeling a bit anxious about it...
You have so much will power!! Well done PC!!!!! I remember reading your first post on the day you had to start drinking them and how much you were dreading it, you've done such a great job!!!!
Well done!! I can't say I'm doing too great.... I am not being very well, and I nearly fainted in the shower this morning...

I hope that the moudulen has done some good for you, eve if you're still not feeling brilliant.
:) xx


Day 21 (HALFWAY!!) :banana:

Dallies, thanks for your support :hug: that is great that Meg is doing so well :) What will they do for her if she is struggling to get back onto solids? I was under the impression that it is something you do for 6-8 weeks, not the longterm.
Hi Christina, Because of the stricture in Meg's small bowel and 12cm of inflammation that doesn't seem to be healing, Meg will not be able to eat solid food until after the surgery as it causes her to vomit. We see the consultant on 29th July so will hopefully have a date then for the surgery.
Hi Dallies, Sorry to hear Meg is going through it at the moment :hug: I am glad the modulen is helping her cope while she waits for her appointment. I hope the date comes through quickly for you all xx


Thanks Christina, she is having Ensure Plus ready made "milkshakes" in banana and chocolate now. She likes them!!!!!!!!!! Her dietician has also sent her fortisip drinks (also ready made) in a variety of flavours, for her to try. She did say last night that she can't wait to go to Pizza Hut when she can eat again.

Keep going Christina. Sending hugs x
DAY 23

Aw bless her... yep there are SO many things I am looking forward to having again :) Everyone one keeps saying 'oh when you've finished i'll make you your favourite cake/dinner/etc' and 'we'll go here to eat for a treat' etc etc..... just not all at once :lol:

Yes I had fortisips while i was in hospital in June and they taste nice and are very creamy, more like yoghurts that the modulen.

My friend came round yesterday, with her two little ones, and she brought me a little gift. She said it was to congratulate for being halfway, for being so strong, and to cheer me up as she said I looked down the other day.... I was so overwhelmed at her kindness that I cried! Was so lovely to be thought of for a change and for someone to take the time to do something nice for me :)

Thank you all, also, for your continued support :hug: :wub:

Christina x
Hey Pin, I've missed you. I've been off in my own little world lately and just trying to catch up. I didn't even know about this thread until just now or I would have been here sooner. It sounds like you are hanging in there pretty good. I am so very proud of you. I know how difficult things like this are. I've been maintaining this week on lots of pain meds and mostly liquid diet. Doctor told me I can have anything "soft". did a little experimenting and I'm still trying to decide if it was worth it or not. Spent most of the last 2 days in bed. But I didn't come here to cry on your shoulder, I came to tell you that I've been thinking of you and glad that you are hanging in there. keep your spirits up and remember you are on the down side now. Over half way. WOOHOO!!!!! Keep up the good work and I'll try to check here a little more often. Sometimes it doesn't seem like much, but when I'm having a bad day and I check my threads here, it can make all the difference in the world. Sending you lots of .....




For hanging in there and doing such a great job!!!!!!!!

Keep us posted when you can.

Surprisingly though I am finding this last stretch tough as I am already thinking about the finish line in my head and im not there yet...

Beverly, thanks for your support :hug: and I hope you are having a better day today x You are so right that little comments can give you such a lift if you are having a bad day, so thanks for yours :hug:

Christina x


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Hey Pin, you have done so amazingly well!!! You must be so proud of yourself, good on you.YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!

All the best,
DAY 29

Thanks Dusty :hug:

I do feel proud of myself :) and overall the time is going quite quickly, can't believe I am saying that now lol!


Have just taken a delivery of Ensure Plus for Meg and thought of you. You're getting there love - keep going! You are doing so well. xxxxxxxxxx


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Hey Christina, I like coming across threads like this. Even though I'm late to the game(as usual), it is nice to read over it and feel you go from your initial worries to making it this far. I'm sure you've got the determination to stay the course now. Well Done :beerchug:
8 Days to go!!

Thanks Everyone :hug:

Dallies - thinking of you and Meg too :hug:

Really finding it hard now as I'm so near the finish line and yet still can't eat. It's an hourly struggle at times but I'm nearly done now....


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YAY!!!!!! Go Pin..................... you are a legend!!!!!!

On the countdown,
Thanks Everyone :hug:

Too right Dexky, far too much water gone under the bridge!!

I wish I was seeing more benefits though, myTummy has been giving me some real trouble today...



*Silver starts doing the happy dance*

:hug: :hug: :hug:

Thanks guys, don't know what I would have done without your support and encouragement xx

Just trying not to fall at the last hurdle - please let it whizz by!!!


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Honey you wont fall at the last hurdle because you have put so much work into getting this far you wont undo it believe me!!

One step, hour, day at a time and you will wonder where it went.

Thinking of you, keep posting.

5 days to go!

You are such a lovely lot :hug:

I know there are others on here going through far worse than this and I so appreciate you all taking the time to support and encourage me through it x

I feel amazingly strong today, those vibes must be working :)


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Not long now...........WOOHOOO!!!!!!


We're with you all the way!!!!!!

Cheers, :)


Keep going Pin, you can do it! Please don't go when you get to day one either we want you to update us on your re-introduction of solid food (if you don't mind of course) xx


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Christina, has your stomach issue begun to resolve by now? You say you felt amazingly strong yesterday. I hope you feel amazingly better too!!!

You're so close now, I know you'll make it:)
4 days to go!!

Dallies - I will definately not disappear and will keep you updated on my reintroduction of food :)

Dexky - my tummy has been okish, its hard to tell really cos i have had some quite bad days. I guess once I'm back on solids I will have a better idea...


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Christina, you're gonna make it!! I must plead ignorance for a moment. What is the end goal here? That this will rest your gut into remission? That you clear all traces of food and then start a food journal?
ONE DAY TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wooooooooooooooo Hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!

Dexky - the end goal is to have given my bowel complete rest and the modulen also has an anti inflammatory ingredient that is non-steriodal so I may be able to have modulen in the future rather than steroids if it helps..

No need for me to do food journal. I am reintroducing food gradually as my body hasnt had to process anything for 6 weeks so it can be painful when you start if you dont start carefully. Food does not tend to trigger my crohn's, unless i am already in a flare. My trigger is stress, which I find harder to avoid than certain foods - ho hum! Anyway will be good to see how my body copes with food after this long and boy am I looking forward to my first cup of tea :D





A Rosette for every week endured


I knew you could do it. I am so very proud of you!!!!


Now keep up the good work and keep us posted on the progress. Now on to the next part of our big adventure. I wish you the very, very best......
Your Friend,


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You rock, :)
Last Day!!!!

Aww you lot made me cry happy tears!!! :wub:

I honestly don't know what I would have done without being able to offload to you guys. I feel so lucky to have been able to share this journey with people who really understand.

I will tentatively step back into the world of food tomorrow :) :) :)


This method of going NPO and only drinking elemental drinks has saved me for many, many years. That is why I can appreciate and understand just how difficult that was for you. You must be a really strong and well disciplined person. So again CONGRATS, you did it!!

Btw, the first time or two you try this is the worst. It will get easier to get through next time and so fowrth :)
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I'm not doing too great today. It's my third day back on food and I am taking it r e a l l y slowly but my tummy is really complaining :(

Not been able to be far from the toilet for very long....

The pain isn't great either...

Hopefully it will calm down.


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Awwwwww Pin I'm so sorry to hear that and after all you've just been through! :(:(:(

I hope it settles down too. Please keep us posted on how you are going with it.

Thinking about you Pin, :hug::hug::hug::hug::hug::hug:


Just want you to know I'm proud of you and it's very hard to reach goals and not get what you expected out of them. But don't give up. Things will start getting better, just don't rush it. I know that's easier said than done.

So, More :rosette2: :hug: and :kiss: to make it all feel better.


Hi Pin, I'm so sorry to hear that you are stll getting pain love. Are you having to have supplements like fortisips etc. to enable you to get enough calories?? Thinking of you. xx
Hi everyone, thanks for your continued support :hug: :hug:

I am still the same :( I went out with a couple of my friends last night. It was booked ages ago and was meant to be a celebration of me eating again but I sat there with nothing while they had theirs. I didn't mind as I chose not to as I have not been feeling good but it did put a bit of a downer on the night for them.... it was good to get out with the girls though.

Dallies - I am still having some modulen. Obviously much less than I was on but just enough to keep me ticking over.

urgh and now we all have bad head colds to add to the fun. My daughter (who is 2years old) is trying to soldier on bless her... we are all full of snot and aches and the weather is miserable today.... god I am a moany old bag today!!:grumpy:


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I can relate to the colds. The kids went back to school 2 weeks ago and promptly infected the whole family. Colds during record heat waves are not a good thing!!! Nothing compared to what you're going through though. Hope it gets better soon!!