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My new stoma!

I had my stoma just over 5 weeks ago, so I'm new to looking after it. I have had a few leaks which I now know were due to the output creeping under the baseplate and loosening it, so I reduced the size of my template that I use to cut the holes and it's a bit better, but I feel I have a way to go before I am confident with it.

I think my main problem is pancaking. My output is so thick, sometimes like mini normal poos and, instead of it sliding down to the bottom of the bag it accumulates around my stoma creating a poo mountain! I have tried baby oil in my bag but it hasn't been very successful. I find it hard to keep some air in my bag and it looks like all the air has been sucked out. I have tried letting some air in but before long it has disappeared. Any suggestions would be very helpful! I have tried a 2 piece today and the same has happened but, as far as I know I haven't leaked under the baseplate, well, I haven't felt any itching. I'll see what is going on when I remove the bag later tonight though I can't feel anything at the bottom of the bag, it all feels like it is at the top.

Besides these teething problems my health is feeling much better from a couple of days ago. It's a colostomy that I have though my consultant said that it may behave more like an ileostomy because of where he has had to put it. (I've had a lot of colon and small bowel removed because it died and went necrotic). This made me bowel incontinent and housebound for 2 years, so I am really looking forward to getting my life back - hopefully without leaks!
Congrats! About that pancaking. Sounds like you're wearing a filtered back, which can create that vacuum effect you describe.

Try rolling some toilet paper and place it in your bag so it creates a bit of separation in your pouch. Alternatively, you can try putting a filter sticker on your filter, but that will render it useless until you remove the sticker.

Good luck!
Thank you VO. I tried your tip and put some toilet paper in my bag and it does help, so thank you.

Yesterday morning I was in my kitchen and my stoma produced what seemed like 2 days output in about 20 seconds. The bottom of the bag detached completely from my skin and I've never seen such a mess. When I could finally change I taped the bottom of the new bag to me, and used a drainable one. The night before I had eaten oranges and think that may have been the cause.

I'm still in the process of finding the right bag for me. I have only seen my stoma nurse 3 times since my surgery and really am having to figure it out myself. I was talking to someone at Holister and they are sending me some soft convex bags to try to see if they help with leaks. The hole in my stoma seems to have moved downwards and that is where I'm getting the leakage.

Fun, isn't it?:frown:
You'll get the hang of it! Feeling healthy and getting your life back is worth dealing with a stoma. Fiber thickened up my output and I remember grapefruit and Kasha making it super thick. If you are having a high fiber day make sure to drink a lot of water and wear loose fitting pants. The times I had pancaking was a combo of fiber + tucking my bag into my leggings. The clothing restricts the output from falling to the bottom. I agree with VO, I moved away from the filtered bags. Also try to take note of certain foods and transit time. It can help you time bag emptying and help you know when to expect issues.
Thank you Eridon. I'm not eating high fibre at the moment. I did try some wholemeal bread but it was at the same time as the oranges, though I do think it was the oranges that caused the problem. If only we were all the same we could help each other even more!

Yesterday I tried some Hollister Adapt paste at the point where I'm most likely to spring a leak. I didn't leak all day nor through the night even though I woke up to a pancake! But trying to get the paste off my skin was hard and made my skin red so I just put some antiseptic powder on for now. I have some samples of Eakin slims which I'll try next. At the moment my stoma seems to change each day so I'm only cutting 3 or 4 bags at a time. I look forward to when everything settles down and leaking is a thing of the past, but it's early days yet - 6 weeks today!
I found the adhesive removal wipes great for removing the paste, otherwise I could never get it all off. You might want to try them.