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My Omeprazole Experience

i thought i would share this purely as information - i wouldn't like anyone to not take Omeprazole because of my experience, if their doctor prescribes it, but just so you're aware...

i've been having upper stomach issues for over a month now, at first the gp and the hospital doc (and me) thought it was food poisoning.. there was a possible culprit food just before my symptoms started that only i had eaten in my household... i was put on Losec (Omeprazole) and Immodium (Domperidone)..

after a few days the symptoms appeared to calm down, so i slowly took myself off the meds.... only to have the symptoms reappear again - dizziness, acid pain and reflux, painful gas, nausea... went back to the hospital team - the doctor there ordered some diagnostic tests, which i've not had yet, and told me to go back on the Losec...

which i've now been taking twice daily, morning and night, for over a week. the acid problem has been alleviated, but the last few days i've developed a whole new set of symptoms, which to be honest, have really scared me because the longer it goes on, and the more i'm suffering, the more i've been convinced there is something really awful going on in my stomach, and i've been dreading the day when i get my test results back...

the new symptoms have been, weird unnatural tiredness just sweeping over me - on Valentines Day evening, we went out for a meal... and i just cuddled up to my partner in the restaurant and shut my eyes - it was like exhaustion, yet i'd hardly done anything that day. my upper body has felt horrible, as if i've eaten a large indigestible meal which won't go down.. although i've literally been eating like a rabbit, a piece of weightwatchers toast 3 times a day and the occasional biscuit, i've had sharp pains radiating from my stomach out to my ribs at each side and in my back, my upper stomach has been swollen, to the point where i'm taking my bra off during the day to alleviate the pressure feeling..., my digestion has slowed to a stop for hours on end, which is opposite to normal for me.... yesterday i got to the point where i was actually scared to eat anything.. and i've developed large sore boils along my hairline at the front...

so today, i decided i'd lay off the Losec and try Kolanticon instead (an antacid with antispasmodic included). i felt better - so i've researched side effects of Omeprazole, and guess what - every single effect i've been feeling the past few days are noted side effects. :(

i don't know how common it is to experience this many effects from Omeprazole, and knowing me, it's probably quite rare - so i'd hate to deter anyone from taking it, but just watch out for your stomach symptoms apparently getting worse after a few days - if they do, you also could be sensitive to this drug.

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Ouch Ding! I find since we all react differently to meds and otc stuff, rarely no one reads the "small or fine print" or the side effects. I have nexium, which is the same type of drug but I rarely take it. I only take it if my Hiatus hernia is really acting up (but since eating smaller meals and more often it is more uncommon for me) and being an "older Crohnie" with all the Prednisone in my past and just going off a quick tapers and the Nexium, they are bone eaters and Knock on wood my last bone density is within normal range. No one has realized why they put calcium in tums because it is a hidden message that antacides eat the calcium. I also avoid anything that can cause heartburn and Prednisone in high doses is what caused my severe pain in my chest.

I am glad you figured it out and as I always do, I check side effects and contradictions of natural and other meds. When I was on 6mp I got side effects within a week and I went off before my Gi told me to because it was the holidays, and I was right to do this.

I am sorry you have been through so much lately, with upcoming events you are enduring you need to look after you, and you know I am always there! :hug:
thank you Pen ((hugs)) :)

i am well known for reading meds leaflets before i take anything, but this time i didn't, because i was so desperate for relief, and i just thought as they were 'simply' proton pump inhibitors, they'd be risk-free...

i found the reports of side effects on the internet, other people's comments, and official sites.. and slowly it began to dawn on me that perhaps my stomach isn't so bad, and some of what i've felt is the Losec... as today has gone on, i'm more convinced of it..!
Pen- I though calcium carbonate was the active ingredient in tums, since it's an alkali therefore would neutralise the acid?

Dingbat- I sure hope most of your tummy trouble was from the meds! You can stop worrying so much now!

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Yes, I mentioned there is calcium combined in Tums, but you also have to absorb it equally with Vitamin D. The Nexium does not any and if you are not aware of that, you could have bone loss. What I meant for hidden issues is that antacids will cause problems and interactions with meds, IE: cipro, and others and cancels them out. I have absorption issues and just dont want to risk any bone loss. Not a biggie, just something I learned for myself. As always not every reacts the same.
No problem with Omeprazole other than it did not work for me. Neither did Lansoprazole which is why I've ended-up with Nexium (Esomeprazole) and that works very well.

For those in the UK, my GP had to get specific approval form the local PCT to continue prescribing the Nexium. This was solely on grounds of the cost. I never needed it before they screwed my digestion up with Azathioprine!



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Wow, good to know, Ding! I've been taking 20 mg of Omeprazole for about a month now for acid reflux and didn't think I had experienced any side effects - although I have had a new pain for the past 3 or 4 days now, in a new place. My usual pain is in the lower-right abdomen, and this new pain is in the upper left, just below my ribcage, and it's a sharp pain that comes and goes. Sounds similar to the pain you described! If I keep experiencing this new pain or if I get any of the other symptoms you mentioned, I'll stop taking the Omepreazole.

Isn't it fun when our meds cause more problems than the thing they're meant to treat? ;)