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My Remicade Story

I have bee on Remicade for about two months now so I believe it is time to give my story on how I feel. After a few hours I noticed my appetite had increased. A few day later I started to gain a little weight and my butt completely stopped hurting. After a few weeks I just kept gaining weight but felt the same. About two weeks ago I started to get constipation and my usual ribbon like stool went down to pebbles until last night. Last night I started to have to go to the bathroom a lot but I started to get ribbon like stool again. Today I guess I have gone to the bathroom for the past few weeks because I have had to go about ten time today and all of them had at least a foot of ribbon like stool, but the ribbons are getting larger every time I go.

Also, when I got out of the hospital two and a half months ago I weighed about 112 pounds, and I'm 5'8''. Now I'm almost 132 pounds. I'm getting better and better everyday and I'm finally starting to be able to have a real life again.