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My sad anal fistula story.


I am new to this group. I have been active in ibdsupport.org forums. I dont have UC or Crohn's. I was diagnosed with a rectal abscess in Nov 2013. A General Surgeon incorrectly operated on me and made it easy for a fistula to form. Thanks to GS, I ended up with a high anal (6 to 7 CM) Trans-Sphinteric fistula. I then found a good CRS and have undergone multiple I&D surgeries - 6 in all. But no relief in pain level of 7 or 8. CRS will not perform fistula repair until the I show "progress" from I&D.

God bless us.
Abscess Fistula Sufferer
Hi afs and welcome to the forum :)

Sorry to hear you are suffering. I to have a high trans-sphincteric fistula. Mine all started in june 13 with an abscess which wasnt drained properly and ended witb a fistula. I have had 13 surgries which include I&ds draining seton, 2 x lift ops and a plug surgery. I currently have a draining seton in as fistula surgeries keep failing. Even wirh that in I still get lots of pain.

have you any surgery scheduled? Are you taking any pain meds?

It is horrible having to live like this isnt it?

In the USA, they don't attempt fistula repair unless patient "improves" (very nebulous definition) with I&D. I had a new Seton placed with each new I&D. As long as the internal opening is there, fecal matter/bacteria will get into the abscess wound and fistula track. Hence, new pus will be produced. If that pus does not drain properly, it will accumulate in the track leading to excruciating pain. Vicodin is my friend. Long walks help too with the drainage. I can literally see that as soon as it drains, I see immediate relief from pain. Pus accumulation, pain, long walk, and drainage isa daily cycle for me.

This illness has cost me many things in my life. Very sad.

I feel for you. I went through this twice with 2 surgeries.

Try to keep thingss as clean as possible. Hot baths with Epsom salt as often as possible.

Have you discussed using a biologic such as Humira? The Humira clossed my fistula in a few days and completley changed my life.

I wish you the best of luck.