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My scar suddenly hurts!

So my scar where they cut me open, is almost 8 weeks old now, but the last couple of days, it starts hurting like shit, when my abs are active. For example, if i sneeze. My god, it hurts! Or random movement where my abs are being a little bit active. Or if I stretch my body.

When I touch the scar, I can feel scar tissue, but the pain is coming from inside. It doesnt hurt if press the scar with my fingers or hand although it is a little sore. But if i use my abs, the pain is coming.

Do anyone know what this is? Is it "just" scar tissue?


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Hey. It sounds like there may be an infection brewing. Give the doctor a call and play it safe.


Bourbon Bandito
The first time I had a hernia, the first warning sign was pain at the incision site when I coughed a certain way or sneezed.
Yep, my first symptoms from hernia was that too, like vonfunk said.

Give a call to doctor, just in case.
Hmm, I asked my stoma nurse. She said I've probably overused my abs, because I started training again. If it's not getting better on Monday, I will call the doctor.
I asked people on anoter board, and im getting a little afraid. Sounds a lot like hernia to me :( Jesus f*cking christ.
How can this get better? Can they remove it? Or do I just get a support belt, and have to live with it?
I love bodybuilding, but bodubuilding with hernia, is a no-go I think.