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My search for cure...

After first diagnosed I went to get an allergy test and had myself tested for numerous foods. Armed with that knowledge, I eliminated gluten, wheat, corn, dairy, etc. and saw immediate improvements in a reduction of abdominal swelling. That was a great relief.

I then worked with a Chinese masseuse who taught me to treat my belly with rubs to help digestive circulation. I had to teach my husband as well, since I would turn ash white and be sweating in pain whenever I had meat. He then had to take his fist to my stomach and massage it a particular way to help me get over that and help my stomach digest better.

I also learned digestive enzymes are a must, as well as probiotics. I became diligent in making sure those were daily additions to my diet. These additions were also immediate relief and I found my digestion improving greatly within the first month of making the changes above.

I also realized that daily exercise is mandatory. If weights/workout are not possible, at least a few walks a day (I have dogs, so that is easier) are mandatory. Even if it is only around the block, it is getting the blood circulating and that helps the body heal itself.

The whole point is to get the blood flowing and reduce inflammation so the body will heal itself.

I have discovered sugar is the enemy and there is no way around that. If you do research, you will find that it causes disease. So, reduce as much as possible, if not entirely. As well, beverages are key. NO pop or alcohol. If alcohol, I can only tolerate wine. Anything more than a glass or 2 will adversely affect my stomach as well. Wine is the most pure of alcohol, so that seems to be my healthiest choice.

I continue to read and learn and hope these tips will help you in your journey. Best wishes for a healthier new year!