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My Small business////trainer with Crohn's

Been diagnosed since I was 16 so more than 7 years now and yet I still have managed to gain experience playing professional basketball all while dealing with severe Crohn's, injuries, and many more losses while being in a highly stressful and demanding environment.

Anyway now I am studying to become an Exercise Physiologist while working as a trainer so please show support to a fellow crohnie and you may find some of my videos helpful :)
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Ah, a like-minded individual. I'm also studying and working as a personal trainer. I self publish on Amazon as well. My info is in my signature. Just getting started on youtube, but have quite a twitter following.
Awesome! I'm on my phone so I can't see signatures. I just ordered p90 last night. I think I'm finally ready to get back into shape after this last year of illness and recuperation. I'd love to hear your thoughts on adrenal fatigue as it specifically relates to Crohn's and autoimmunity.