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My son has CD

As a mother of a son who was just recently diagonsed with CD, I understand what you are going through with your wife. My issues are that no one believes my son is really hurting and that it is not that bad. I am taking the time to research this topic because it is obvious that many no nothing about the symptoms or what it is really like to have this disease. My son's father is an RN and he keeps telling my son "you do not look like a crohns child" and that he does not have chrohns. What a jerk. My issue is my son was in the hospital 7 months ago 5 days before his 21st birthday. The hospital said that he had hepititis. WRONG. finally 1 week before thanksgiving, he was officially diagnosed with CD. His pains are horrible and there is not much he can eat without pains. I think we may be switching specialists because this dr has not done much for him to get this into remission. In the mean time, my son has not worked in 4 weeks. he sleeps constantly partially because of the disease and partially due to the pain meds he is on. He is about to lose his first car, cell phone, and has many co-pays he can't pay because he can't work. he has applied for diability and i am praying he is accepted. So many other tell me that he is lazy and that hurts me because I know better. My other concern is that my son currently has insurance through his dad, but his dad is using it as a "hold" on my son. Even when he can no longer be on his dad's insurance, i am finding he may not be able to get insurance for CD. This is absolutly nuts (for all diseases not being able to have insurance and these diseases being concidered pre-existing conditions). what can he do to pay these bills until he can go back to work? (other than me paying his bills). I have read many postings on here and they have been quiet helpful. I think too that my son may need to speak to someone because I think he is depressed and having a tough time accepting and dealing with this disease at a young age. We also understand about all the testing and people telling you all is ok, nothing is wrong, or that they can't determine what the problem is. as for canabis, it is illeagle and that is not an option for us. in our opinion and research, there are many legal ways to deal with this disease but to each his/her own and we all need to do what we feel is right for us when the medical field cannot help. The pain looks to be unbearable, maybe even worse than childbirth. thanks for listening. I feel somewhat better.


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Hi leo and :welcome:

I'm sorry to hear about your son...:hug:

I'm also sorry to hear that your son's father has that attitude, it is heartbreaking enough without hearing that. :(

I hear about the misdiagnosis, my daughter went undiagnosed for 18 months with many red herrings along the way, it just adds to the fear and frustration!

Please have look through the diet forum...


What medications is your son taking?

Where is his Crohn's located?

If you feel that the doc isn't right for your boy then do seek a second opinion or change doctors. It is so important that you have faith and trust in your child's GI, no matter what age your child is.

I can't help with the insurance side of things but there are many members here from the US that should be able to help you out.

Good luck and welcome aboard!

Dusty. xxx

PS. I will copy your post to your own thread so more members will see it and welcome you. :)


Hi Leo and welcome to the forum :hug: I too am sorry to hear about your sons diagnosis and it is such a shame that his dad cannot be more supportive. The good thing though is that he has you and you now have us. I can't help with the insurance or disability side of things either as I am in the UK but I am sure there are some here who will be able to help with this. I do know there are others here who have benifited from councelling as well so definetly look into this. I do hope things start to improve for your son soon and if you this means going to a new GI so be it. Please keep us updated on how things go.

NB What is you sons name?