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My son is back in the hospital

When I picked my son up from school today, he said that he thought he might be getting a sore throat. He said it hurt a little. He was otherwise happy and came home and ate a good dinner, then went to bed, to read. A couple of hours later, I told him goodnight and it was then that he told me his throat felt weird and because I didn't understand what he meant, I asked, "You aren't having any trouble breathing are you?" He said no, so I went to bed telling him if it bothered him during the night, not to hesitate waking me.

45 minutes later, he woke me saying that he was having trouble breathing.
I drove him to the ER, where they listened to him breath, took an xray of his neck, etc. and found nothing. They are keeping him overnight for observation.
Wow, thank you for all of the support! :)

He's doing fine now, didn't have another episode all night. They don't think it's related to his Crohn's, but instead to his allergies somehow, but really they aren't exactly sure what caused it. They don't think it was an allergic reaction to anything he ate. If it happens again, they recommend I take him to an Ear nose and throat dr.

I am mostly relieved and very tired.

Thanks again! :)
Amy, my daughter has had similar complaints (although hers was mostly after exercise). I initially assumed asthma but when her inhaler didn't help I chalked it up to reflux/heartburn. Has your son ever had issues with reflux?
Glad he's doing ok now! Breathing difficulty is certainly something not to mess with. Hope it doesn't happen again.

my little penguin

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If its allergy related and breathing issues you should think about seeing an allergist they can handle that scenario very well.
Glad he is feeling better