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My Son Was Just Diagnosed

Ok here goes this is my first post, so hope I do it correctly. My son was diagnosed with extreme crohns 6 weeks ago, he was put on Prednisolone 40mg for 4 weeks reducing weekly, started azathioprine 2 weeks ago. Blood test show no reduction in inflammation. Really dont know where we are going to go with this, so new to it all !! Great site !


Welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear about your sons diagnosis. Unfortunately with some of immunomodulators it can take up to three months to see an effect. The steroids do work very quickly though so I'm not sure why the inflammation isn't decreasing. Does he feel better symptom wise?

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Hello Nicky and welcome to the forum!

My son was put on 40mg of prednisone as well when he was diagnosed at the age of 11 in October of 2011. He started 6mp about a week later. So sounds like you GI is following basic protocol.

My son's inflammatory markers went down 6 days after he started prednisone. I know that some kids don't respond to prednisone and others respond better to IV prednisone. Has your son's GI mentioned if things are getting worse or just not getting better? There are a whole bunch of meds out there and it usually takes time to find one that works. Prednisone is generally effective in about 70% of people who take it for crohn's so it is uncommon for it not to work but not unheard of. Maybe ask about the IV prednisone? i know there are a few parents around here who's kids have had more luck with that.

I am sorry your boy isn't feeling better yet. Diagnosis is such a hard time and it certainly takes a while to adjust. We are here for you each step of the way. Let us know how he is doing.
Thank you all for your responses. We have spent today in hospital after a rough night. My poor son has had a very high temperature, shakes, dizzy and a very bad headache. My GP sent us to hospital for assessments, last weeks bloods show no improvement at all and todays bloods show some progress. Docs have allowed us to come home for the weekend, but if his temp goes up again we have to go back in. They have said it could be a few things, but we will have to see how it develops.

Thank you again



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I hope things settle for your lad Nicky, bless him. :heart:

How old is your son and where is his Crohn's located?

Dusty. xxx
Hi Dusty,

Thank you, he has to go back on Monday for more assessments, poor kid its his birthday on Monday as well.

My son is 13 yrs old diagnosed June this year, he is regarded as extreme Crohns starting in the stomach, duodenum, small bowel and large bowel. We are awaiting a MRI to see what is going on further in the small bowel.

So he is feeling a bit sorry for himself.

Nicky x


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Oh no, poor fella. :( Little wonder he is down and such a heartbreaking time for you too mum. :ghug:

I would think that they may look for complications since the oral Pred is not working well for him at present. My own son had a rocky start after his diagnosis too with oral Pred not doing its job but for him it was the complication of an abscess throwing a spanner in the works. (sigh)

Please keep us posted with how you are both getting on Nicky and if you haven't already found it we have a fab Parent's Forum here. Loads of knowledgeable and friendly folk hanging out there so please pop by!...


Thinking of you, :heart:

Dusty. xxx