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My story and Prednisone question

Good morning!

A little background: I have been suffering with intense stomach cramps and diarrhea (mostly pure water with undigested food) for most of my life. The pain and urgent BMs always come shortly after eating. My Nana had Crohn’s and my grandmother had colon cancer; my mom has also had precancerous cells in her colon, which were found in her early 40s.

I never told a doctor about this because, since this had been my reality for most of my life, I didn’t see it as abnormal until I told a couple friends about it. I finally went to a doctor and told her about my struggles last fall. Something happened with my GI referral... and it never went anywhere. Recently, over the last three weeks or so, it has become unbearable. GI can’t get me in until July. A substitute doctor learned of my issues and requested emergency blood work and I went in for an appointment. I was told that my Inflammation markers were very elevated, and based upon that and my symptoms, the doctor believes I have Crohn’s (obviously no diagnosis until colonoscopy, though).

anyway, the doctor put me on a low dose of prednisone and said it would start to help me soon if it is Crohn’s. It’s been four days since I started, and today I finally feel awake and alive for the first time in months — maybe years. What is your experience with prednisone and how quickly it helps relieve symptoms?

thank you!

my little penguin

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Glad your feeling better
But two issues
Inflammatory markers can be raised for a lot of different reasons not just crohns
Second prednisone is a steriod which treats a multitude of conditions-again not just crohns
A colonoscopy /MRE /endoscopy are needed to diagnose crohns but if the inflammation has been treated then there is a high likelihood that no evidence of disease will be found.
For my kiddo we were told he had to be off all steriods for a minimum of 8 weeks prior to any scopes for it to be a valid scope

Please call the Gi office and ask to be placed on a waiting list -keep calling daily if needed
The ER at the hospital the Gi is at is another option to be admitted and seen sooner
Let the Gi office know you were placed on steroids
How much and how many days etc...

Do not stop any meds unless a doctor tells you to do so
Thank you for your response. I am aware that inflammatory markers can be raised for other reasons. I also have many other symptoms including joint pain.. I know this is not a diagnosis but I am so happy to have some relief from the steroids. Just wondering what other people’s experience is with it, and how quickly they have seen improvement.