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My Story Colon Resection Surgery/Crohns

I'm new to the Forum, my story:

I was diagnosed with Crohns disease 20 years ago, I was told it was a relatively mild case. After about a year of battling with very painful Crohns and learning what not to eat to help reduce painful symptoms (e.g., no fried food, no nuts or rough foods like uncooked carrots, no spicy food, no carbonated drinks) I tried to eat the softer gentler foods, which seemed to work for me. I went into remission and 20 years later I started feeling some mild discomfort on my left side, so I had a CAT scan which revealed a stricture approximately 2 inches long. I elected surgery to possibly avoid increased chances of complications I read that could occur with the stricture (i.e., rupture, blockage, bowel regurgitation, severe pain, possible emergency surgery). I am now 3 weeks post colon resection surgery, experiencing what might be considered normal post surgery symptoms, like soreness and fatigue. After surgery I went from watery stools, to loose soft stools and now occasionally have what I would consider normal solid stools, with no pain or complications. The worst part was the first week immediately after surgery, trying to learn how to get out of bed, eating liquids, getting the strength to walk, etc.. Thanks to a great medical staff I made it through the most difficult days. I am now home and have developed what is called a Seroma (a small sore lump containing a pocket of fluid) in the main surgery site where tissue was removed. The Seroma is not serious, it does however leak and is somewhat sore, I regularly clean it and change the bandage. I am using much less pain mediation which should be a good sign and I have noticed that my appetite seems to be returning. Prior to the surgery I had discomfort on my left side, which has now gone away. This was my first surgery ever and so it was major for me. I believe I am finally seeing some light at the end of the tunnel, as I follow the doctors post operative instructions. I've been blessed through it all.


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Hello and welcome to the forum

Fatigue and soreness are definitely still normal at this stage post surgery, 3 weeks is still quite early.

I'm really glad to hear that you are recovering well and the surgery seems to have improved things for you :) .

Do you have a plan regarding maintenance treatment?