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My Story - Hi All

Hi All,

I'm Josh, live in QLD, Australia.

Anyway, here's my tale so far... Was diagnosed w suspected Crohn's (in the colon) around Sept last year. Started with the SCD diet almost immediately, before needing pred in Oct, the Pred (40mg) initially worked got rid of symptoms (blood etc), then when going down to 20mg and after some stress, the blood came back. Anyway, i've been on it now for about 4 months, im currently on 30mg and tapering down to 25mg next week, I should also mention I've almost been on pentasa (4g a day) for just short of a month (i've heard that can take some time to start working), and I am on my 6th day of TLD (total liquid diet - using fortisips). Also i self medicate with marijuana (via my vaporizer - no nicotine of course) every day for probably the past month or so (i find it helps amazingly reducing the need to go to the toilet), I generally only go to the loo in the morning (maybe 2-4 times until the bowel feels empty) I was feeling really well before starting the fortisip drinks, the reason for starting them was simply because I was still passing blood, and still am.

Overall at the moment I feel a bit indifferent on how I think i'm doing. I know I could be worse, but at the same time I'd really like to be doing better.

Anyway, greetings
Hi Joshua and welcome to the forum. I am sorry to hear that your are still passing blood. Have you had a colonoscopy? Do you have hemorrhoids? Also I would suggest giving the Dr. a call to let them know that you are still passing blood. Have you been checked to make sure that the blood loss has not caused you to become anemic?

I hope that you feel better soon and please keep us updated on how things are going.
Hi Earnellzwifey,
thanks for the reply and well wishes.
I have had a colonoscopy yes, I went for blood tests 2 weeks ago my GP said he would give me a call if anything came back urgent, mind you I should probably go back, Its not hemorroids unfortunately, I tried the hydrocorto suppositories for a week and still the blood persisted, the docs know, we are just waiting for it to try and stop i think. I was doing the SCD diet for 4 months, and felt really good on it, for a while I was having pretty healthy BM's only in the mornings (maybe 2-3) just until the bowel was empty, but there would still be traces of blood. its really annoying, thats what prompted me to go onto the total liquid diet, that feeling of not progressing positively :( ohwell, praying for remission soon. :)
I am glad the your dr is still working to get you better. I hope things turn around for you soon. Crossing my fingers that you find remission soon.


Hello Josh and welcome to the forum.

I think it may be worth chasing your doc with regards to the bloods you had done and to also let them know that despite being on the meds and liquid diet that you are still passing blood. Out of interest is the blood bright red or darker in colour?

Hi angry bird, thx for the welcome, it's a bit of both, pretty weird I was wondering if maybe it wasnt from an ulcer higher up from taking pred so long but I don't really have any higher abdo pains, maybe occasionally, but nothing ever too intense. Guess I'll find out soon enough :/ how are you fairing with your CD? Hope you're doing well