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My story so far......

Hi there,

I've only just joined. I'm 33 years old and as long as I can remember I've always had to go to the toilet after I eat something, but I've just lived with it, it wasn't that bad. But in the last year and a half, its gotten worse. In October 2011 I changed jobs and was a horrible stressful time as I got bullied by my manager, I started getting anxiety and panic attacks.
Since then, everytime I eat something, it goes right through me and I can be going to the toilet up to 15 times a day with diarrhea and I can't sit through a meal without having to excuse myself (its really embarrassing). I've lost about 2 stone in weight but not much compared to other stories I've read. I first went to my Doctor about this in June 2012 and I had various bloods, stool samples, and they came back showing that I had an inflammed blowel, so I had a colonoscopy on my large bowel and that came back fine, so they just assumed it was IBS. But then they took more blood tests and it showed that I had high bile acid levels so they have mentioned Bile Acid Malabsorption to me, but now I've had an GI check out my abdominal area and as soon as she touched my lower right side I was in pain, and been in pain ever since. I'm not sure if its always kinda been there without me paying attention to it or not. So I've now had an MRI scan on my small bowel last week and my Doctor seems to think everything is pointing to Crohns in my small bowel the terminal ileaum.
I should hopefully find out soon, as its like a dull ache on my lower right side and fed up going to the toilet ALL THE TIME, I should have shares in Andrex :ylol:

Every cloud, at least I'm gonna be a size 10 for my cousin's wedding next year at this rate :ylol:

Anyways I hope your all ok, its nice to know I'm not alone.
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Hello and welcome to the forum :)

Do you have an appt date yet to discuss the MRI results? It is good to see the small bowel has now been looked at as this is an area that the colonoscopy cannot check properly. Do you notice any improvement in your symptoms depending on what you eat? Are you still currently not on any meds to help with the tum?

Hi Emma
I had the same problem before i was diagnosed. I was working in a shipyard and would spend about 6 hours of the day going to the toilet, it was horirible. I lost about 3 stone. Once your properly diagnosed your doctor will no doubt put you on a strong dose of steroids and anti inlammatory pills. This will hopefully stop you going to the toilet as much. I went from about 15 times a day till about 1 time a day. Now im struggling to do 1 lol.

Btw... once you get put on steroids (which you probably will).. you will put all the weight back on.. and more... just so your prepared :)

I'm only taking co-codamol just now for the pain as I've to avoid anti-inflammatory like nurofen etc as it aggravate.
I gonna phone the hospital if I've not heard by the end if the week.
Shit I don't wanna put all the weight back on!!!!! That's shit - literally!!!!!! ;-)
Hi everyone,

I hope your all well as can be.....

I was at the Hospital this week and they have confirmed that my MRI scan on my small bowel came back fine, which is great news, so now they are thinking I've got Bile Acid Malabsorption, which I need to take a breath test at my GP surgery to confirm this, and live on sachets for the rest of my days. Could be worse I suppose. I asked if they have tablet form of medication instead as I've heard that the sachets are disgusting, but I've to try the sachets as they are more effective and are less expensive to produce. I'll give them a try, has anybody else had these? I think they are called Questran.


I hqve not had these sachets myself but my mums partner has bile salt malabsorbtion and found that they did help so I will be keeping fingers crossed for you.