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My story....well my updated one

Sorry i havent been on for so long that is for those who actually may remember me but i had many many things going on and im sad to say lost the time to post here. Anyways this has been a big mess so far. I staryed with crohns nearly 3 years ago now and was placed pn asacol for the first 2 years. After a doctor switch and progressively getting worse over that time i switched to imuran november of last year. I had the best time with crohns right around christmas but sadly after that began getting worse again. In april i was hospitalized for a day because of fairly severe sickness and i had lost about 15 lbs (155 to 140lbs) in two weeks. I was put on budesonide steroids at this time too. I gained weight back to 150 but during my hospital stay it was noticed i have active inflammation again. Last month we decided to give remicade a chance and i am currently waiting for all that paperwork to go through before i can start it. Oh and since ive been waiting i am now down to a measly 138lbs. Im glad to be back and i look forward to meeting all uou new people.


Hi crazy
and welcome back!

hope you have some success with the Remi, so good luck with it!
see you around


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Hi CC, hope the remi gets you a long remission!! How old are you? Haha, before I ask that, I should know if you are male or female!! If you are male, how old are you? Otherwise, I won't believe you anyway!! I hope you get to feeling well soon so you can also have some fun on here. See you around!!

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Crazy Canuck, I wonder where you got to, dont worry lots of people come and go , and when they are really sick or feeling good they post much and that is ok, as long as you come back.

I hope the Remicade works for ya, they say it takes up to 8 weeks to feel the benefits, I never got that far, had a terrible reaction to it. However there are so many that have done wonderfully. Yes the testing and making sure you able to have Remicade takes time but worth it in the long run.
Keep us posted and let us know how you are doing on it!:goodluck:


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Hey Crazy, :bigwave:

Welcome back and nice to meet you. I hope the Remicade does the trick for you....


Take care, :)
haha well you can believe me I'm 19 (male) thanks for the comments guys its nice to be back. just found out my mom is putting through (what should be) the final papers tomorrow. already done the tb test, blood work, finnancial coverage and now I'm just proving I am infact a Canadian citizen so I can prove I am eligable and then its just a matter of setting the date and going :) quite excited about that because its been a rough couple weeks lately. Just had a friend pass away a couple weeks ago and well I don't have to say it but stress was a major factor there and well i guess still is, thats the reason for my weight loss recently.

oh and ps i forgot to mention I'm liking some of the new smilies added since I've been gone haha I'm liking the GOODLUCK! guy