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My Story

Hi everyone

I was diagnosed with Crohns when i was 17 (1997) and it was never an issue until i became pregnant. In 1999 i had to have a ileostomy/mucus fistula, as things were gettin quite serious at the time and i was only just 2 months pregnant. They they also took 85% of my colon away. I had the op reversed in 2004 and have encountered lots of other health issues. I have Infliximab infusions every 8 wks and take Azathioprine 200mg, 4800mg Asacol and lots of other iron, calcium etc.

I've always been too scared of joining forums like this but i guess i'm lost at the min, ive just had to quit uni too because of these health issues. Also having an ex basically put me down constantly because of what i go through hasn't helped.

Just reading some of the posts so far on here, has helped me to see that i'm not alone with this and hopefully i'll meet some wonderful people from here:ybiggrin:

Thanks for reading
Lisa x

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Hi Ivy :welcome:! I know you feel like you are at a loss, and it certainly doesn't help having an ex cause you more aggrivation. He is an ex, and keep it that way... I have been in your shoes with the ex's... I havent had your surgeries but I have had 2 resections. Stress is a big concern with this disease and if you are going through custody battles, I know of that too. I hope you just ignore your ex, look after you and your child, nothing else matters. Many people here from the UK, welcome aboard!
Welcome Ivy! I'm sorry that you had an ex put you down for being sick. that is so unfair! Just curious, how is your baby? Do you still have the ostomy? I'm sorry you have had a ruff time with this disease, you are right that you will meet some wonderful people here though. Welcome to our little family!


Hiya Lisa
and welcome fellow Brit
not so far from me!

You're no longer alone with this now, we're all here to help and support you.
Know where you're coming from re: ex, tell him to get stuffed!
Don't talk to him about your illness, you do not have to justify yourself to anyone, especially him!
Concentrate on you and your baby for now.
Glad to have you here, loads of friends here for you
lotsa luv
Joan xxx


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Hi Lisa and welcome! I am so sorry you have been having such a difficult time with this disease. It certainly isn't easy, especially when those in your life aren't supportive. But you've got us now! We know exactly what you are going through! Is your current treatment keeping your Crohn's relatively under control?
Thanks for the reply guys...

@Pen, Thanks for the advice and that is exactly what i intend to do!! and luckily there are no custody battles to get stressed with :)

@Nicole, Thanks hun i know.. i've learnt that it's him with the problem for actin that way. My daughter is no longer a baby she is 10 going on 20!! My ostomy was reversed about 6 yrs ago, my specialist says that i have 1 other drug to try when this fails then its the bag again, which i don't really wanna think about right now x

@Joan, yes we do live quite close :) and ive finally realised this and he shall stay forever an ex!! Thank you for being very welcoming too x

@Jill, Thank you it's good to know, i really am glad i've joined, i dont know why i was so scared! They are sort of but ive had a peri anal abcess for the past 8 months thats now turned into a fistula. Ive had a seton inserted and they have doubled my dose of infliximab just for 2 infusions to see if all will settle down again. My GI has also said that when the infliximab no longer continues to work, there is the only and last option, of Humira and then i need to have the bag back...i haven't even heard of the medication you are taking!! Is it working well for you? x

Lisa xx
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e13 boy

Also having an ex basically put me down constantly because of what i go through hasn't helped.

Just reading some of the posts so far on here, has helped me to see that i'm not alone with this and hopefully i'll meet some wonderful people from here

Thanks for reading
Lisa x
Hi Lisa

If anyone finds it neccesary to put you down, be it your ex or any friends they are simply not worth bothering with.When you have to deal with IBD you really find out who your true friends are.I saw the true characters of a few people i thought were friends - now i wouldn't give them the time of day.
But it has made me a better judge of character as i've got older.

You will find great support on here.

Best Wishes
Hi e13 boy
You are so right :) It isn't nice when you realise ppl aren't always what they seem to be, but it's better to find out and get rid!! :)

Thanks for ur reply x