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My story!!

Hello everyone, my name is joshua. iam a 24 year old male who has had a bad friend named crohns since i was 10. as a kid i was pretty good disease wise, id feel it doing its thing alot, mostly when i was playing baseball. Lets skip ahead to 2000-------> this is where i really started to take a turn for the worst. 2000 til 2005 was alot of months in the hospital with iv's, tubes, and pain meds!September 2, 2005 i was admited into Boston medical center for my first surgery, i was told by my sergon that he was going to remove my colon and some intestines and that i had a 1% chance that i would need a colostomy bag, well because i have the best luck in the world i woke with..... thats right a colostomy bag!! I was soo upset! Well i was told that i could get it off the day befor thanksgiving 2005, so it was only a couple months, well i felt soo good about myself that the bag was off, so i was ready to start my life, free of pain and discomfort! Well because i have the best luck in the world as i said, the day after the super bowl feb 7 2006 i was rushed in to boston once again for emergency surgery because of a perf of my intestines! Well i guess i was dead on the table becuse of all the junk tha flowed into my system, well again i woke from the surgery with... thats right a bag on my side once again! but this time they say its for life!! How do I live, how do i date, how do i do anything?? iam so upset on a daily basis i just cannot stand it! i have just recently kicked the pain killers cause id prob. overdose, but im just missing the love and support of another! What do i do? someone please help!!!


Hi Joshua,

Welome to the site, Wow thanks for your story, I don't have a stoma, but i do have cd like you, I know plenty of people with stoma's and i can imagine its very scary for you, but do not panic or get upset, you can lead a normal life with it and do all the other things you used to do, just maybe feeling a bit better. As for romance etc, if they cannot accept you with a stoma then they are not worth knowing...

We are all here for you!!



Hi joshua :welcome: to the site.Sorry to hear of the nitemare youve had thru the years resulting in a bag.Confidence is pretty hard to come by dating wise while your still learning how to deal with the bag.Ive had my baggie since June 2003.Was the 3rd aniversary just past and ive come to learn that most people will accept you bag and all if you have a positve outlook on life and dont let it get to you too much.
My 1st date after the operation was with someone that lasted a few months which i ended.She had never even heard of a bag or crohns but was fine with my baggie.
Its always good to date someone who understands this disease which ive found myself but dont rule anyone out and good luck with your health and living life to the fullest.
Any advise i can give regards a guys perspective with a bag or supplies etc pm me id be glad to help.


Hey Joshua! Sorry to hear about the tough times, but you seem like an great guy who will conquer anything that comes along!


Hi Joshua, sorry for everything youve had to go through, it must be very hard. I know that has been a big fear of mine, having to have any surgery, but also having a bag. Since Ive found a couple of really great support sites though, and met other people who have CD or UC, I think I understand things a lot better, and not saying I want surgery or anything, but if it had to happen, I think with all this support, and advice it wouldnt be as big a deal.
so I hope you like it here, and can meet some of us and feel better about things. As for the dating thing, dont worry so much about it, there are lots of really understanding girls out there! and coming from a girl who has a boyfriend with a stoma, I have no problems with it at all, and honestly never think too much about it.
hope your well,


Welcome Joshua,

no matter what you think about your luck, it certainly helped you to find this place. I do not have a stoma, but as several have already said there are quite a fair portion of people on here that have one. We would all love to help you in any way we can, so please do not be shy in asking any questions (or just venting for a while).



Hello Joshua ... I am GRANDMA BEAR aka KAREN & I would like to take a moment of your time to WELCOME YOU & I am sure that you will have a great time here with us ... so jump right in and have some fun ... the ANYTHING GOES THREAD is where you can find lots of GAMES & LOTS of FUN so come over and join us sometime soon !! :thumleft:

See you soon !!


Hey Joshus

Wellcome to the site. As for the bag if someone who cant accept you for you its their loss, I dont have one myself and have had friends who has self consious issues so found it hard to date but seriously i feel once you "accept" it they will to.

Best of luck with that mate