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My story

Hello everyone…:shifty:

I am new to this whole Crohn's colitis gig. :confused2:

I was put on an antibiotic about 6months ago, one of the symptoms was diarrhea; so when I got that symptom I thought nothing of it…until it never went away! Through trying to figure out what this constant diarrhea was I had blood work, stool samples breath tests found out I had a stomach infection (was treated with prev-pack), and my liver enzymes were elevated. So from there I had my gallbladder examined (most common reason for liver enzymes) and of course I had gallstones (gallbladder was removed). After this my liver enzymes were still elevated (still having diarrhea:poo:) and so they sent me to a GI dr. I had a colonoscopy on Monday January 13, 2014 and when I woke up he said I have Crohn's colitis. He also took biopsy’s and I will get the results from that in about 2weeks.

In the meantime I’m trying to learn as much as possible, so I can ease the diarrhea and hopefully start to get hydrated again. I’m also taking Liada Dr 1.2 gm 2x a day and we’ll discuss how that went in 2 weeks as well.


Welcome to the forum, atteberyc!

I've already responded to your thread asking about Crohn's colitis, but I wanted to welcome you as well!

Is there anything specific that you're hoping to learn?

Lialda is a mesalamine medication, and one of the gentler options in treating IBD. You can learn about it in the mesalamine section of the forum, found here. Have you noticed any foods upsetting your stomach more than others? You may want to try a food journal to determine what foods, if any, are problematic for you. In doing so, just try to be as detailed as possible in listing everything you eat or drink and your symptoms, so you can more easily make connections.

:hug: I hope things get better for you soon!
Thank you so much! At this point I have noticed that oatmeal has given me some releif (had it this morning w/o any negative symptoms) other than that everything else so far is pretty hard on my stomach. I've been dowining gatorade trying to stay hydrated...i dont know if its helping or not.

Diagnosed with Crohn's Colitis 01/13/14
Meds: Lialda
NEWBIE-trying to learn