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My Story...

I was 30 when I started to feel sick and went to the doctor at the college I was attending and she told me I had IBS. I tried everything she suggested and I only felt worse. She sent me to a GI and he told me to load up on fiber and sent me on my way...I felt worse. I went to another GP and she told me it was IBS but sent me to a different GI and he examined me and ordered x rays and blood tests and a barium enema (fun that was!) and the results were all negative. I got worse and worse. Went back to the GP and this time she sent me to number 3 GI and he finally ordered the upper GI series which showed I had Crohns. For two years I had been suffering with the worst burning diareeha and pain and fatigue and I had lost almost 40 lbs by this point. They put me on prednisone and I immediately perked up - that worked until they tried to wean me off it and all the symptoms came back - Surgery was my next option - they removed 18 inches of disease in my small intestine - where the small bowel joins the large - most commom site for Crohns they tell me. Felt mildly better - fatigue was better but I still had terrible burning diareeha all the time - Still symptomatic but struggled through life - I would flare up, then down, then up - never really achieving a long remission - I now have 5 to 6 inches of new disease that the Remicade keeps mostly in check but now have terrible joint pain to the point of incapacitation - my GI wants to try Cimzia now - waiting until October 6th to give that a shot...been hell having this disease - changed my whole life as I am sure it has changed everyone's on this site. I lost three jobs, my schooling, a fiance, all my life savings and a wee bit of my sanity I am sure...I would like to go back to those doctors who kept telling me I had IBS and leave them a nice diahreea pipebomb on their desks lol- one had the nerve to suggest a psychiatrist - I kept saying "no, it is not in my head - it is in my gut!" Oh well, I keep keeping on as they say - what choice do we have?!



You story sounds like many of ours on here. It seems like we are just passed from Dr to Dr until someone gets it right. :)

Sorry to hear about the horrible D, but I hope it passes soon!!!

Hahahaha a d pipebomb.....LOVE IT!!