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My story

73 yr old male diagnosed with crohn's after right hemi-collectomy for a bowel obstruction in 2012. Until then I never had symtoms. I have resisted any drug treatment up until now. My GI doctor is going to write a script for Humira even though his diagnosis is mild to moderate crohn's, not moderate to severe. The cost of the drug is astounding as you all know. What program's have people found to defray the cost if any.




Hello Dunkinidaho and welcome to the forum!

That link isn't working for me Trysha. Maybe their site is having some issues right now.

Humira has some options that may help: https://www.humira.com/humira-complete/insurance-coverage

One of the best things you can do though is have your doctor send a Prior Authorization if your insurance refuses to pay. Which insurance do you have? For me Medicaid covered it 100%.

We also have a section on the forum for Humira and I'm sure there are more threads in there that ask the same thing here: https://www.crohnsforum.com/forumdisplay.php?f=59
I've applied for a couple assistance programs and awaiting a reply. I have medicare part d drug ins. that helps but not much. It won't pay for humira and in fact the yearly cost will be around 12 grand.


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Hello and welcome.I'm not encouraging you NOT to take meds if your Doctor says they will be beneficial to you.My crohns colitis is mild to moderate and I chose not to take any medication.I do have Proctitis too so occassionaly have to use Asacol suppositories.I also need to use Loperamide to slow things down and laxatives to speed things up sometimes.I chose not to start crohns meds because I feared if one didn't work or I had side affects,then I would be offered something else to try,and so it goes on.I hope after 12yrs + I know my crohns well enough to know when I might need further help.Regular tests should show if you need meds.I would discuss it with your doctor before making a decision.
Welcome, Dunkinidaho. I am relatively new to this forum, but have found it to be a great help for information and moral support. I start my first Remicade infusion next week and have no idea yet how much of it my Medicare Part D will pay for. Hope you find some help with that huge Humira bill!:yfaint: