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My story

I am a parent of an adult son with crohn's. He always had stomach issues since he was 2 years old but the drs never diagnosed him properly. In march 2011 he presented with perianal abscesses which didnt get dealt with properly either. Finally, in october 2011 the abscesses were surgically dealt with. February 3rd 2012 we were told he had crohn's disease. It wasnt until 2017 that he went into clinical remission. Life has been rough for us in the past but things have settled down, thank God.


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Hi there, I am glad your son is feeling better just now. It is not an easy illness to live with so it is a real bonus to be in remission. Thank God, I too am doing better just now. Crohns hasn't gone, it never does, but it is manageable. I hope he continues to feel better.