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My story

38yo with no real stomach issues until my pregnancy with my third child when I had a lot of severe pain for about 4 months (OB couldn’t figure out the pain and the GI I was referred to wouldn’t touch me because I was pregnant- just said it will go away after the baby is born) and ended up with a 1cm small bowel resection, liver abscess and an ileocolonic crohn’s diagnosis in May 2019. Post baby I’ve had daily diarrhea that I feel is getting progressively worse. I’ve been on prednisone tapers, tried remicade (without much success) and now 5 weeks into stelara with 4 week dosings with no success so far (I know stelara needs more time). I’m popping Imodium like it’s candy and pretty miserable. I just want to go back to the way I was before my third pregnancy.
I’m feeling lost and frustrated- I don’t know how to navigate this disease and nothing seems like it fully resolves the symptoms (prednisone and Imodium are the only thing that gets me to approaching normal). I had a colonoscopy in Nov that showed mild active crohn’s in the terminal ileum (surgical site) and two spots of mild inflammation in the colon (was still on prednisone at the time).
Hi - - Might be worth getting your doctor to check the levels of your water soluable vitamins. For me - if I have a lot of D, I get low in B1 - which can also cause D...and make you feel awful.