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My Story

I was diagnosed with crohns in July last year, it is in my large and small intestine and I've also got ulcers which are extremely painful, it has also caused numerous health conditions for me im only 21, I've been on two different types of steroids prednisone and entocort and none of them have worked, I can't work because of the pain and constant diarrhoea, im a medical card patient and I've been private but its 4,000 per month for the next treatment which I can not afford, my public appointments have been cancelled due to the gastroenterologist retiring and they can't get a new doctor any time soon, any opinions on what to do next
... sorry to hear about the rough road you've been traveeling

The good news is that you're here and you're posting. :)

Please, feel free to start any threads you need to to, on any topics you need information on

There's some really experienced and knowledgable folks here who can help you get some things sorted out.

There's also some really good information to be found searching the various forums.
I've found a lot of interesting topics in the diet and nutrition subforum

Welcome to the board!


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Hello and welcome,
I don't understand how medical card patient and private treatment work ? However, if you have a non paying medical scheme, though mine is paid by National Health Insurance, then you should opt for that. I see you said Consultant not appointed yet. Visit your regular G.P. for advice and help. You need to have bloods checked etc to see how you are doing on Steroids.
It does take time to find the right doze and medicine that works for you. What works well for one doesn't necessarily work for another!
I do hope you feel better soon and manage to find a Doctor.