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My Update

Well just a little update since almost passing away on December 23rd. I made it out of the hospital in 15 days which is apparently pretty good according to my doctor and witout a bag. I had to have the lower half of my small and a foot of my large intestine removed due to dead bowel and a blood infection. I have been feeling pretty good but i am unsure of my future. My doctor and the surgeons say I should be dead but since i am young (36) and fought hard thats why everything is progressing faster than usual. I have not had this good of an appetite for over a year, i can eat everything in sight. I have routine blood tests and things are not 100% but close to it. When i went into the hospital my albumin was 7, yes 7 and now I am 25 and climbing. I would love to hear from anyone who has had similar surgery or surgery in general for advice. I am taking lots of suppliments which include ensure ans isolated whey protein. I have been told by the doctors that there are no food restrictions just watch what you eat. I saw a nutritionist and did get some help but was told every crohns sufferer reacts differently to foods and must deal with it accordingly. Well here i am, doing what i can to make my and my familys life better and considering where i was a month ago taking everyday as a new day. Thanks to everyone in advance for advice or support.


Thanks for the update JohnathanO!

I am so glad you made it through surgey so well. It is amazing how the body can rebound after such a drastic change (like losing several feet of intestine) so quickly. I hope you will not have to experience another near death experience until the real event (hopefully not for another 100 years :)).

I had surgery about 6 years ago and I would say it took a good 6 weeks to 2 months before I made a full recovery. After 2 months I felt comfortable to be in a gym and do weights.

After losing so much intestine it is quite possible you will suffer from absorption issues as your intestines are used the absorb various vitamins and minerals in addition to water.

It sounds like your terminal ileum might have been removed, which is heavily responsible for the absorbtion of vitamin B-12. It is very important that you monitor your levels of B-12. If you do have your B-12 levels tested, please make sure you read this amazing post on vitamin and mineral deficiencies and see the information about B-12 to see how this is often tested for inaccurately.


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Hi Jonathon,

Wow bud, scary stuff! I'm so glad you made it through ok! *hugs*

I agree 100% with Mike above. In addition, you may have issues with ALL your fat soluble vitamins (A, D, E, K) so keep a close eye on them (especially the D).

I realize they say there's no food limitations but this would likely be a great time to transition towards a very healthy diet.

I wish you all the best :)


Hi Jonathan, I am soo pleased that you are home and feeling better after such a horrendous time :hug: Totally agree with David and Mike about having vitamins checked. Other than watching what you eat are the docs planning on any other treatment for you?