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My Update...

About 6 weeks ago now I switched doctors and then medication. I went from asacol which was doing nothing for me to Imuran. It is already starting to change my life. This is the best I've felt since diagnoses 2 years ago and almost all my bm's are formed! It still shocks me everytime I look because this hasn't been the case since about 3 years ago.

Yesterday I went for a colonoscopy of which the main reason was to dilate the end of my colon and the area where my small and large intestines join. All apparently went very well according to the doctor who did it but I will find out all the details when I meet with my doctor for the follow-up. Well I say all went well except for the fact that I'm extremely needlephobic and passed out when the nurse was trying to start my IV (I had 3!!) anyways besides that episode my whole appointment went very well. Also much to my suprise despite being sedated I was fully aware of everything going on when I woke up and only felt light headed and had stomach pains after.

Over yesterday and so far today I have some discomfort especially after eating and when standing up and some kind of blood chunks coming out. So I'm waiting a week to figure out if the dilation did what it was suppose to.

p.s. MissValentine if you end up reading this how did you colonoscopy go you had one on the same day if I remember right.
Yay!! Glad you got through it ok - let's hope it did what it was supposed to do. I'm so glad the Imuran is working for you as well. I can remember the surprise after I had my surgery of having "normal" bm's after years and years of mush - it is a nice surprise for a change eh?
Thank you guys. It really feels great. wait out the pains from the colonoscopy and I think I should be pretty much into near full recession :) Good luck to you all too!

Glad to hear the positive results and hope things continue to work for you... what exactly was the dilation supposed to do? where was the area to be dilated located?
Thats good news hun, long may it continue! glad the imuran is working for you! keep us updated on how you get on x