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Narrow escape...

I woke up at 4am drenched in sweat and gave spent all day in the toilet sweating and pooping...

Fortunately it was my 6 week check up at the hospital this afternoon. When I got init wasn't my usual GI, it was a member of his team, and she didn't know why I was there or what was wrong with me.

I thought it was a bad start, but filled hercin on my background and then she said, "so how are you today?" at which point I dissolved into tears and generally whinged a lot about poo... I did snot as well as tears...

So then she said. "right we're admitting you". I refused so she went and got the consultant, he said "you are too sick, we have to admit you for IVs"

I did more snot and tears, and after a whole load of debate including the fact it's half term, he agreed to let me go home on double steroids and increased 6mp.

If I'm not significantly improved wthin 48 hours though... I'm back for a stay I. The nut house.... Wish me luck friends...

I'm typing this from the toilet - classy or what?

Lishyloo x
Thinking of you Lishy, hoping that things get better so that you don't have to get admitted! Although really, just hoping that you get better period! Keep us posted.
((HUGS)) Lishy!! Why do they want to admit you? Are they thinking you are getting dehydrated from all the D? It seems like a lot of people get admitted over there - and hardly ever in the US - so strange. I think I would only get admitted if I had a perf or a bad abscess or something. Otherwise they dope me up with drugs and tell me to call if it doesn't get better. The hospital is the last place to go to feel better practically - I'm glad you talked them out of keeping you. I hope you start feeling better soon!! Keep pushing those fluids!!
Sorry you are having it bad, Lishy. I hope things turn around.

And yes, you are a classy lady. I know you are sitting on your throne as royally as your Queen sits on her throne. With just a little more exposure. lol


Hope the upped meds work for you! Being in hospital really sucks.....good luck!

Oh my goodness! Which hospital do you go to?

I usually have the opposite problem where I feel like complete crap most of the time and then feel well on the day I go to see someone so they think I'm well.

I hope you feel better though and wont have to go in!
Aw Lishy, hope you start to feel better with the uped dose.

Am I the only one here who actually liked being in the hospital?? I guess it was because I was at rock bottom and being in there helped me put some weight back on and get me on the right meds.
Snot AND tears! well done :) Hope you feel better soon, but for goodness sake if you dont then get yourself admitted and get it sorted!
This is exactly what I love about you guys!

I give a little moan and in no time I get all these messages of love and support, what a wonderful community this is... I am so thankful to have found you. Today I was in despair, thinking NO ONE understands, NO ONE really knows what this is like... How wrong was I, because all of you understand, and suddenly I have hugs and prayers from all over the world!

The reason they wanted to admit me was for IV Hydrocortisone, I was tempted, because it does give a flare a good kicking... But on the other hand, I hate being in hospital, away from my kids, invariably opposite a nutter and getting no sleep, you never get your meds on time, and you can't have a nice cup of tea when you want it. And of course they never have chocolate ensure!

So I have 48 hours to see if I improve, if not then I will be incarcerated... Thing is once they get you in they never let you go! And my poor hubby has to work - who would look after the kids? From a purely domestic/financial point of view an Admission is a nightmare.

Anyways, I love you all loads, and I'll keep you posted on the poop situation...

On the plus side, if I do get admitted I promise to post lots of hilarious anecdotes about hospital life like last time - no doubt there will be more stories to tell!

Love and healthy bowels to you all my dear friends!

Lishyloo x


Fog Ducker said:
Aw Lishy, hope you start to feel better with the uped dose.

Am I the only one here who actually liked being in the hospital?? I guess it was because I was at rock bottom and being in there helped me put some weight back on and get me on the right meds.
I actually didn't mind it either...just missed my bed! The hospital bed I was in was a nightmare. And the food was gross (thank god my boyfriend went and got me the good stuff!).
Hope ya feelin betta soon lishy

if ya gotta go hospital grab a phone with Internet access or a lappy with wireless
then ya can chat with us in there
that's what kept me sain while I was in

well as sain as I can be lol

get well soon hugs for ya
Hey lishy, hope you feel better soon, i am waiting for a call as well to see if i have to be admitted too....gotta love the IV hydrocortisone, stings like a bitch tho..but does kick ass!

gotta remember to take my webphone into the loo with me next time, magazines dont cut it in this day and age......looking forward to more toilet updates :)

hope your increased meds work and you are getting spoiled by your family, nothing like a bit of tlc and choc ensure ;)

get well soon xx
Agree with gibby about the Hydrocortiscone works wonders
jus the down side of water retention an swelling ya get from long term use at high levels

hope ya hav get better soon lishy
Fog, I like being in the hospital too! It is the only place where I get a break. Also, it is the only place that I can get pain meds so it is the only time I am not in some kind of pain.

Sorry you are going through this Lishy. I hope that you are feeling better soon without having to go in. I wish I could go in your place (and we could both feel better as a result)!


mum with a dogdy tum
lishy stop writting in the loos, you shouldve out grown that when you were a teenager!!!! you HAVE to write in the ward, it annoys the old people in the bed next to you!!!
hope you get sorted soon .
i think this is close to the 48 hour mark....thinking of you and hoping that you're feeling well enough that you don't have to get admitted!!
I just saw this so I'm a little late, but I'm sorry to hear of your troubles Lishy! I hope your 48 hour reprieve worked and you are on the mend so you don't have to be admitted.