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Narrowing of colon. Does it stay or go.

I have been recently diagnosed for Crohn's and am new to Crohn'sForum.

When I did my first CT Scan it said severe narrowing of the colon. I was having smaller stool more strips and smaller. After prednisone 40mg and Lialda I responded well and don't have any smaller stool. I did not really have diarrhea until the latter part or towards the end before I got treatment. I always had small strips during flare and now I don't and the stool is larger but I feel a bloating feeling at lower far left abdomen near hip bone. It comes and goes sometimes within hours and sometimes I don't feel it at all. It feels like gas I would of had before I ever get diagnosed. Sometimes after passing some gas it gets better but it seems to stick around longer than gas. I am trying to make sense of it. My questions:

Is this narrowing, inflammation, bloating, or all or some of them?

Does narrowing from inflammation since I have only got one flare mean that I was scarred and permanently strictured? I did not feel this when I was on higher dose of 40mg prednisone and bloating feeling started after tapering down. I am thinking it is not strictured permanently and I don't think my Dr. will have the answer as I am not due for colonoscopy until some time passes for treatment.

When do strictures occur? I had narrowing which I obviously don't have because my stools are larger.

Forgot to mention above I don't feel pain when stool passes that point. I did have pain there before when I was in middle of flare when stool would pass right before going to bathroom. Its now just a naggy feeling that comes and goes. Confused??


it's hard to say how long it would take inflammation to become scar tissue. It varies for everyone. Inflammation can be fought with drugs and helped through diet but scar tissue can only be resolved via surgery.