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Natural Cure?

Hey guys, I'm 19 and I have had Crohn's disease since i was 16....It got pretty bad when i took steroids as well....But hey I dont have much time to write but recently I have become symptom free and I have gotten off ALL my medication ..Thats right Zero Pills....

I Haven't done or taken anything Magical..And Im not an expert by any stretch!....But I have done certain basic things over the past few years due to which I feel as good as I've ever felt (even before Crohn's)

Im writing this in hope to help people who want to get rid of this horrible illness and If anyone is interested in the simple things I did to get me to this stage please send me a message and I will be happy to explain it you with all the details.
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i'll test
HEY sorry for the LATE reply guys!! I've been REALLY busy with university tests assignment etc lately...Anyways, there is no magic pill i used or some magic formula. Instead I've developed a system that has worked for me and made me symptom free for the last 18 months...I'am pill free right now......yes NO PILLS.....I think the best way to explain my system will be to divide it into THREE main points

1. The Basics
2. Food
3. Lifestyle

There will be a lot of things i mention which you will have heard before but bear with me... Tonight I will talk about
TOPIC 1. The Basics
NO Smoking NO drinking....If you don't quit, then don't even bother reading the rest of this page

Things to avoid like the plague:


Mcdonalds, KFC, Burger King and any other Fast food chain you can think of.

Any cooking oils except extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil....If you guys have any other heathy cooking oils please share..

White sugar...Substitute this for Brown Sugar

No ice Cream (YES SAD I KNOW)

No White Bread

No fizzy/gassy drinks E.g. Coke, Pepsi, Red bull or any other energy type of drinks.
Avoid drinks with a high sugar content.... Even things like bottled Ice tea are very high in sugar content (28.1 MGS!)
There are a lot more foods to avoid but my general point is to AVOID processed foods.... They are just not good for you...From the fat content in some foods to some having a high Faeces content (Mcdonalds)... Yes high Faeces content.....
The amount of antibiotics, Pills, hormones and other junk that goes into these type of foods is just insane......Did you know that most milk has traces of Puss, blood, piss, growth hormones, antibiotics and none of them are traceable items!.. Crazy right.

While the cooking oils except olive oil and coconut oil, are pretty much fat storing devices in your skin, which wil just worsen your Illness....and have Bad carbs.. I will talk good Carbs Later

Now onto the basic Supplements/oils to have:
These are a must

Omega 3 purified fish oil

These two oils help with general digestion and provide the essential fatty acids your stomach needs, Plus fish oil is also good for the brain while flaxseed oil (as a bonus) also helps prevent baldness in men lol.
Anyways hey its late here and Iam really tired.....If you guys are keen, Next time I will talk about Topic 2, my own personal diet etc etc

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Sounds a lot like the recommendations made in Dr. Scala's book : Eating Right For A Bad Gut In there he outlines the prostaglandin production related to the fat type intake and sites some studies by Epidemiologists who have identified cultural trends with little to no IBD issues.

The Omega 3 vs Omega 6 thing is pretty interesting and seems to be the main theme of all the various diets I see discussed on here.
No offense Arkade, but I think you are using a particular diet and then sort of guessing based on wives' tales, myths, and assumptions on why it works. Fat isn't "stored in the skin", for example, it's stored under the skin (subcutaneously) in adipose tissue...and oils don't have "bad carbs"....it's oil, it has no carbs...so I'm a little confused on your rationale behind these recommendations. Not to say they aren't sound recommendations, because we all know natural foods are more likely to be "healthy" but your explanations have sketchy semblance to the real reasoning. Where are you getting this information beyond your own experience? I understand your need to pass on what you deem as crucial, life-changing facts, but what is your source of such data?

I also highly recommend you don't use the word "cure"....bad idea.
I am 21 and I was diagnosed at 16. I had a terminal ileum resection when i was 16 and that put me in remission for 4 years. Then last year i got a sinus infection and i was given antibiotics, and i got sick again. This time I decided to try experimenting with diet, and after a year and 3 months from when i was given the antibiotics that threw me off, I have been able to wean off all medication in favor of diet and supplements. but I don't think it's always about NO this and NO that. For example, I love ice cream, so I will have some frozen yogurt with very low sugar content sometimes. Above all, it's about maintaining a balance that makes you happy instead of restricting yourself to a certain lifestyle of rules that someone else has made for you. For me, the bottom line was replenishing my system with probiotics.

Ways I get probiotics besides by taking pills or powders: yogurt, kimchee, miso, raw sauerkraut, any fermented vegetable that is raw and refrigerated, kombucha

Also, I found this list of "prebiotics" found in common foods that help create a favorable environment for probiotics to survive in. (of course, if you are sensitive to any of these, don't eat them! but as you start to feel better, it's nice to know that enjoyable things like alcohol or grains aren't ALWAYS prohibited.)--
asparagus, bananas, barley, beans, beer (microbrews), berries, tomatoes, cherries, dark chocolate, eggplant, garlic, herbs (fresh), jerusalem artichokes, leeks, oats, onions, peanuts, peas, red wine, soybeans, tea, whole rye, whole wheat

It seems counterintuitive because the whole thing about the low carb diet prohibits a lot of the above foods. But I think maybe what happens is that these types of foods feed bacteria, and if your body is populated with bad bacteria, the bad ones will get first dibs at these foods, but if you're giving your body a lot of probiotics, the good bacteria also feed off certain specific alcohols and grains (in moderation of course).

What I did was follow the yeast syndrome diet and take anti fungal supplements plus probiotics for a while, then once i started to feel more energy (after 2.5 months of it, more or less "by the book" with just a few cheats), i encorporated low sugar fruits, and lately I've just started to have bananas + berries and a few grains here and there. I'm scared it's going to go out of control again, though. Once you incorporate a food back in, you get so excited about it and it's so easy to mess up...
I've read a lot of people's stories with their bacterial imbalance problems, but having crohn's on top of it makes it all the more complicated to get in control.

I realize this is not the way that is going to help every person but i thought I'd put in my 2 cents because I have a similar story to Arkade, and she is taking so long to tell us the story! ha ha.

Also, (to BWS) I used to use the word cure a lot, and I see why you don't like it. i haven't used it at all lately because I have begun to realize I'm going to be dealing with this crap for a long time. I go back and forth between telling myself i'm on my way to a cure and saying to myself that i'm diseased. One might be more accurate than the other, but either way, the word cure makes me feel a lot of hope, and so i don't think it's altogether a 'bad' idea.
For only being twenty one years old, I am impressed with the amount of thought you have put into this. Your theory may be right or wrong to one degree or another, I am sure mine is also. I notice quite a few younger people here that are constantly impressing me with what they have learned, or even if they are just looking for information.

The impressive part is that you have put some real thought behind what you are doing, and that will pay off at some point. Maybe it is already paying off.

At twenty one, I simply would not have done anything more than take a pill if I was offered one.

I hope you hold your own on the disease. Yeah, cure is a tough word to use with Crohn's, but permanent remission is close enough for me. Even though it may turn out not to be permanent at some point in the future. If what you are doing is working, stick with it until it does not work anymore. Just the old football analogy.

Hi Penny

What is the yeast syndrome diet and what anti-fungal supplement did you take? It's always nice to know about new approaches.Thanks
I took this: http://www.evitamins.com/product.asp?pid=3831 until I ran out. Supposedly it's 15 days on, 5 days off anti fungals. During the 5 days off I try and take a lot of probiotic type things. The diet is basically vegetables and animal protein. No grains or fruits or nuts or beans or starches for the first month (awful..), then slowly adding back in lower sugar fruit at first, then a little bit of rice, and just sort of see what sits well and what doesn't.

I cheated a ton of times, but overall I think I've improved since I started, in cutting down on things at least. Plus I learned what types of foods are antibacterial that I like, coconut-based products for example, and indian spices like curry. If you google candida diet you can find a lot of different food lists.
Arkade24 said:
Any cooking oils except extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil....If you guys have any other heathy cooking oils please share..

extra virgin olive oil is NOT to be used to cook with! when heated, it releases carcinogenic properties, and should only be used cold ie on salads or drizzled on bread...

normal olive oil is the one to use for heating/cooking.
beth said:
What is your source for that Ding? We use EV olive oil for just about everything.
i've heard the warning about heating extra virgin olive oil for years.. through the media and word of mouth too. right now i can't find a medical link on the net verifying the connection of heating it and carcinogenic properties, but i did find this link which more or less sums up the issue....


it's possible that what i've heard is wrong, or overly cautious, so i guess it's up to the individual, but it's worth being aware that there may be the risk there...
You are correct. Olive Oil has a low flash point and should be used only at low temperatures. It is not suitable for the frying pan.

Yeah we found this one out the hard way... Olive oil DOES have a low flash point... you can cook with it in a pan but only below medium heat... its tends to be all... Flamey above that.