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Natural stool softener alternative

I apologize in advance if I should have posted my question from my last thread.

My son is on Miralax to deal with his fissures. He has always gone regularly so our goal is just to keep his stool soft. He is complaining regularly of stomach pains which is something he hadn't done before. The doctor did say this could happen. Does anyone know of any natural stool softner alternatives?

Thank you in advance!

my little penguin

Staff member
Miralax is your best bet .
Ds has been on it for 10 years now
Crohns can cause belly pain especially if there is inflammation (scope and imaging is only way to tell)
We have tried prune juice (horrendous cramps)
Higher fiber stuff
Such as pears peaches
Breads with flax
Once healing has taken place after dx and months of meds then diet things can help more
But you still may need miralax daily
Look up a recipe for "yakima paste". People swear by it.

Not sure it worked for my son. To tell you the truth, senna works better for us than miralax although I believe it may have warnings against use in Crohn's. My son has light disease activity but high constipation levels and nothing else is effective for him but, I have to stress....always ok it with GI.