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Nausea/Vomiting while flaring?

I am wondering if anyone else has nausea and vomiting while flaring. I feel like I have about 100 times the stomach acid as usual, and threw up a couple of times last night. Does anyone have any thoughts/solutions? I have UC and am currently in a flare. I have been using Rowasa for the past three days, and the bleeding has gotten much better. My craving for food has lessened, as I am feeling yucky and have indigestion. Any thoughts? Similar experiences?


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I get a lot of nausea with my Crohn's. I really hate vomiting, so it's usually a last resort for me. I'll fight it as long as I can. I do take both Zofran and ginger tablets which really help me when the nausea kicks in.

My brother who also has CD gets less nausea, but when he does he is able to throw up and feel better. He doesn't take anything for the nausea.

Isn't nausea the worst feeling in the world? NASTY!!!


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Rowasa/Mesalamine has nausea and vomiting listed as side effects of the drug. It may be that that's causing it. It says to contact your doctor if it gets severe or if it doesn't go away. Keep a log of how many days and times you vomit and contact your doctor and ask them if its normal or if it will go away and how many days is normal for it to go away. Glad its helping the bleeding. :)
I get nauseous quite a bit and some of it can be blamed on my meds. I try to eat papaya to reduce nausea or drink ginger tea. If it gets where I cant do the above or it overrides the above, I take ginger gravol. It works really well and it doesn't knock me out... I wouldn't know I took it other than the nausea stops. I can't stand reg. gravol.. effects me for days after.

hope you feel better soon!