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NCAA Sports Recruiting


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Has anyone here been through NCAA sports recruiting for themselves or their child?

I have a daughter who was diagnosed with Crohn's 5 years ago. It took us about a year to get her to remission but once on Remicade she has been in solid remission for 4years now. She has never missed a day of school, practice or a game due to her Crohn's.

She is a junior in high school and going through the recruitment process for college sports. She has made the decision to attend and play at a division three university.

She has found a school that she really likes and they seem to like her. She is going for her official visit in February and at that visit they will be offering roster spots.

My question is this...does she legally have to disclose to the coach that she has Crohn's disease? I know ethically it is probably the right thing to do but is it required according to NCAA rules? Our family is split on the issue and I am wondering if anyone here has experience with this.

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NCAA spirts med handbook covers part
the bigger thing is
The coach will find out
Even if you don’t disclose prior
And depending on how they find out may not permit her to play for x number of games or worse

she will have to fill out health forms and disclose what drugs she takes
There is no getting around disclosing the drugs
So it’s a matter of when

the handbook tells the legal stuff