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Need a little advice

Hello all,

It has been a few years since I last posted.

I have had ulceration all across my mouth, contacted dental.. Said speak to GI as it looks inflammatory. Our nurse helpline is closed due to staffing. Spoke to GP.. Said speak to GI.

Long story short. I have i4 anastomosis recurrence and am not on medication. I have blood tests on day 10 on oral inflammation and my crp was normal. Tests showed low b12 and vit d so the IBD have brushed me off.

I have often had normal CRP during huge flares. Should I push for futher appointments?

Does i4 recurrence mean active inflammation? (i was unsedated and watched the scope, lots of glorious ulcerations, some deep and mixed types)

Thank you :)
I am sorry you are dealing with this.
I googled and found that i4 seems to be a Rutgeert score.

“ Rutgeerts score is used as the standard evaluation of post-surgical recurrences at ileocolic anastomosis level, and should only be used for this purpose.”

I read that
“i4= Diffuse inflammation with already larger ulcers, nodules and/or narrowing”

I hope you can talk to your GI soon to learn more and make a plan to get the inflammation under control.

Sending healing thoughts your way!