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Need advice about a lump??

Hey everyone!! So this is my first official thread on here, I’ve been reading for a while now but usually just read and lurk :ysmile:
I was diagnosed with Crohn’s in 2009 but have suffered symptoms since I was in high school. I also have a list of other health problems that are just mind boggling to even my doctors.
Anyways, I’m finally posting on here for some advice. I haven’t seen a GI in over a year now (I know how bad that is, but I got really tired of doctors and tests), I know my Crohn’s is flaring but I have a lump I guess you would call it coming from my anus. It’s currently the size of a penny maybe a little larger. It was extremely painful for a day or two but that has since stopped. It also seems to be fluid filled. As gross as this is I have no one else to ask but you guys (who are all pretty awesome people :ghug:). I’m just curious as to how concerned I should be, I don’t have a fever or any signs of being sick other than the normal.
Any input you could give me would be appreciated SO much. :Flower:
is it red around it? That may signal an infection, as may any discolored drainage. Maybe a cyst, or number of things, but keep area VERY clean (use squirt bottle for any toilet use) and call doc to double check. May be nothing of concern, but always good to check.

Read up on building up your immune system..which sounds like it is out of whack if you are adidng up health issues. Also read up on probiotics and you may consider taking a good one daily to get you on track. very important to get healthy while you are young so conditions do not get worse or additional diseases added on.

Best to you!