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Need advice after having a protectomy

Hi everyone Iv just joined today iv had Crohn's from i was 12 and had an illeostomy put in straight away. Im just out of hopsital 4 days after having a protectomy on the 12th of this month. Im just looking a little advice from someone who has went through this as iv been left very much in the dark as what to expect! I have had constant discharge from iv had my surgery im getting sharp shooting pains and no-one has cleaned or told me when or what to use to clean my wound at my bottom. Im in alot of pain and worried that this will not heal any help / advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance :)


Welcome to the forum, mel.k!

I'm going to copy your thread into the surgery section, where you're more likely to get advice. I hope things get better for you soon! :hug: