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Need advice- stopping Biologic and AZA -

Hi all,
Recently I've decided to stop taking Cimzia and Aza because I've developed pre-cancerous cells. They have developed in 1 years' time when typically this specific type of cancer cell is VERY slow growing. This has freaked me out since my mother died from the same cancer and cancer is prevalent in my family. I've posted about my concerns regarding these meds and increased risk of cancer and while I know the risks are small, they seem very real at the moment. I have a surgery scheduled for next week to cut out these cells and to rule out cancer deeper.
LONG story short, even though I've been told that biologics and specifically combo meds are my last hope to keep my crohns under control, I'd rather be miserable with crohns than have cancer.
I go to see my GI in July (who will try to talk me into staying on current meds).
What do you all think about LDN?
I'm thinking it's worth a shot, though my GI does not think it is strong enough to keep me in remission.
from those on LDN?
I can't imagine how this feels and how awful this is after suffering from this infernal disease also. I hope you are able to get this under control with one surgery. I don't have any advice, just sending positive thoughts your direction.
My first choice was LDN and even though it didn't work out for me doesn't mean it won't help others. There's no way to know other than trying it. Just like any other treatment.

Never have stopped a biologic, but if I had pre-cancerous cells I would probably do the same. Good luck to you.