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Need feedback.

Anyone help with suggestions, is this normal treatment? I have a small attack five years ago, dianognosed Crohns, went through treatment(asacol and supposititories), four months later got a second opionon(Mayo) and was undiagnosed Crohns.

Ok, for five years. Just IBS type stuff. Then three weeks I have a bad flare, massive cramps, dianogsed Crohns, 5 day stay in hospital, and I am out.

I have been on a steriod the whole time, (injections in hospital and preg after I left 40 mg a day.) I am also taking asacol 3 X 3. Its been two full weeks of treatment and next week will start 35mg of preg, ad 3 X 2 of asacol, and then start Imuran. Then plan is to get of preg, start with Imuran, and then cut back on asacol.

Is this a normal treatment line. Any feedback would help, I know everyone is different. Thanks.
Thanks Rebecca. It is weird to have to put blind faith in a doctor to the right thing. I'm probably going to have another GI doc look over my fill to make sure he agrees with treatment, but it helps to know that I am in the normal order of things.
I would never put blind faith in anyone! I always like to do my own research into things, just to reassure myself. I don't just mean with doctors either. I'm one of those annoying people, if something's lost or broken I have to see for myself before I believe it!
That sounds normal to me. The pred always sucks and weaning is sometimes very hard. I always get a little worse each day that I wean down until it levels out. Imuran is a good first drug. I had bad indigestion with it the first 30 days. The key is to take it with supper, but I've found Maalox works well for the Imuran heartburn. (I'm sure not everyone gets hearburn, but I definitely did.)
In the long term, make sure you supplement with good Calcium products. I might be wrong, but prednisone might cause osteoporosis. Just a thought, I kinda picked that up from others on such meds for extended periods. Im too lazy to research it right now, but that's my 2 cents. Peace.